Photo credit: Stephen Morallee

Photo credit: Stephen Morallee


I'll never forget my first conversation with Tucson-based shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs.


It had only been a 2-minute chat, to say hello and fix an appointment for the next day, yet I found myself lingering, staring hypnotically at the computer screen after the call ended. I needed a few minutes to recompose as a very strong feeling I couldn't explain overwhelmed me, like a warm flood of energy running through my body, morphing into a tingling sense of delicious bliss. 

As this feeling lasted well into the next day, I felt called to mention it to him when we spoke, telling him that simply being in his virtual presence for a short period of time, exchanging a quick smile, hello and glance had left me floating on clouds. 
"This is my work." he said, sounding almost as a scientist wearing a white lab coat and pointing to a complicated chart. "This is energy." 

It was January 2016, and I had just finished journeying through Brazil, following experiences in Liberia, Mongolia and Barcelona which had initiated me to the world of Shamanism, one I previously knew very little about. 

I began to understand that there were many types of shamans but that ultimately their work was to seek information and wisdom from the spirit world to bring change and healing to our 3D world. Along the way I had found out about a concept called Crystal beings, people who carried such developed energetic frequency that simply being in their very presence enabled healing and transformation. 

This led me to the work of Ray Stubbs, a shaman who's specialty is ushering people on a path of transformation. The work isn't traditional shamanism as it doesn't involve actually "speaking" to spirits with words and the ceremonies are not as theatrical.  But to say that my life was transformed after a few months of working with Ray would be quite accurate.

My relationships to money, romance and with my family (the main areas of my life) have all been tremendously altered. I have managed to connect to my path of purpose, I generally feel I have an easier access to bliss in any given moment, and best of all, I have gained the ability to enable transformation in others as well.

As I began to develop transformational capabilities, I was curious what would happen if I married these to my interior design skills, aiming to create spaces that could change people's lives. This led me to create The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces. 

I first tested the concept, on my home, my workspace (and those of guinea pig friends) and was astonished by the results. People first reported feeling more at peace, in harmony, then more inspired, creative, more alive, then magic started to happen. Relationships, money, career opportunities started to appear.

So before any of these changes begin to manifest in the life of a temple dweller, it's essential to understand where transformation comes from and how it happens. 

What is transformation?

Transformation is defined as a change of form, usually a positive one. If you say, "Oh I bumped into Chris, he had completely transformed!!" one would insinuate that something had probably improved. The way I see it, there are only two ways that any person can change. We can either become more aligned to source*, thus closer to our true, original self, or further away from it.
*For reference, I tend to use the term source to represent what most people refer to as the creator, the universe, the cosmos, God, divinity...   
When we are closer to our authentic being, everything around us aligns and the right things begin to be drawn to us.  


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