The next step in exploring sacred geometry for a space or our home is to look at sacred numbering.
Simply put, certain numbers are linked to the universal forces in a way that they will trigger certain reactions in our beings, corresponding to certain effects we may want to achieve in our lives and surroundings. From the triangle to the nonagon. there are 7 basic shapes we can use to begin triggering specific impact. 
An easy way to integrate these shapes is to do the same thing as in article 41, use crystals to create an alignment in the space, building it to the shape which relates most to your personal objective or yearning. 

Below I explain the benefits and impact related to each of these 7 symbols. 

Please note:
It's important to acknowledge that most homes wont fit perfectly with these shapes unless they are perfectly square.
In every case, using my own home's floorplan as an example, I am showing an option of how the shape can be stretched or skewed to fit the space.
Try to keep the shape as close to the original shape as possible, even if that means placing the crystals outside. But if the outside part is not one you have control over, it is best to skew the shape for ultimate coverage and impact.

1- Triangle
Divinity, balance and equilibrium.

The triangle represents the force of creation and equilibrium. We see this reflected in the trinity of procreation: Male/female/child or also the holy trinity: father / son / holy spirit. 
The number 3 also represents the 3rd element that is always required to make a whole: for instance to have a relationship, we cant just have two partners, there needs to be two partners and passion. For a sculptor to create a piece we need him (the artist) the stone, and an inspiration.
In procreation: after 3 weeks an embryo becomes an enfolded sphere that diversifies into 3 parts to become the intertwined systems of the body
There are also many other examples like the fact that the world's entire colour scheme revolves around 3 primary Colors.  
When to use it:
Choose the triangle shape when you feel something is out of balance or missing. When you want an easy way to find fivine perfection in any space or situation. 

2- Square
Materialisation and manifestation.

The square represents materialisation and manifestation, mainly  because it is a shape which is very much related to grounding on earth. This is represented, for instance, by the fact that the earth being is run by 4 main elements, earth, air, water, fire or that there are 4 seasons in every year, 
The celtic cross has four points representing 4 elements held in equilibrium by God
And also, quite crucially, all matter consists of 4 states: 
Solid , liquid, gas, plasma
When to use it:
Use the square when you feel that things are a bit too "up in the air" and you need more grounding. It could also be that you would like some help materialising some situations around you. For instance: lots of potential projects but none seem to be landing or you are meeting many potential lovers but none are turning into a relationship.

3- Pentagram
Support, expansion, health.  

We read all about the pentagram in the previous article on the golden mean.
This shape is based on the infinite spiral which composes nearly every cell in the natural composition of the universe.

Therefore, the use of the pentagram represents growth, intuition, fertility, and the divine feminine.
It is in direct relationship with the golden ration which is inherent in its nature, and in nature's own spiral.
It is also at the root of the human DNA, which means it is the shape we most recognise and feel most drawn to.

When to use it:
Use this shape when you are looking to create a space that generally feels good, promotes good health and wellbeing, that you want most people to feel good in, when there isn't anything specifically wrong, you simply want to support your wellbeing and your development.

Masculine, logical, structured.

The hexagram is related to the masculine energy, the energy of stability and manifestation.
It is said to be linked with the energy of the sun, and it represents logic, rationality and structure.
It is also known for the integration of the divine masculine with the divine feminine we saw in the pentagram.
When to use it:
In a space which may be dominated by the female energy and we want to ground more masculine energy. Spaces where we feel we may want more yang active energy, an office space or a sports room for instance.


The heptagram represents the search for truth, the liberation from the illusions of the spiritual world. It is related to Seshat who is the goddess of sacred space and Apollo who is recognised as the God of music, truth, healing and light.

It is also the shape related to the primal notes of sound.  

Male/ female balance

The Octagon is about achieving the perfect balance between male and female energies.
This is manifested in the procreation process by the sperm and the egg which unite to form a cell, which multiplies to 2 cells, then to 4 and then to 8. It represents the seamless stage of mitosis.

Ultimate perfection

The nine sides nonagon is the triangle threefold. It therefore represents the triangle (divine perfection) multiplied by itself. It is ultimately perfection square, hence the ultimate perfection.  

It is the utmost expression and a symbol of the highest attainment achievable.
This is represented in the reproductive cycle by the human body evolving in a womb over 9 months.  

The tail of the sperm half cell is also made of 9 twisted threads and the first step of the doubling process of mitosis is the duplication of the centriole a set of 9 parallel tubes arranged in a ring.  

When to use it:
When your spiritual path is your priority, when you feel you want to integrate consciousness from other dimensions and plains, when you may feel like you are a bit too caught up in the cultural context and would like to expand beyond it into higher realms of consciousness.




When to use it:
This is the perfect shape to use in a space that may be too yang or too yin and needs to find balance. It is also a great shape to use for fertility and creativity. Either a couple who are looking to fall pregnant, or a person starting a business who is looking to have a more constant flow of creativity

When to use it:
this shape is the one to use when you feel you are ready to truly touch enlightenment.
When you have expanded beyond some very high levels of spiritual evolution and personal mastery and you are ready for the "real deal".



The best way to start this exercise is to sit and reflect on your current situation and determine what you need, what your current intention is. Once this is clear, read the above and decide which resonates most deeply.
Buy as many crystals as you need, but buy enough that you can change the shape around as situations evolve.
Clear quartz crystals are the best as they are the purest and contain most magnetite.
Beware that anything from the heptagram up can be quite powerful. So I suggest working up to this from one of the previous numbers or shapes.

Remember, when placing the crystals, do it ceremoniously.
Grab your compass and figure out your North-East orientation. This is where we will begin as it is the most highly spiritual one. Go to this area and prepare to place the first crystal.

Find your center by starting with a short meditation.
Intend to find the most peaceful and most connected place within yourself which is available to you in that moment, attempting to clear the thinking mind.
Burn some incense if you can.

Hold the first crystal upwards and gaze at it, noticing the energy field that is emanating from it.
Imagine that a cloud of white light is radiating out of that crystal. Focusing on that energy, charge it further by holding your left hand on your heart and imagining that a stream of energy is going from your heart, through your left hand, through your upper body, out of the right hand and charging the crystal. Stand consciously in that position until you feel it is complete.
When complete, say thank you to the crystal, recite your favourite mantra if you wish, and place the first crystal in your north-East corner.

Repeat this same action for the other crystals and place them in the appropriate corners you have selected to form the pentagram.

At the end, once all the crystals have been placed, stand in the center of your home and state the following with conviction:
“By my highest intent, I hereby decree this home a temple of light, for the highest good of the local soul, and the highest good of all.
Ohm ah hum.
Ohm ah hum,
Ohm ah hum.
And so it is done."

Hold your hands in prayer and look for a stream of gratitude and warm energy to stream through your being.
Your have increased the frequency of your home using stones.