How open is your relationship to money?

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In the previous post, I mentioned that my explorations of the theme of open relationships led me down a path of unlearning jealousy, unearthing my shadow and learning to be ok with falling apart. 
So in the context of Energy, sex and money, how does it link to our prosperity? 
First think about how much of our blocks around money are around us not being able to allow ourselves to ask for what we really want, ie: voicing our desires and boundaries (a crucial exercise in open relationships). Then, getting into the flow of abundance is all about trust, another important principle. 
Mainly, what stops us from attracting the prosperity we deserve are the demons lurking in our shadow which stand between ourselves and the highest expression of love we really should have for our selves. 
Or should I say, the highest expression of love that we HAVE FORGOTTEN we have for ourselves. 
And there’s lots more. .
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Marc Peridis