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Published 05 November 2018

Despite the books on Buddhist theory, mala beads and incense which had been piling up under my bed since the age of 16, it took a complete breakdown at age 30 for me to begin to take spirituality seriously.
More specifically, I woke up to the realisation I was being a complete jerk with my partner at the time, with my family, my employees, and probably some of my friends too.
It was, however, the mutually destructive nature of my relationship that was the main catalyst. It wasn’t enough for me to just break up and move on, however. I needed to find out what was behind these behaviours and that was the painful opening of the pandora’s box.

Years later, my life is unrecognizable.
I have been formally trained by two Shamans, am certified in Reiki and Theta-healing and have spent the past few years travelling around the world facilitating ceremonies, as well as workshops and client sessions based on personal transformation and healing.
The path along the way was hell, and it still isn’t always perfect. (But that will be a topic for another episode.)

In this one, I wanted to take a moment to introduce the podcast, realising I hadn’t actually done it when I started 1 month ago as I was too keen to just jump right in.
So here we go:

This episode introduces you to the following:
- A bit about my story, how I embarked on this path.
- What is shamanism?
- How can shamanism work to support us in healing and transforming our lives.
- What you can expect from this podcast show on a weekly basis.

Essentially, shamanism is based on the idea that the universe we live in is composed of many dimensions, realms and plains.
The dimension we “live in” in which we “perceive” everything is the 1st dimension, the dimension of form. However, everything we experience in this 1st dimension originates in a realm far far away, the Divine Realm, which is essentially a field of unified light where all is one: it is our source, some people call it Universe, or God.
When we connect to that space we begin to awaken abilities which allow us to heal and transform.
This is essentially energy work, as we are made of energy in our purest form and so is the Divine Realm, and everything else.

A shaman is therefore a very energetically developed person who has the ability to connect to this realm and support people in healing and transformation by accessing it.
Sounds abstract? I feel it might. The episode will probably clear it up, so check it out.

Over all, this podcast show can be seen as a weekly shamanic session, a distilled version of what would happen in a ceremony, a workshop or a client session.
Weekly episodes will be around 20-25 minutes + a bonus Guided Practice track that allows us to dive into our bodies and anchor the learnings at a cellular level.

Stream below or download full transcript pdf here.

UPCOMING WORKSHOP Which might be of interest.

Every second saturday of the month, I co-host Energy, Sex & Money, a series of online workshops about unravelling and dismantling our blocks with regards to sex and money with the amazing Reverend Goddess Charmaine. The next one is happening this saturday 10 November and will be held online, can connect from anywhere. Check out www.energysexmoney.com to find out more.

Marc Peridis