There is an epic interview on youtube of Jim Carey with an E news fashion reporter at New York Fashion Week in 2017 which had the main stream media questioning the actor's sanity...
When prompted about what brings him to the (obviously superficial) event, he decides to embark on a rant about how meaningless it all is, because none of it exists. None of anything exists, according to Carey, it is all an illusion. As he walks away, smiling nonchalantly, the reporter is left dumbfounded, and shocked.

While perhaps the "E news'" fashion week red carpet interview was not the place for such concepts to be popularised, the idea of the delusion of the material world was a central part of the teachings of the mystery schools of ancient civilisations, supporting them in helping them shift the course of mankind.

In this podcast, I share a part of the famous interview to introduce the topic, I then discuss how the ancient mystery schools of civilisations made our connection to the cosmic field a central part of their practice, leading humans to live at a higher potential. I also speak of the process of Live resurrection (then known as the highest order of spirituality) which aimed to support humans in accessing wider scopes of information, knowledge and wisdom which would be most useful to improve their lives.

Most importantly, students and initiates would awaken to the idea that the material world we experience is only an illusion.
That our beings expand much beyond it, and that our potential for growth and transformation is infinite.

I also share my own experience of awakening from this illusion after my journey at Kilimanjaro, and discuss ways that we can start to integrate this wisdom in our daily lives (in much softer and muted ways) without having to go through the gruelling processes our ancestors went through.

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