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Special Solstice Shamanic circle - A FREE EVENT

  • 19 greek street 19 greek street London United Kingdom (map)

A 2 hour intensive shamanic healing circle to celebrate the winter Solstice
and develop our abilities to transform.

How does the solstice help us heal and transform?

The solstice is the time of the year when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky.
It is the day of most darkness after which light begins to emerge again.
As we recognise our innate sense of oneness with the universe, we realise that what is happening to the greater fields around us is happening to us as well.
The solstice is therefore a time for us to explore our darkest hour to sit with the demons of our shadow with compassion. In doing so we release them, allowing new beginnings to unfold as the light and its wisdom emerge.

What connects us with thew universe is the fact that the human being is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence.
Our energetic “beingness” means we also have energetic structures and capabilities.
By developing these we strengthen our ability to shift our lives.

The solstice is a time of intensified energetic frequency.
As our being connects intentionally during that period, through meditation, ceremony or other processes, it is supported in accessing and awakening more energy.

Transformation happens when we apply awareness to an intensified energy field. It is also about releasing belief patterns which no longer serve us to make way for what is waiting to be received by us.

A shaman’s role is to support our  transformation process by serving as a bridge or conduit between our current reality and the divine realm which contains a consciousness which is highly transformative for the human energetic system.

On Friday 21 December 18:30 I will be facilitating a Shamanic group healing circle focused on the Solstice in which we will be channeling the energy of the Stonehenge Vortex.
Participants will be supported in their process of releasing and transforming anything they are looking to release, whether a money issue, an emotional issue, a physical issue, an addiction or other.
The 2 hour circle will begin with a 20-minute explanation on the solstice and the power of channeling vortex energy.
We will follow with a 40-minute sharing circle in which every participant will be invited to share their intention or inquiry with the group.
Next, we will go through a 40-minute guided energy process using awareness, light, sound and breath to activate the potent field and awaken the transformation process.
We will then have space for another 20 minute closing and sharing space.

A recording of the guided energy process will be available afterwards to keep up the practice at home.
This circle will be an offering and will be free.
Spaces are limited to 30 people so please book ASAP to avoid disappointment.

In Lak’ech Ala K’in, Namaste.