The sacred nature of sex


« Have lots of sex, and if no one is around.. masturbate» I said to a crowd of giggling and unexpectedly surprised audience members at a talk earlier this week. 
I was talking about how orgasms pretty much contain the most powerful and purest energy that can be experienced by the human body. 
Unsurprising.. considering that is where human life originates. 
I realized after I said it how strange it must have been, to hear such an instruction at a talk on spirituality. 
Indeed since the fall of the temple of Solomon, we have succeeded, as a community, to make sex impure and wrong. 
Yet it is highly beneficial for our being, offering us a direct pathway to the energy of the divine realm which contains all the information needed to heal and transform human beings via our energetic systems. 
And how about money? 
How can I say: “I want to make lots of money” and not sound greedy? 
Banks were originally created to even out the disparity between the elite and the rest.. before later going another direction. 
When used right, money makes miracles happen and can leave the world a much better place. 
Join @revgoddess and I for the next Energy sex and Money online webinar where we will be supporting the unraveling and unfolding of cultural learnings which are now, perhaps, outdated. 

Marc Peridis