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When we support the Earth we support ourselves.
Join us for an Earth Oneness Ceremony at Woodstock NY where Reverend Goddess Charmaine and Steve Armatas will be our "sandals on the ground.

A location can become a "sacred site" because of the land energy there and/or because a revered event took place there. In 1969 on a rural hillside in upstate New York, a music festival became the symbol of a new renaissance, a cultural paradigm shift from the oppressive "flat-top, fascist 50s" to a liberation of love, peace, and sexuality.

Moreover, the energetic intensity there, while not that of the well-known power spots of the world, is way about the average of a typical living area: a 10 on a 20-level scale. I really suspect the level of land energy intensity there contributed significantly to the elatedness of the participants' everyday experience.

A Reminder on the Earth Energy project:  
The Earth Oneness Ceremony is a way for us to give thanks to Earth. At its core, however, this ceremony is a transformation ceremony for both Earth and the ceremony participants.

The Earth Being has available during the ceremony more resources to transform ("heal") the physical planet. When we go into the energetic space of Oneness with the Earth Being, our energetic abilities, energy, and knowledge become available to the Earth Being to transform the physical planet, mainly via the ley lines.
- The main effect from this is the ground composition becoming more suitable for the well-being of plants and thus the food chain up to animals and humans

1. Each of us receives an extensive increase in our energetic intensification (that is, a lot of energy)
2. Each of us begins a 2-3-day transformational (healing) process for whatever is up next for each of us in our physical-emotional-mental-spiritual development and growth!

Click the link below to join via Zoom.

Tuesday 07 Nov – at the following times: 
4:30pm LONDON / 5:30 pm PARIS / 11:30am NYC / 8:30 am LOS ANGELES.
Other times around the world:  FIND YOUR LOCAL TIME
This event is free. Simply click on the above link a few minutes before start time. 
Join us in this really POWERFUL AND BIG ENERGY meditation.