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A high-level, group mentoring programme for those interested in developing transformative energetic capabilities similar to those of shamans.

Hosting a maximum of 5 students, it has two complimentary aims:
First: to serve as a personal development course allowing to expand on a path of self-actualisation and realisation.
Second: as a professional training to develop skills as an energy practitioner or to add high-level multi-dimensional energy work to an existing practice.

Formed of 36 hours of tuition in total, the core of the course takes place over 3 intensive weeks, while the total training duration extends to 12 months from kick-off to the end of the follow up.
The first edition of the program will begin September 2019.
(See course format below for more details).


For thousands of years, the Mystery schools were recognised as the highest order of spiritual work by the world’s most influential cultures including the Maya, the Persians, the ancient Greeks, Egyptians, and many more.


They gathered teachers and initiates who were ready and willing to embark on a profound journey towards a richer, more purposeful life, unlocking the ability to deeply impact others. Although they were kept secret from the mainstream, their prominence and global presence allowed them to shift the course of mankind.

The aim was high-level self-realisation, a state I like to refer to as ‘Integrated Beingness’:  a higher way of living which is achieved when one can unite the non-local spirit world with the local physical world.
This state was achieved using methods and processes for connecting with the cosmic forces.

While these gatherings were often held at sacred sites and temples, the term “mystery school” referred not to a specific place, programme, group, or curriculum, but to the body of knowledge and information which became available via this process.  Students gained access to a rich, etheric library; a coded, energetic school of wisdom to draw upon as they continue on their path. 

There is a wealthy Mystery school, rich with wisdom and useful knowledge existing in each of us, waiting to be awakened. It is this awakening which is the basis of this program.


Because everything that exists in physical form first exists as an energy frequency, the highest and most effective form of transformation happens at an energetic level, when change is applied in dimensions which exist beyond our current reality. When we develop our abilities to operate in these dimensions, transformation and healing happens very quickly for ourselves and we can also begin to impact the lives of others.

As we develop new infrastructures, an umbilical cord is created, connecting us to higher dimensions in which everything originates. When cultivated and integrated, this connection results in us participating in a more enriching living experience, connected to our highest potential. 


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·      People who are advanced on a spiritual path 
·      Who have a keen interest in energy work 
·      Who are looking to reach a whole new level of spiritual practice in their personal life 
·      Who seek to unlock their access to a higher sense of purpose and potential
·      Who are already practitioners of a similar form of work who would like to expand their abilities
·      People who do not work in the spiritual field but are interested in channelling energy work into their current craft (anything from dance to hairdressing, accounting to gardening…).  
·      Who would like to become energy work practitioners
·      Who feel called by the work of the ancient mysteries as well as the work presented in my practice which can be found at



The programme uses progressive and avant-garde techniques which may appear slightly “out-there” to most people. These advanced skills, such as vortex work, light language, sound work, light work, etc., hold the power to enable deep impact. 


A small group means the content will be adapted to fit specific individual and collective requirements of the students. The learning field will be strongly held and firmly guided by the facilitator. A big part of the instruction revolves around how to channel energy work into your current life and current practice, as well as developing specific learnings which are of interest for your personal development. There will, therefore, also be a self-directed portion allowing people to play and expand in a free-flowing way. 


The training is lead by a shaman, the skills which are explored relate to shamanism and for some people, it will lead to becoming a shamanic practitioner.
As not everyone will be called to shamanism, for other participants/ students, it will lead to a different expression of this work.


The 3 following topics will serve as the theoretical baseline for the course:


·      The theory and science of energy 
·      Fundamentals of shamanism 
·      Healing modalities
·      Introductory sound and breath work  

·      Understanding Earth energy, 
·      The fundamental functioning of vortices, 
·      Working with and channelling vortex energy 

·      Introduction to dowsing with a pendulum and or rods 
·      The development of a daily practice to ensure we can sustain high levels of growth and increase/sustain/develop our energetic abilities. 

·    Energetic transmission and entropy work - sharing a unified field allows to develop new energetic abilities.

The following topics are available to be explored as well, depending on what is of interest for the students:  

-       Working with crystals 
-       Sacred geometry 
-       Breathwork
-       Sound work 
-       Spontaneous Movement 
-       Temple arts and spiritual interior design 
-       Life coaching 
-       Working with clients/business/ marketing etc
-       Light language 

We can also choose to focus on resolution of various types of personal issues.

Homework assignments will be assigned at every session as well as practices to follow up at home, allowing to develop skills outside of tuition time.


