Dear participants, 
As some of you may have noticed, if you peaked onto the page early, I had originally planned article 7 to be "Make an entrance" our gateway to transformation. 
Yet a piece of information showed up that I felt would be essential to share before we move forward with anything else.

So first let me set the scene by asking you the following question: 
Has the following, or something similar, ever happened to you?

You are rushing down the steps of the tube/metro/subway, frantic to get to work (you are late) when feelings arise of wanting to "bash-in" the head of the person walking slowly before you.
Moments later, once you have succeeded to speed past them, some other person (who is even more hurried than you) cuts you off and you feel like you want to push them aside... "How dare they slow you down by walking briskly past you?" You think... 

I realise this may sound extreme and I am not suggesting that any of us would ever resort to actual violence of any type on public transport. However I must honestly raise my hand and say that I, and most people I know, have experienced an emotion of this type at least one point in our lives. Some of us experience it daily... 

Luckily, as we grow and develop, these seem to happen less often.

Self-help experts such as American guru Byron Katie, speak of this as the "underworld" coming to surface; that these emotions are actually pointing to something hidden away deep inside us which needs to be addressed.

So on a recent trip to Tulum I walked into a café a friend recommended and was instantly blown away by the two owners Wendy and Luz. The lovely girls appeared to be almost superhuman, as if coming from another species or planet, practically being made of light... In terms more aligned with this practise, their energetic frequency was off-the-charts and I could tell they had access to dimensions very far away. And as we have learned, the further away we go, the closer we get to source and the more we have access to real transformation. 

We talked about our respective work, and agreed to swap services. They gave me an aura activation ceremony in exchange for a spatial energy activation for their cafe.

After we were done they said this: 

"Our masters have a message for you. They say that you are doing a great job at focusing your intent on everyone and everything around you, as you just did with us and our space, but you need to focus more energy on yourself in the same way, for your own growth and development."

Understanding that these types of things are not usually random, the message resonated deeply and I asked "What I should do next?" Expecting the usual shamanic response of "You have nothing to do, it will be done..." the actual answer came as a surprise. 

"The work you need to do is the highest work." they said. "In every moment of every day, you need to hold yourself in your highest light. That means, every time you're stuck in a long queue, for instance, and you get frustrated, or something doesn't go your way (ie: the people walking too slowly and quickly) those are the moments you need to connect to your center, your divinity. 
That is your work."

I had mixed feelings about this. 

While I was definitely aware of the relationship between these seemingly harmless acts and our personal underworld, I felt that I had done a pretty good job at eradicating these from my daily life, and was perplexed as to why this was coming up. I went home that night and fell asleep reflecting on this, and then, of course, like every time you accept an invitation from the universe, it delivers. 

 The two girls from the café  gave me an aura activation ceremony in exchange for a spatial energy activation I did in their café.

The two girls from the café  gave me an aura activation ceremony in exchange for a spatial energy activation I did in their café.

I was flying from Mexico to Los Angeles the next day and everything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong. 
From cash machines not accepting any of my cards, leading to the guilt of the poor taxi driver circling around town for no pay, the bureau de change we finally found had a system failure, after which we were directed to ones that didn't seem to exist. 

Finally at the airport, I had lost the customs form needed to exit the country, leading me to queue in 3 more lines to get cash from machines that didn't work... in order to pay the penalty fee I owed.

All these things are little in retrospect, but when you are stuck in the frenzy of traveling abroad and boarding times are looming, it is easy to get carried away. I realised about 1 hour into the messy day that this was simply the universe delivering on the promise these girls had made the night before. That I would now be dealt with daily nagging situations in which I would be required to hold my light, and this would be my practice for growth.

This brings me to how this links to this work.
One of the reasons why I advocate this work so strongly is that it brings learnings and wisdom we would normally only access when visiting temples, sacred sites and power spots, to our every day lives. How many times have you been back from a retreat or ashram to find that the amazing feeling you had gained slowly began to fade away as time went by?

The work of sacred spaces is the only one, to my knowledge, which actually intensifies and amplifies our progress over time rather than let it weaken. This is because we are working to create deeply resonant fields which we have constant access to, like phones on charging docks. Having this access means that you have the perfect opportunity to take up the challenge that these girls have proposed, which I am now extending to you. 


Get started. 


Whether you live in a big city or small town, you are likely to experience some degree of frustration on any given day, and dealing with these in the right way can be the pathway to progress and personal growth. In my case, it took me about 1 hour of the 6-hour situation before I realised how I was meant to be focusing my attention. 

Indeed, screaming "What do you mean your system is down?? What are you doing here then??" to the sweet girl at the bureau de change who candidly responded "Using the internet..." doesn't count as me holding my light. I had to fail before I could get it right. 

The growth happened later on when I realised how I was meant to be handling this: By finding stillness in the storm, connecting to the emotion in our being, and being able to "sit with them" in full presence and awareness. So as we create these energetic fields in our homes, we begin to have a stronger access to the frequency we need to transmute these, like an energetic container working in the background.  

So, I suggest the following:
(And I have decided I will finally begin to do this myself after years of telling other people to do it...) 

Whenever a reaction emerges that you feel is out-of-line or out of your control, email or text it to yourself.
Don't be hard on yourself, rather, use a soft terminology such as "I noticed that I ..."
At the end of the day, gather them all, grab a special note book which will be dedicated to this practice only, and write them all down. 

Again, we are not intending to change anything, simply noticing it and bringing awareness to it. 
Logging in this book will be a great way to actually ground these feelings in the energetic field you have created, bringing them into physical form. I personally don't suggest reading them over again as I often find that counter-productive. Trust that what needed to be seen has been witnessed as it was written down, and the work is happening.

Keep the book in a sacred place of the home, such as an altar, or a smaller bookshelf where you don't keep many things.
Remember this is continuous work, and you are likely to be frustrated as you begin to do it. When you draw attention to the small frustrations and start noticing your reactivity, it's easy to be hard on yourself. 
Remember, this is why we are here on earth, to transmute this underworld and work through it for growth and it's not always meant to be pretty! 

So as the next articles will be focusing on anchoring this energy through physical changes such as aesthetic design decisions, I  really felt that it was a good idea to be clear that the most important part of the work is the one within ourselves. And while it may not always be rosy, the other side of it is definitely worthwhile as we begin to gain gratitude and appreciate the little things in life, going from frustration to bliss in everyday moments.

We may suddenly get enchanted by the sound of raindrops tapping softly on the window panes at night, we may delight at the simple smell of our favourite cookies as we finish baking them for a close friend to share, we might stop in our tracks at the sight of the blinding glare of the rising sun, shining before us in a passing way, knowing it may never be seen that exact same way again. 

This is the poetry of our existence.