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  • 19 greek street 19 Greek Street London, England, W1D 4DT United Kingdom (map)

The New Moon is a powerful time to set our intentions for the month ahead to help us focus and tune into where we are right now, what is dominating our thoughts, physical state, and emotions, our energetic force, flow, our intuition, and given where we are, what is it that we are truly wanting around this moment in our lives.

Sas Bullock  is a catalyst for change and transformation using the hidden power of vibration, energy and frequencies in the form of sound waves, through vocal toning, chants, Light Language and connecting with the intelligence of the heart, transmitting codes to open and activate your own vocal power for awakening your own harmonizing healing tones and sounds.

Healing through Sound- Sound healing is an ancient art, mainly lost to our modern minds. Learn to use your own voice for de-stressing or healing. Sound is a most powerful tool for vibrational healing and your voice is the vehicle to carry that healing directly to your body.

Limited to 25 participants, this event is on voluntary donation. 
Suggested donation is £18 or £34 (sacred numbers) 
All money is donated to Body Gossip, a charity which provides support for people living with body image issues.  


Since the early 90’s, Sas has been working full time as an intuitive healer, utilizing a range of healing modalities to stimulate a balancing, self-harmonizing response with clients; from Swedish massage, Aromatherapy to Reflexology, Nutritional therapy, Energy reading through Tarot,  to Sound therapy, as well as running workshops, courses, groups and events to;  open, expand the emotional/energetic range/ awareness, and to empower.

In her previous life, before her own awakening, crisis, and transformation she trained as an actor, working in theatre in a variety of roles and genres.

My love for using my voice for singing and sound has always been a prominent theme in my life from an early age, including Head of Choir at school to performing in bands and musical theatre, to present day, Director of SoundSational Choir; for people who love to explore the healing power and joy of their divine instrument, the voice, but who may have a belief that they have a dreadful voice and cannot sing, or who wish to open their voice for harmony, balancing and healing their own bodies.

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration”

Nikola Tesla

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