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A talk specifically for Interior designers:
How can we create spaces that can transform people's lives? How can interior design help people reach higher levels of consciousness? 

For nearly 20000 years, ancient wisdom has been used to change people's lives, building physical spaces such as temples, sacred sites and historical monuments which have connected us to a deeper intelligence, transforming lives.

Whilst we have been taught that sacred sites were mainly used as burial grounds for royalty, evidence has shown they have in fact served a much higher purpose. They have connected humanity to a higher intelligence, allowing visitors to awaken their deepest and most innate transformation capabilities.
Together, they have operated as a network of self-help centers to help restore the highest balance to our human collective in the face of chaos. 

By bringing this age-old knowledge into our every-day spaces in creative, intuitive and
intentional ways, lasting transformation can be achieved on a personal level, with a ripple effect being felt for the entire collective. 

This free informative talk will introduce you to the history of Sacred Space design as well as its core principles, and will explore the various ways interior designers can begin to weave them into their practice to create Sacred Transformative Spaces.

The aim is to turn every-day spaces (private homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc...) into high-vibration temples of light to enable growth and transformation for the evolution of the collective. 

Participants will leave the talk with tips and ideas on how to integrate this philosophy in their existing practice, and how to deepen their exploration of this topic. 

Join us. 
This talk is free. 
Limited to 25 people. 
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Initially a self-taught interior designer, Marc ran his own interior design studio for nearly 10 years, overseeing the completion of over 500 projects from Houston to Shanghai, Sao Paulo to Dubai, for clients like Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs and L'Oreal. 

in 2012, he launched the 19 greek street gallery which became a pioneering force for sustainable design in London. 

His projects, as well as his private home, have been frequently lauded by top interior design press around the world.  

Over the past few years, Marc has engaged on a path of transformation, developing his craft as a shaman and energy worker, leading him to  develop his current Sacred Transformative Space practice.