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Published 29 October 2018

Do money curses exist?
I grew up in a middle-eastern family where this concept was common and it was common be wary of others throwing spells on us.
We would often speak of the evil eye and it would be usual to use methods to keep them at bay.

Regardless of your level of superstition, it’s safe to say that many of us have a tendency to get stuck in repetitive and unhelpful money patterns which might seem chaotic and overwhelming at times, which we would benefit from releasing.

A curse, if it exists, would be like anything else, an energetic frequency which we are able to transmute with the right awareness, intention, focus, energetic development and practice.

Every second saturday of the month, I co-host Energy, Sex & Money, a series of online workshops about unravelling and dismantling our blocks with regards to sex and money with the amazing Reverend Goddess Charmaine www.thesensuousmystic.com.

In this episode we both share our personal stories and talk about the steps we took to break our money curses.

  1. Take responsibility: many of us hide from our money problems, leaving them to lurk in the shadows where they amplify and gain force. Charge forward and face them head on. Sit and become aware of what the rel state of the situation is

  2. Sit with the fire: the unravelling of any pattern will often come with somatic work which involves sitting with the emotions and sensations in the body. Once you have determined “how bad things are” sit with how it feels in your body. Some refer to this as “sitting in the fire”.

  3. Love yourself: often to step up and face our money issues we requires us to face the areas of our life where we might be lacking love for ourselves. the same way as taking shower or eating healthy, keeping our finances clear and in order is practice of self love.

  4. Remember how big you are: it can be easy to get into “helpless victim mode” when it comes to money. We need to remember to step out of our limited view of our being and our existence and remind ourselves we re bigger than these systems which exist around us which often make us feel so powerless.

  5. Value your talents: The only real currency is our talent, our unique voice, what each of us came on earth to share, which the world needs and is ready and willing to pay good money for. Connecting to that voice, believing in its uniqueness and power is key to growth in this are.

    Stream below or download full transcript pdf here.

Marc Peridis