The Earth is a living continuum which we are part of. 
This is why our relationship with it is at the very root of our personal well-being and development. The Sacred Space practise is based on the premise that our environments affect us as we affect them because WE ARE ONE. The sacred geometry that composes the planet is the same which composes our beings and each of us is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence. 

It was, in fact, my initiation with planetary energy work back in 2015 which kicked off my understanding of the sacred space practice and process and my understanding of multi-dimensionality. Working with Arizona-based shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs has lead us both us down an exciting new journey of Healing planetary work composed of a series of missions, called The Earth Energy Project. 

Through the Earth Energy Project we began to understand the impact that man can have on the planet and vice versa in a completely different way. 
We began holding ceremonies in May 2017 called Earth Whisperings.
The first one was held on Gavdos, a small island of 50 inhabitants in the south of Greece. 

Earth Whisperings are energetic ceremonies to support the Earth Being in balancing its ley-line energy flows across the entire planet. 
Like humans who have a soul and a physical body, the Earth also has a consciousness Being (the Earth Being) and a physical Being (the planet). Ley lines are a network of energy currents across the entire surface of the Earth which are a part of the intentional energetic structure of the Earth Being and are its main way of connecting with the "physical" planet. 

After a number of years of doing ceremonies focused on the Earth at various “power spots”,Ray began to perceive the understanding that the energy flows in the ley lines are in some places under-intense, in some places over-intense, and in some places the flow is inconstant.

With more energetic balance, all energy flowing constantly at the same intensity. the Earth Being can increase its energetic intensity through its ley lines to transform the structures of the planet.

In general, the more balanced and the greater the energetic intensity of the energy flows in the Earth Being’s ley lines, the more livable are the conditions for plants, animals, and humans on the Earth.

The Earth Oneness Ceremonies are about supporting “energetic sustainability” of the Earth. For millenia, tribes from various civilisations have held ceremonies to connect to Mother Earth. 
As a part of the larger Earth energy project, these become a great way to maintain continuous communication and contact with the earth and support our broader objectives. 

In a short period of time, ceremonies have been held in Gavdos, Athens, Sedona, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Istanbul, London, Paris, Sedona, Oaxaca, Kilimanjaro, the Serengeti, Denmark, the Spanish Pyrenees and more. I invite you to watch the videos which appear on my site and which were shot in location during these ceremonies. 


A key part of these ceremonies is the inclusion of participants either physically or online through web-conferencing. Previously, participants have reported great benefits from taking part of the ceremonies, including increased presence and expanded awareness, connection to a sense of oneness, overall feeling blissful and empowered. 

The ceremonies are led by either Kenneth Ray Stubbs or Marc Peridis in 2 possible contexts:
1. a group of participants physically in a chosen place in nature
2. or a group with at least 1 person in a nature location and others joining via the Internet anywhere in the world.

As our way of giving thanks to Earth, the Earth Oneness Ceremonies are always free.

By supporting the Earth, we support ourselves.

Participants who have taken part in previous ceremonies have reported many benefits including expanded awareness, strengthened presence, a sense of bliss and having experienced oneness. Benefits will differ from one person to another, but Essentially it's about increasing personal energy frequency and transforming aspects of the person's life which are looking to be addressed.
I invite you to watch the videos across my page which were shot on location during these ceremonies.

If you feel you resonate deeply with this and would like to organise an Earth Oneness recemony with us, do get in touch on, otherwise sign-up below to make sure you get news of future ceremonies first.