How does a human being reach their highest potential? How do we gain the ability to live a richer, fuller, and more purposeful life, capable of profound impact? A spiritual process, including death, may hold the answer...

"Live resurrection" is a process which has been used by sages for thousands of years, historically recognised as the highest spiritual practice available to man.

In this episode, I introduce it as a concept, discuss its benefits, how it relates to other ideas I have presented in this podcast previously and most importantly, how we can make use of it in our modern context.

My previous episodes spoke of the mystery schools of ancient civilisations in which we learned that connecting to the cosmos was the key to living a more expanded life. For thousands of years, our ancestors used "live resurrection" to help initiates reach their highest potential and live better lives, as part of the mystery school lineage.

In this episode, I talk about what exactly is "live resurrection", what are its benefits, how it relates to other concepts I have presented in this podcast previously and most importantly, how we can make use of this concept in our modern context.

As usual, part 2 of the episode is an 18-min guided energy work practice to help you dive into your physical body and energy field.



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