the Maori builder gods of Easter island were said to have a powerful psychic force called “Mana”. By the words of their mouths the famous statues were commanded to walk through the air. 

"We are what we imagine," writes author N. Scott Momaday. "Our very existence consists in our imagination of ourselves. Our best destiny is to imagine who and what we are. The greatest tragedy that can befall us is to go unimagined."


First, the science.
In quantum mechanics, Heisenberg's uncertainty principle is any of a variety of mathematical inequalities asserting a fundamental limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties of a particle, known as complementary variables, can be known.
It was found that simply "measuring" will always affect a particle property, so it's impossible to simultaneously measure all particle properties correctly. 

This revolutionary discovery meant that changes in particles, therefore all organisms, would occur simply as they would be observed, without needing to effect a specific change.  

On another spectrum, Japanese scientist Masuro Emoto demonstrated his own version of the theory of intention using water as his tool.
In article 10, we explored this demonstration, sharing his views that water records and holds memory. This very concept was at the root of the very first ideas behind baptisms so long ago.
That drinking or bathing in water from a sacred site allowed us to have access to all the divinity that was held in that site over thousands of years.  Every prayer or pilgrimage that was done brought further intention to it, deepening and amplifying its potency.  

Masuro therefore demonstrated that thoughts, as well as sounds and words could emit a packet of energy which would influence the shape of water. One of his most popular demonstrations was by tests conducted on Tokyo's main reservoir after being blessed by a group of monks; the shape of its atomic structures had been radically re-organised.  
Followers and supporter of Emoto's practice use his experiments to explain the impact we have on each other as we are (after all) mainly composed of water. 

Intention and the temple world.
The temples we have been exploring since the beginning of this journey are living organisms that amplify the human potential. As well as spatial energy, materials, placements, orientation, geometry (and all the rest), "human key" is also an element which plays a most (if not THE most) crucial role.
They human body is an aggregate of an energy field and that field is connected to everything that exists and as energy is the engine that drives everything including our consciousness, it can influence us and we can influence it. Intent therefore becomes the next element: our silent inner voice. 

We have seen before that the famous Pyramid of the Magicians in Uxmal was said to have been constructed in one single night by a magician builder-God using simply his voice and the power of intent. By uttering a few simple words, the heavy stones would have flung through the air in a flurry before falling into place to create the temple we see today.

Similarly, the Maori builder gods of Easter island were said to have used what was called “Mana” a psychic force where matter yields to the focused intent of a person.  At times they would combine their Mana by standing in a circle around a collection of rounded boulders. Legend states that by the words of their mouths the statues were commanded to walk through the air. 

At Tiwanaku, the world’s oldest recognised temple at 17000 years old, ancient writings reported the great stones were moved from their quarries of their own accord at the sound of a trumpet, taking up their positions on their site.

Similar stories are also attributed to the creation of Teotihuacan, Stonehenge and the original Egyptian temples.  

 Temple of Tiwanaku in Bolivia 

Temple of Tiwanaku in Bolivia 

 Pyramid of the magician Uxmal, Mexico

Pyramid of the magician Uxmal, Mexico

These stories may be far-fetched and perhaps hard to believe. But what is the cost of naivety? And how does it compare to the cost of skepticism?
We tend to disguise skepticism for “street smarts”, proudly boasting we are "not the kind of person who gets taken for a ride". In my case, I believe this so-called "naivety" is simply a misinterpreted sense of awe and wonder, one which has been a potent driver of happiness in my life and other people I know.

Whether these stories are true or not, we will never know.
When we believe they are, however, it becomes easier to believe other things to be possible as well. The possibility of achieving abundance in finance or romance, for instance, resolving long-standing conflicts, beating addiction or anything else we are trying to overcome.

What has been scientifically demonstrated, however, is that the energy and consciousness levels of these sacred sites is been amplified by users visiting them with a common intention: pilgrimage with sacred purpose. Studies done on ancient sites, including the pyramids of Giza, have shown that consciousness levels measured by REG machines (random number generators) increased by up to 600% after test groups were asked to walk slowly across the site in silent, mindful meditation.

