Releasing the "Perfection paradigm"


“You need to have the perfect body, stacked like a pornstar, to earn the right to have sex”. This statement might sound radical or shocking to some of you, painfully familiar to others.

For a long time, for me, this thought was part of an unhealthy, egoic belief structure which influenced (even damaged) my relationship to sex and to myself.

This belief, amongst others, lead me to obsess about the gym and eat unhealthily for a long time. I knew that although I was being reckless, at least I was “making myself worthy to some”.

The most shocking revelation was when I realized that this type of “shame-infused” thinking expanded beyond the confines of my sex life into areas such as money and career/
I believed, for a long time, that nothing other than complete perfection would attract abundance and recognition in my life.

I exhausted myself running on that program until the day I said ‘Enough’. Now, years later, research and formal training have lead me to guide others on explorations of their relationship to self-love and the unlocking of their personal divine essence.

I believe that the topics of sex and money are central to these explorations and this is why Godess Charmaine and I are now hosting a series of webinars called Energy, Sex & Money to help us unravel the constructs of self- limiting emotional structures and step into our expanded nature.

Our next session is 8 September.

Marc Peridis