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ALCHEMICAL TRANSFORMATION CEREMONY - A group transformation process.

  • 19 greek street 19 Greek Street London, England, W1D 4DT United Kingdom (map)

Awaken your most innate transformation capabilities, in a group setting, on this first day after the new moon. 

This 3 hour talk/ceremony will be a powerful and potent catalyst to kick off a transformational process, individual to each participant. 
We will begin with a short talk on the topic of transformation, how do we transform, what tools are innate to our beings and how we can awaken them and use them efficiently. 
We will talk about intention-setting, the power of manifestation and tapping into the truest fabric of the universe, that of pure unconditional love. 

Each participant will then have the space to speak an intention and/or talk about an issue which is currently present in their day-to-day life,  unnecessary beliefs, habits, behaviour patterns and emotional attachments, without judgement, allowing it to be seen and heard in a loving and compassionate setting. 

Using multi-dimensional energetic processing, a powerful energetic frequency will be called forth allowing anything which needs to be transformed to be seen and released. 
Multi-dimensional energetic processing is an effective method which works on the principle that the human being is an aggregate of an energy field,connected to everything that exists. By activating these (often dormant) capabilities we connect to this great force of oneness and find that we have available within us all the tools needed to heal and transform any aspect of our lives.

As a group, we will make the commitment that we are ready and willing to let go of what is no longer serving us. to make space for what is waiting to be received by us. 


Initially a self-taught interior designer, Marc ran his own interior design studio for nearly 10 years, overseeing the completion of over 500 projects from Houston to Shanghai, Sao Paulo to Dubai, for clients like Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and L'Oreal. 

in 2012, he launched the 19 greek street gallery which became a pioneering force for sustainable design in London. 

His projects, as well as his private home, have been frequently lauded by top interior design press around the world.  

Over the past few years, Marc has engaged on a path of transformation, developing his craft as a shaman and energy worker, leading him to  develop his current Sacred Transformative Space practice. 

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