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I have an exercise for you. 
Put your hands on your heart, close your eyes and say the words “I love sex.” Now try the words “I love Money.” How did it go? 
No. This is not a ‘law of attraction’ type exercise meant to try to draw in money and love through the power of mantra. 
It is a somatic exploration:
How does it feel when you say these words? What do you notice? 
Does it feel wrong? Is part of you resisting? Do you feel unworthy, undeserving perhaps? 
For a long time, I entertained a philosophy of “take what you can get, don’t ask for more.” I realized that what I called humility was actually a lack of self-worth which manifested outwardly through scarcity patterns I couldn’t shake off.

Through energy work I awoke to the fact that I was playing small, living in denial of my pleasure, riddled with guilt and shame for my deepest desires, most of which went unspoken.

When I would tell people I was going on holiday I would quickly follow it up with “yeah but it’s only for one week and I’ll keep checking my email the whole time.” Or when I bought something nice I would say:” oh it’s the ONE nice thing I’m allowing myself this year.” This might sound more familiar to some, less to others. 
I remember in a Tantra workshop, the teacher asking us to say what we wanted and what we didn’t want to a partner. 
I froze, preferring to say nothing or to simply stay safe, repeating what was being said around me. 
As I step deeper into self-love I realize that enjoying the pleasures of life: food, sex, money, deep luxurious sleep, is one of the main parts of our mission on this planet. 
It is not greed or luxury, it is our ‘raison d’etre’. On Saturday, @revgoddess and I are hosting the next Energy,Sex & Money online webinar, which will be use energy frequency to help unravel and unlearn some of the deep conditioning which is not serving us anymore. 
These will be happening monthly, the second Saturday of every month, with the recording available for download afterwards. 

Marc Peridis