Embodying Vortex Energy: awakening potentiality and transformation.

As I arrived at the top of the Airport Vortex in Sedona, I noticed a carefully folded white piece of paper with scribbled handwriting, nudged between two rocks, which I took permission to open and read.

“Molly” was asking for help.

She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and was asking to be supported in her healing.

In this letter she voiced her wishes, her fears, and mostly her love for her family.

I was moved beyond words and my whole body felt a jolt of energy triggered by a deep sense of connection to purpose. 

I had been doing land energy work since 2015, travelling around the world enabling ceremonies to help support the Earth in its energetic development, and this one quickly became the most magical and moving one. 

I had always had a deep intuition that the relationship between humans and the Divine Realm was enabled via vortexes and that they were correlated in a way which had the potential to enable deep healing.

It seemed Molly was also aware. 

Earlier that year, Kenneth Ray Stubbs and I created the Earth Energy project, a project composed of a series of land energy missions to help support the Earth and its inhabitants.

It is based on the premise that the Earth is composed of two parts: a consciousness being and a physical being, and that the two connect via the energy which circulates across lines which run along its surface. These are called ley lines and telluric currents.

When the energy flows and circulates evenly, the Earth and its inhabitants are supported and can live better lives. 

This brings us to the concept of Vortexes.

Vortexes are energetic structures which are found at the meeting points of these lines which vibrate at the frequency of the Divine Realm, of source. 

The Divine Realm contains consciousness that has transformational power for the human energy system. The human being has the ability to awaken and develop an energetic structure that is able to bring divine energy into the physical world for healing to take place.

Powerful healing happens when the two worlds are bridged. 

Indeed I attribute much or my own personal growth to my time spent traveling to power spots and sacred sites, a development I was proud to share with others as participants joined into the Earth ceremonies via webinar as these took place. 

So back in Sedona in July 2017, I had planned a mission to the top of the famous Airport Vortex with 22 online participants joining into the call and an amazing Uber driver who had manifested in the most magical way. 

It struck me as soon as the bus rolled into the town, coming in from Phoenix, that I could feel an intense vibrational shift happening in the field around my physical being before even getting a first glance of the unique and almost other-worldly twisting red rock formations protruding from the deserted landscape. 

As these began to emerge and appear, I became tearful for reasons I couldn’t explain. Stepping out of the car into the dry warm desert air, my mind went blank and I forgot where I was, where I was meant to go or what I was meant to do. I felt everything around me slow down and I simply stood still, experiencing a thick circle of golden light which had appeared in the physical space around me. I felt held and protected, as if Mother Earth had opened her arms and created a safe and warm space for me to fall into and feel embraced by the healing and transformational power of unconditional love. 

Amidst this magic, the true highlight, however, was witnessing “Molly” reaching out for help just as our group of participants (gathering from around the world) was about to hold a space of sacred ceremony. It was an indication we are indeed gathering with a deep purpose as we were to intentionally hold this person in our field during the process. 

One of the things I love the most about this work is seeing so many people gathering together online or in person with the intention of supporting our planet and our collective energetic system so we can all thrive; people who are taking time from their busy schedules to make the world a better place.

Indeed a magical group of human beings. 

As well as supporting the planet however, participants who have joined online repeatedly reported benefits such as experiencing a strong sense of peacefulness and bliss, a sharpened sense of awareness, some visions, receiving information, deepening their connection to their intuition and more.

It became clear to me that a strong energetic intensification and amplification occurred in these ceremonies, which is highly beneficial for those taking part.

As we, and everything around us, are made of energy, we also have energetic capabilities.

When these are developed, we gain the ability to heal and transform our lives in more effective ways.

Sessions like these have the power to help develop infrastructures which are helpful in creating these pathways to growth, development and transformation. 

I have now found myself bringing this work into my 1-1 sessions and workshops and on 1st September I will be launching a series of Vortex Energy events, some held in person and some online, which intentionally use this energy gateway for the purpose of developing energetic capabilities for participants.

The first session will take place on Saturday 1 September at 1pm at 19 greek street in London, and following ones will happen online or in other locations.

These are open to people of all levels of development.

if you would like to join the event in London, click below for more info. 
You can also join the facebook group or sign up to the mailing list below to be notified of future events. 

I feel very privileged to be doing this work for many reasons, and extend a great gratitude to those who have helped and supported me on this path and have participated in the journey on the way.

One, it seems, is only just beginning.



ENERGY, FREEMarc Peridis