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Our next, and probably most significant Earth Oneness Ceremony yet will be on Kilimanjaro, on 08 February at 4:30 pm CET, right before the sunset.

Known as the Roof of Africa, at 5895m high is not only the highest mountain on the continent, the highest free-standing mountain in the world. Everest, which is 8848m is of course part of the Himalayan mountain chain.

As a large 2.5 million year old stratovolcano which contains 3 volcanoes, Kilimanjaro is one of the Earth’s major power spots, holding some of the strongest and most potent energy frequencies existing on our planet.

As well as these impressive statistics, the site also has a special significance for our project. When we first began in May 2017, we came to understand that there are two major sites on Earth where its consciousness meet its physical being. One of those sites is the Aztec site of Monte Alban in Mexico, and the other is Kilimanjaro.
After completing Monte Alban last July, completing Kilimanjaro now will close an important chapter of this project.

We have no doubt this will be an important experience, both for us who will be leading it and as well for those who will be participating online.

After attempting to climb the mountain, Marc will connect from the base camp for the Oneness Ceremony.

Please do join us and share on this very memorable experience.


Symbolically, the Earth Oneness Ceremony is a way for us to give thanks to Earth. At its core, however, this ceremony is a transformation ceremony for both Earth and the ceremony participants.

The Earth Being has available during the ceremony more resources to transform (“heal”) the physical planet. When we go into the energetic space of Oneness with the Earth Being, our energetic abilities, our energetic intensity, and our vibrational knowingness of how to transform/heal (that is, our energetic tools, energy, and knowledge) become available to the Earth Being to transform the physical planet, mainly via the ley lines.
The main effect from this is the ground composition becoming more suitable for the well-being of plants and thus the food chain up to animals and humans.

1. Each of us receives an extensive increase in our energetic intensification (that is, a lot of energy)
2. Each of us begins a 2-3-day transformational (healing) process for whatever is up next for each of us in our physical-emotional-mental-spiritual development and growth!


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Sunday , 7 January
4:30 pm CET- duration  45 minutes

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