On Friday 21 June, I held a workshop in London in which I introduced a guided process which combined playing with Earth Vortex energy, Shamanic breath and sound, light language and sacred geometry. 

A potent field of high frequency healing energy was created as the group participants dove deep into their bodies and the collective field. 

Participants were invited to give gratitude for their highest light and also set an intention for something in their life they would like to shift.
For privacy, participants sharing was edited from the recording. 

Theoretically, I introduce the concepts of vortex energy, shamanic breath work, light language and I speak of the torus shape in sacred geometry which is one of the most fundamental shapes in our universe. 

Through the guided process of approximately 40 minutes, we explored the merging of these three elements through a guided dive within our energy field and our physical body.
As a result, most participants reported feeling like they had reached a different, more potent , space, and reported feeling slighting "stoned".
As explained in the recording, I see this "accessing of a new space" as instrumental for us to disconnect from the local, cultural, reality, reconnect to our highest self and unlock our greatest potential for healing and transformation. 

I invite you to dive in to this process and reconnect with the solstice energy to experience similar benefits.

Marc Peridis