The benefits of this work will vary from person to person, depending on the context, intention and baseline abilities. 
The list below can offer some guidance on what to expect.

-       Develop high-level transformation, healing, and multi-dimensional abilities
-       Develop your professional path as a healer 
-       Unlock a new level of self-realisation 
-       Unlock access to your higher purpose 
-       Unlock abundance and prosperity in relation to your life's purpose 
-    Dismantle long-standing patterns and issues

On a more personal note, It was this type of work that guided me out of the strangling hold of a 500,000$ debt to helping almost 500 workshop and session clients navigate their own difficult situations.


The course takes the form of a series of online webinars formed of 36 hours of instruction over 12 months. 

-       STAGE 1: Individual session / Kick off (2 hours)
-       STAGE 2: 4-6 weeks / Preparation and self-study 
-       STAGE 3: 3 weeks / Intensive group learning (24 hours)
-       STAGE 4: 10 months / Group development continuum (10 hours)


1-1 session – Kick off (2 hours)

This 2-hour individual session marks the beginning of the programme for each participant.  The energetic process is kicked off, intentions are set, current context and objectives are identified, and the work can begin.


4-6 weeks - Preparation and self-study
For the weeks between the kick-off session and the beginning of the 3-week instruction, the student finds themselves in a period of exploration and self-study, getting familiar with information which is already available on my website as well as possibly exploring similar information available in other fields. 
It is a good idea to keep a diary of dreams and ideas that emerge during this period. 


3 weeks - Intensive group learning (24 hours)

9 sessions will take place over 3 weeks. 

Over the first 2 weeks: 6 sessions of 3 hours of instruction will take place. 
These will be the core of the energetic learning container, focused on the topics of Energy work, shamanism, vortex energy work, and Psychic Development. Other topics can also be explored depending on the requests of the group.
This is also where there will be a space dedicated to students sharing personal experiences and issues which may be currently requiring attention and resolution.

On the 3rd week, each student will receive 3 x 1-1 sessions to learn how to guide, adapt and integrate the learnings of the course to their own path and context.

10 months / group development continuum (10 hours) 
An ongoing stream of support and advice. 

The work then develops and manifests into an integrated and useful form over 10 months as the group will meet for monthly calls where all students will have the time to share their updates and receive feedback from the group field as well as continue to cultivate and harness the energy of the field.


Benefits of a small group vs large group:  

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A small group vs. a larger group offers an opportunity for intimacy and individuality, focused attention and personalisation while still maintaining the potency of a group field. 
When a teacher works with a group, stronger energy fields awaken. A small group offers that potency while still providing a 1-1 mentoring space.

Small group vs. individual training:

A gathering of beings will offer the opportunity to explore certain parts of ourselves we may not have thought needed to be explored. 

The other participants will often mirror our issues and realities, offering us a new perspective on our context, allowing us to look at facets of ourselves from the perspective of a healer. 

We make a commitment to a group of people who are committed to us. 
It is a fertile container to exchange, test our ideas and benefit from valuable feedback.
Most importantly: as we are in a context where the healing of others is taking place, the energetic witnessing of this healing allows us to develop specific energetic abilities which are required for healing others.  


Each participant’s kick-off session can be booked whenever they want and  
the self-directed study can start as soon as the first session has been done.

Once the group participants are gathered, we will define exact start dates for the 3-week intensive period. 

The target start date for the 3 training weeks will be between the fall equinox and the new moon: 22 September and 28 September.



Every living organism radiates frequencies which form a toroidal-shaped field. From the moment this course was created, a powerful field has come into effect for the benefit of the students/participants.
For those choosing the full-year option, it represents approximately 10000 hours spent connected to this potent field.
This is the connecting pathway of the information of the mystery school, this is the real powerhouse behind this course.
If one were to do nothing other but connect to this field for this period of time, they would find themselves awakening capabilities which would greatly accentuate their growth and allow to develop the ability for deep impact.

11-   COSTS: 

1- Individual kick-off session - 2 hours: (£200) * optional
2- Week 1 of training- 9 hours: £600
3- Week 2 of training- 9 hours: £600 
4- Week 3 of training- 6 hours: £600 
5-10-month continuum group- 10 hours: £500 * optional

Course total OPTION 1: £2500 for the full year programme. .
Course cost OPTION 2: £1800 for 3 week programme only.
For those who would prefer to make a smaller commitment, it is possible to enrol only in the 3-week which contains

Payment terms:
Payments can be made by BACS / Credit card or Paypal and can be made in full or in stages.


