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RELEASING FEAR: A London Satsang on facing fears and obstacles.

How do we release the fears which stop us from living in alignment with our highest potential? 
How do we overcome the obstacles which stand in the way of a richer, fuller and more purposeful life? 

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A Satsang is a gathering of people yearning to connect to the truth. 
In a safe, compassionate and non-judgemental space, we gather to honour and release what is no longer serving us. 
Whether it be suffering, pain, confusion, or emotions such as rage, doubt, deep worry and more... 
By allowing us to connect to the Truth behind these, we can become free to make space for all the "juicy stuff" which is waiting to be received by us. 

This 2-hour circle will be a space of deep sharing in which we can truly honour our individual experiences of fear. By giving them space, we allow ourselves to experience them in a different way, releasing ourselves from their hold and allowing us to step into freedom, love and Truth. 

Based on the Satsang format, this workshop will have 5 parts: 

  1. We will begin with a short space of silence to acknowledge we are stepping into a field of shared energy frequency.

  2. We will follow with sharing of knowledge and philosophy, based on the shamanistic approach to connecting to the Truth.

  3. There will then be a sharing space for anyone who would like to bring an issue which they are “dancing” with at the present moment, for it to be seen, held and honoured by the group.

  4. We will then be guided into an energetic process, using intention, focus, energetic intensity, consciousness, sound and breath, allowing to process and “dive in with” whatever is in the room.

  5. We will end with a short sharing space to close.

Our fears, beliefs, obstacles, are, like everything else, frequency patterns which are part of the illusion of the material reality in which we exist. These frequency patterns manifest into form through our consciousness, shaped by intention which is influenced by our beliefs. 
The most effective way to resolve these is to dance with them at their point of origin: using inter-dimensionality and stepping into a field of pure undifferentiated light. 

This event is a free offering by Marc Peridis at his space 19 greek street in London’s soho. 

About Marc 
Since becoming initiated as a shaman in 2015, I have become fascinated by mankind's ability to lead richer, fuller and more meaningful lives by expanding into an integrated state of being, connected to oneness.  

By traveling the world, holding ceremonies at sacred vortex sites, ancient archaeological sites, power spots, etc, I learned the potential of our connection to the oneness field allowing us to access our highest transformative abilities. 
Over the years my work has channeled shamanic practice into workshops and 1-1 sessions with students and clients around the world. 

A certified Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner. I completed the 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs Path to shamanic transformation training, all modules of Christian Kiriacou's The House Whisperer Academy as well as ongoing mentoring training with the continuum movement teacher’s association. 
My spectrum is varied from working with spiritual interior design to undertaking missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world, and specialises in supporting clients in their explorations on the art of divine prosperity. 


Earlier Event: June 23
Later Event: August 15