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SHAMANIC SOUND HEALING WORKSHOP - Introduction to Light Language for abundance and prosperity

  • 19 greek street london london united kingdom (map)



A half-day shamanic healing circle.
An introduction to the sacred practice of LIGHT LANGUAGE CHANNELLING.

What is light language?
A powerful tool for healing and transformation.

A powerful tool for healing and transformation.
Spoken by ancient civilisations over thousands of years, it is the language of creation, of our source, the language of our origin and of our higher self.
When spoken, it is divine light channeled into form.

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Shamanism is a practice which bridges the world of form with the divine realm of knowledge, the sphere in which everything originates, composed of pure light which, when channelled, turns into information which is useful for our being to transform or heal anything which may need to be healed: I.e.: financial, emotional, health issues or other.  

Light language can be used as a form of shamanic sound healing which uses our voice as its sole instrument. Through its practice, we gain new tools for transformation of ourselves and of others.

While it is often believed that light language “happens” or “emerges” and it cannot be prompted, everyone is capable of speaking a form of light language and it is possible to prepare a field in which it is likely to come through.

Why a focus on prosperity and abundance?
As we use light language as a tool for transformation, it can be beneficial to focus the group awarebess intention on a common intention in order to amplify impact.

This 3-hour shamanic light language circle will be composed of 4 parts.

1- Theory
2- Preparation
3- Sharing circle
4- Sound ceremony  

1- Theory:
First we will briefly explore the theory of light language and how it can be activated from a theoretical point of view.

2- Preparation:

Second, we will follow a series of exercises and practices to prepare the field to be enable participants to begin channelling light language.


3- Sharing circle:
Third, we will open the space for participants to share a current issue to which they would like to bring focus and intention. The main topic of the workshop is prosperity and abundance, but participants can share on any topic they wish.

4- Sound ceremony

Fourth, An energetic ceremony will take place as a response to the groups intentions which were set during the sharing. The space will be open for channelling to come through.
Some participants may feel the arising of light language, movement, sound, or any other form of channelling.
Other students may simply find a deep silence and stillness and take a more “receptive’ role.
Both are perfect.

We will close with a space for sharing comments and experiences doubts and questions and ideas for how we can follow up with this practice at home.

This class is open to complete beginners of light language channelling as well as more advanced practitioners who may like a space to share and practice in a group setting.



Will I definitely speak light language in this workshop?
I believe everyone has the ability to channel light language.
For some, the ability will develop quite rapidly and they will be able to channel it the first day, others will require more practice.
As this is a group healing circle in which we create a common field, healing will take place for participants whether or not they channel.

What do I bring?
It is recommended that students dress in comfortable clothes, yoga style, and unrestricted. It is recommended to wear layers such as jumpers and blankets to adapt to temperature changes.

There will be drinking water on site, it is also recommended to bring a bottle of your own which you can fill. As we will be doing throat chakra work, it will be essential to keep hydrated.

It is also recommended to bring a crystal or another sacred object which has a special meaning to the participant.

It is also recommended to bring a note pad to take notes but also as some people might find that channelling also takes the form of drawing or writing text.  

How do I prepare?  

It is highly recommended to not smoke or drink any alcohol for 24 hours before the workshop.

Please keep hydrated for the 12-hour period before the start of the workshop, drinking at least 2 litres of water.

It is also ideal to drink hot water with lemon at some point in the day before the

We will be meditating during the workshop but it is an added bonus if a participant.

The workshop will be in English and Spanish unless it is found that only one language is necessary. It will also be possible to ask questions in French.

The cost for the workshop is £40 and can be paid by booking a ticket in advance here or in cash at the venue.

Shamanic group healing circle -
Saturday 22 June 2019 10:30am-2pm
19 greek street, London , W1D 4DT


About Marc Peridis
Marc was first initiated as a shaman whilst undertaking missions through Mongolia, Liberia, and Brazil. He soon began to join his multi-dimensional energy practise with his knowledge of interior design  to create The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces, a body of work based on temple-making knowledge from ancient civilisations. 

A certified Reiki and Theta Healing practitioner. he has completed the 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs Path to shamanic transformation training and all modules of Christian Kiriacou's The House Whisperer Academy. 

He has now undertaken missions, ceremonies and workshops across the world, and specialises in supporting clients in their explorations on the art of divine prosperity.