The concept of intention also explains something else.
As sacred sites and power spots exist everywhere around us, all over central London, Paris and more, and these sites are meant to be portals to our higher intelligence, one could be confused as to why so many of these big cities are lead by rigid ideas based on greed and fear?
Intention is the missing ingredient.
If people were aware of the power of these portals, believed that harnessing it was possible and made time to connect and engage with it, the cities that run our world would be very different places.

Article 44, our final one, is an invitation for you to dive into your own power of intention


There are a few ways to start applying the power of intention to our temples. 

1- Shifting disbelief: a meditation
Sit quietly in meditation, connecting to stillness and centered-ness by any of the means we have used so far. Use a clear quartz crystal, a singing bowl, or any other instrument or technique. 

From this place of alignment and center, I would like you to back backwards into your life in a linear way and ask yourself to be carried over to the strangest most unbelievable moment you have ever experienced. You may find this easy, it may be a story which you share at dinners and parties starting by saying "You wont believe this one, I swear its true!" It may be harder for you, you may believe these things just don't happen to you. If that is the case I would like you to linger on this one and wait for something to arise. 
It could be a time that you thought about something unlikely and it literally happened or appeared before your eyes. That you were thinking of someone and they appeared, or phoned. Or you had a dream about something and were awakened by a phone call or text telling you the same thing word for word. 
Whatever that story is, I would like you to connect to it. Not just the words or thoughts of it, but the energy of it, the sensations. How does it feel in your body to be flooded with the certainty that something that would appear so odd or unbelievable to others is actually true? 
Now take a moment to anchor that energy in your body. You do this either by creating a sound, a scream, a cry, a clap, or tapping an instrument. Repeat that sound over and over again until its properly anchored in your field. Do this at least 7 times. 
When done, i would like you to do 4 slow breaths where you breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 counts and exhale for 8 counts. 
Now, continuing the ritual, I would like you to bring in a memory of a time in your life when someone told you a story you just couldn't believe. It could even be one of the ones of the above. 
Where do you feel this disbelief in your body, in your energy field? 
Now I would like you to make a sound which represents this disbelief. It should be different from the previous sound. A clap, a cry, a yelp. Just do a couple of times. 
Now, still holding this memory and this disbelief, I would like you to repeat the sound of certainty which arose previously. If that one is not available anymore, simply use any sound which represents certainty for you. 
After this shift has taken place, sit and connect to your breath, and allow for 4 more breaths at the same tempo as previously : inhale 4 counts, hold 7 counts, exhale 8 counts. 
Once this is done, just sit in the field you have created. 
After a bit of time, return to awareness.

I suggest repeating this exercise regularly if it feels right. Also allowing yourself to become aware of times you feel disbelief and skepticism. Perhaps when a friend tells you a story and you just can't believe it, or you hear something on the radio or tv and you just  cant believe it. Notice that disbelief in your body and notice what it would feel like to replace this with certainty, as we have done above. 

2-Sharing the intention
The same way that the energetic intensity in temples was amplified by visitors and pilgrims, the one in your home can be as well. 
When you feel you have made a sufficiently strong shift to your home, have friends over. Cook healthy meals mindfully and intending to share the wonderful glowing energy of your home through your food. Make your friends aware of the shifts you have made, ask them to be mindful of the energy of the space and notice if anything feels different? They will probably comment before you even mention it.  

3- Display the intention 
Remind yourself and your visitors that your home is a temple by hanging a sign on the wall to that effect, perhaps one similar to the below. A pdf file is available below to print and frame up to A3 size and ideally locate by the front door. 


4- Intend to intend. 
Finally, simply intend to be more intentional and less skeptical, and as your vibratory patterns develop and your capabilities increase, your intentional capabilities will automatically develop as well. 
Intend to live more and more like a sorcerer, waving magic wands and dancing with all the delicious wonders in the enchanted garden that is our universe. 
Intend to remain grounded in lucidity and reality, whilst playing with most magical and fantastical interpretations of the poetry of your existence. 
Realize how much power you have to create yourself through the intelligent and purposeful use of your vivid imagination.