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ONLINE EVENT- Delphic Mysteries Energy Circle

  • Online Via Zoom conference system (map)
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Join me for a unique online event as we reconnect to the ancient wisdom and divine power of the Delphic Mysteries. Together we will explore the history and the spellbinding tales of this magical power site and reconnect to its magical power through a guided energetic process.

Known historically as the main oracle site of the Mediterranean and one of the most powerful sacred sites on the planet, the temple of Delphi was first a site for honouring the Earth Goddess Gaia, guarded by her serpent daughter Python before becoming a  shrine to the solar God Apollo.

It became recognised as a powerful Oracle site as participants and visitors found themselves accessing states of trance, ecstasy, and otherworldly Godliness whilst in meditation and ceremony. This was due to the land’s powerful energy frequency, the man made structures which amplified it and the potent vapours emanating from the land, which were used in times of ceremony.

In these moments, the veil between life on land and the Source would thin, and participants gained access a higher level of consciousness. the miraculous power of our most innate, intrinsic nature.

Join online:
DATE: Monday , 9 April
LOCATION: Online via Zoom link
TIME: 2:30PM Athens Time / 1:30PM Paris / 12:30PM London / 7:30AM NYC time / 4:30 AM Los Angeles or find your local time by clicking here.
DURATION:  45 minutes