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How unraveling our patterns of dishonesty and deception can be the gateway to our enlightened self. When we surrender to deception, it becomes magic.

As a society we have done a great job at demonising lying.
Understandably so: lying is bad.
Amongst other damages, it creates conflict, distrust and disconnection.
What is worse, however, is the way we tend to label certain people as “liars” turning them into the enemy the rest of us "honest" folk are forced to "cope with", as if we are mere "victims". 
We often see lying as an act of malice facilitated by someone who is trying to damage or hurt us.
While that is sometimes true, most acts of lying stem from fear, shame, guilt and a deeply anchored lack of self-worth; a set of emotional concepts which are actually common to all of us
As a practice, we would all benefit from admitting, exploring and embracing our dishonest self.
As we dare to remove the "liar" label, and look behind to see what is at work, we access a fertile ground for our personal growth, kicking off a journey to an expanded and enlightened self.

This podcast episode shares the following:
- My personal experience of releasing heavy and deeply damaging lying patterns and how that served me as a crucial step on my path of personal growth.
- How I came to understand that the concept of lying expands well beyond what I originally qualified as a lie. When we step up to a higher sense of integrity, we begin to identify areas we would not traditionally be considered dishonest (but really are..) Such as hiding, secrecy, omitting, avoidance, etc. 
- How facing our lies can effect your energetic development and, in turn, how our energetic development can also trigger a necessary unraveling of our "dishonesty patterns" (whether we are ready for it or not).
- How facing these patterns and "sitting in the fire" of the sensations they provoke can become a somatic, sensorial and deeply spiritual practice allowing us to unravel the knots of our physical and energetic bodies which affect our functioning and development.

As usual, an 18-minute guided practice follows, in which we dive inwards into our physical and energetic bodies, using awareness, breath, sound and light to unravel patterns which are not serving us anymore, to make space for what is waiting to be received by us.

If you like this topic and want to take it further, join me and the amazing Reverend Goddess Charmaine in our monthly online workshop Energy, Sex & Money on Saturday 8 December 2018.
The theme will be “Lies and deceit in sex and money”. www.energysexmoney.com

As money and sex are two areas that carry much shame and guilt and are often ruled by a lack of self-love and worthiness, these topics become a fertile ground for the exploration of this process which can help us step into our expanded self.

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Full written transcript pdf available for download here.

Marc Peridis