After enrolment, cancellation is possible at any point before the beginning of Stage 3: 3-week intensive group training. If a student has attended the 3-week intensive group training and does not wish to join the 10 month follow-up, they may cancel their participation as well. 
Once the 3-week intensive group training has kicked off, it will not be possible to cancel that stage of the programme. 
If further clarification is required regarding cancellation, you can contact me on




-       Vortex shamanism mentoring
with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Arizona 
1-1 mentoring developing the ability to use energy vortex structures as tools to support the Earth. 

-       The energy training 
with Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Arizona.  
A 20-module training to develop the energetic structures and functions and abilities that allow us to develop inter-dimensionally at higher levels of energy. 

-       Continuum movement mentoring
with Jane Okondo, London.  
A breath, sound and movement practice, which originated in California in the 1960’s aimed to connect human organisms to the cosmic flow and unlock a deep process of self-actualisation.

-       House whispering academy
with Christian Kiriacou, Kingston.
A practitioner training to develop the ability to help support clients in their personal growth using their relationship to their home. 

-       Authentic Eros 1-year training 
with Kai Erhardt and Volker Moritz, Berlin.  
A high-level embodiment and self-exploration training allowing to connect to the universal Eros. 

-       Thetahealing Practitioner’s training
with Noam Paz, Tel aviv.  
A meditation technique and spiritual philosophy - a training method for the mind, body and spirit that allows to clear limiting beliefs to create an expanded lifestyle. 

-       Reiki levels 1-2
with Stephen Morallee, London. 
An age-old system of healing which uses energy work. 

-       Dowsing mentoring 
with Carolyn Parker, San Francisco.
a practice which uses instruments such as a pendulum, rods or muscle testing to help enable psychic development.  

-       EFT mentoring
with Carolyn Parker, San Francisco

Emotional freedom technique (EFT) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress. It's also referred to as tapping or psychological acupressure.

University education in Law, mathematics, and business.

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My story
My interest in spirituality began at a young age, 
As a child, I would recurrently experience out-of-body experiences, an ability which I ignored, only to cultivate it much later. 

Almost 20 years on, in 2010, difficult circumstances lead me to begin my personal research on energy and spirituality.  

In 2014, the course of my life shifted radically when a download of information received in a temple in Thailand lead me to an experience I qualify as “living resurrection”. For hours, I was moving spontaneously and uncontrollably in octopus-like movements while chanting loudly in languages I could not understand. After this event my life, very quickly, began to transform. 
Long-standing money patterns had been released, I found a deeper connection to my highest purpose, my relationship patterns have been shifted, relationship with my family, and close ones have been deeply enhanced. I have spent years following this experience trying to develop an understanding of what exactly happened to me in that temple and in the hours that followed, and how I can share these learnings with others. 

I was initiated as a shaman, held ceremonies around the world, and was trained by various teachers and practitioners whom I admire deeply. This led me to work with clients to support deep levels of transformation in their lives. 

5 years later, I have shared individual sessions and workshops with almost 500 clients and have held ceremonies around the world, from Mongolia to Brazil, Turkey to the Serengeti.  

Clients and workshop participants have reported the following shifts and benefits: 

-       Awakening of higher purpose 
-       Unlocking of new career and work opportunities 
-       Alignment to higher levels of abundance and prosperity 
-       An availability of higher levels of energetic frequency 
-       Being supported in developing a whole new career path 
-       Improved relationship situations, and more…  


While this September’s edition of the Sacred vortex mystery school programme will be a pilot, presenting these learnings in the small group format for the very first time, it draws upon years of experience working with clients on individual courses of the same type which have been highly beneficial.

I invite you to listen to the following recordings of my podcast to get a better understanding of the work we will be focusing on: 


If these words are resonating, you can begin the process now by booking your kick-off 1-1 session or making a deposit payment below.

If you have more questions, I am happy to have a chat by skype or phone if you email me the best way to call you on 

Note: Potent fields are at work, and the energy begins to develop the moment you make the commitment to be part of the group. 




To reserve your space, you can enrol online by choosing either of the two options below.
If you are choosing the full year programme option, you can make the payment for the kick-off individual session (£200) below.
Otherwise, if you prefer the 3-week intensive option for now, you can choose to pay a £200 towards the full fee.

Potent fields are at work. As soon as the confirmation is made, the work has begun.

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