The life-changing power of the oneness field, the healing magic
of our integrated beingness.

How one can live a fuller, richer life? How do we live more purposely, supporting the betterment of others? In our current context, these have become important and popular questions.

A concept that really excites me when it comes to personal development is that of the mystery schools of ancient civilizations which is why I chose to share about it in this episode.  

What is a mystery school?

Often referring back to the ancient Egyptians, the mystery schools were gatherings of teachers, shamans, and initiates which were held across the world. They aimed to share and preserve ancient wisdom and knowledge which lead us back to the principles from which we came from, which are intrinsic to us.

They spoke of the relationship of man with the cosmos as one allowing us to develop into more integrated beings on Earth, profoundly impacting our communities.

Access to the mystery schools was exclusive, they were reserved for people who felt drawn to ideas of personal growth, to be a better citizen on Earth and to an elite who were deemed ready or developed enough to handle it.

They played a central role in ancient cultures as pathways to self-development, transformation, and awakening experienced by many who played essential roles in society like politicians, philosophers, and mathematicians.  

Harnessing the power of Sacred sites and vortices

Their traditions of initiation were held at sacred sites around the world.
Sacred sites and vortexes were chosen because they served as portals to connect to higher realms.

The process:

The core learnings of the Mystery schools revolve around the concept of a trinity composed of:

1-    Matter: which is the body/form,
2- Soul:  which is the consciousness that unites them
3- Spirit: which is the nucleus of divine presence.

The initiates would be guided to awaken as souls,  then to awaken as Oneness and then awaken the ability to embody that on Earth. 

The process involved a long string of suffering and purification after which the initiate could rise again to embody Godliness in daily life and to serve the evolution of humanity. To stand as an integrated human being, rooted in wholeness able to be of service to the collective.


The cycle of self-actualization into integrated beingness.
Initiates would go through 5 stages of self-actualization as part of a mystery school initiation:

1-    Learning knowledge of wisdom regarding life as a human

2-    The realization of the existence of our soul.

3-    The awakening of the soul

4-    Connecting to Oneness

5-    Embodying Oneness

The goal achieved was the development of the ability to serve others

Areas of the mystery schools

There were two parts to the mystery schools. The lesser mysteries and the greater mysteries.

Lesser mysteries focused on knowledge and purification.
Greater mysteries focused on our awakening as a soul, as a ray of the one light which we are meant to embody in daily life to serve culture and society.

The end of the mystery schools

They were called the mysteries because of their secret nature, mainly because there was an oath by which they would be punishable by death, but also because the knowledge was based on mythology, symbolism and esoteric work.

As the mysteries began to be enacted in front of society as a whole, it became the beginning of the end.
By 400 AD the last mystery schools had been wiped out, coinciding with the arrival of significant figures on Earth who naturally embodied the core teachings of the mystery schools.

People like Buddha, Jesus Christ, Lao Tzu, marking the beginning of a period where religions were created as a way of transmitting the knowledge of the mystery schools.
As these evolved with time, they became hostile to the teachings.  

The end?
The mystery schools take us back to the world before religion to the purest core of our spiritual beingness.
The mystery schools remain in the background of our evolution because of their nature.
There is talk these may reappear again as they are needed, as part of our evolutionary crisis. 

Integrated beingness

Connected to their own sovereignty and wholeness, from that point fused with every part of life. Anchoring the planetary purpose in human culture into globally integrated spirituality

The origins of Mystery schools:

In 360 BC Plato first spoke about Atlantis, a highly advanced civilization which would have existed long ago but would have disappeared in around 9700 BC.

The mystery schools would have been born from survivors of Atlantis who traveled the world. This relates to our need for mystery schools today. 

My relationship to the mystery schools:

I began exploring the concept of mystery schools in 2012 through the practice of Continuum Movement, a breath and movement practice created in California in the 1960s which is concerned with the connection between man and what they call the cosmic anatomy as a way of reaching full attainment.  I began to understand that practices of breathwork sound and movement were part of the process of the mystery school gatherings and initiations.

Over the past 7 years, I have been exploring various forms of connection to the cosmos.
After being initiated and trained as a shaman in 2014, I began to work with Earth Vortex sites and sacred sites.
I co-created the Earth energy project

I got a strong sense that what we were touching at these sites was indeed the wisdom of Oneness which would lead us to a more integrated form of being in the world.

I co-facilitated ceremonies on sites such as the Aztec temple of Monte Alban in Mexico, the Blue Mosque in Turkey, the Acropolis in Athens, Stonehenge in the UK, the Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and many more.
Each experience led me to a deeper understanding of myself, closer to an awareness of being an integrated being connected to Oneness on Earth, and able to share that wisdom with others.
We first started to share this work with others by inviting participants to join the ceremonies online via webconference.
Participants began to report certain benefits such as increased clarity, awareness, and a deeper connection to themselves.
So, I began to reflect on how I could bring the experience of these ceremonies to clients, students and participants in a way that can benefit them most. This was when I began to teach workshops, courses, 1-1 sessions and create podcast recordings to share this impact with others.
Most of the knowledge comes through energetic knowing, which comes from a being accessing certain information and knowledge by being exposed to a specific field with a certain level of development, allowing it to be connected to the higher realms. 

I have recently decided to group all of this work under one field which I call "the sacred vortex mystery school."
The new name of this podcast will be the Sacred Vortex Mystery school and new episodes will be published bi-monthly on the new and full moon.

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