Sacred geometry is a fascinating field.
It can be fantastically complex, but can also be ridiculously simple.
I will attempt, in the next 3 articles, to distill it down to a few key principles which you can use in your home for optimum benefit.
What is most fascinating is how widespread such a seemingly complex and obscure concept can be. When I started to learn about sacred geometry, one of the things I enjoyed most was finding it on people’s body tattoos and deciphering their meaning, often actually wondering if the person had any idea of the deep intelligence they were displaying!

You may recognise Sacred geometry as an amalgamation of perfectly symmetrical and geometrically aligned basic shapes which join to form a much more complex one.
These will often draw you in and keep you hypnotised.

But sacred geometry goes much deeper. It is, in fact, recognised as the mathematics of God / (or the creator).
When he/she/it created the Earth, the universe and everything around us, infinitely complex algorythms were used to create a harmony and balance which could be found in everything.

This little nugget of information actually holds the key to most of the issues we face on a day to day basis. As our beings were created by the same force which created the universe and everything around us, sacred geometry arrangements are our natural habitat as well.

Yet we have spent the past thousands of years creating homes and environments that go against these, this disconnect has been the trigger for everything which troubles us. When we are re-aligned to the source matrix, we are in perfection and everything is aligned.
Since we have been disconnected, we now a group of mammals who are internally fighting to get back to a place we recognise, the one we came from.

This is why cities can cause so much stress while spending time in nature (dominated by sacred geometry) can be so soothing.







So does this mean we should all abandon our homes and clothing and go live under a tree to find enlightenment like our friend Shakyamuni Buddha? Not necessarily.
Temple builders of ancient civilisations actually spent years studying, developing and downloading information on how to integrate sacred geometry in spaces and this information has been passed down through mystery schools for millennia and is still available today.
Even the smallest and most simple environment can benefit from them.

Enter the Golden Mean ratio:
In mathematics, two quantities are in the golden ratio if their ratio is the same as the ratio of their sum to the larger of the two quantities. You may want to read that again...
The below chart will help you understand what that means...

Considering A + B = C, the golden ratio exists if the ratio of C:A is the same as the ratio of A:B.
That defined ratio is 1 : 1.618…….. (infinite).

This may leave you scratching your head, or laughing at its simplicity… Yet the greatest mathematical minds of all ages, from Pythagoras and Euclid in ancient Greece, through the medieval Italian mathematician Leonardo of Pisa and the Renaissance astronomer Johannes Kepler, to present-day scientific figures such as Oxford physicist Roger Penrose, have spent endless hours over this simple ratio and its properties.

According to scientists and mathematicians, this ratio is behind the DNA arrangement of every living being, including ourselves. Because of this, it is the form that we are most drawn to, and the one we can most easily expand in. (hence why so many peopel would unknowingly choose to adorn their bodies with tattoos of these shapes...) 

This would mean that any shape would have a stronger impact on us if it was measured against this very ratio. Indeed, experiments have demonstrated that when shapes bearing the golden mean proportions were shown to test groups against shapes that weren’t, they tested much more higher in terms of beauty and appeal.
Architects in the medical field in Canada and Bulgaria also experimented with the shape in hospitals and found that patients in rooms shaped to the Golden mean ratio healed almost 5 times faster than patients in rooms of other shapes.

In fact, this ratio is so powerful that your home doesn’t need to be shaped in the golden mean ratio for you to reap the benefits. It simply needs to hold its frequency, and this can be done in many ways.

Suggestions for integrating the golden mean in a space:
Of course if you are building a home from scratch or renovating, it may be worthwhile to look at the plans and see if some of the rooms, or perhaps even the entire home, could be built to the golden mean ratio. In fact, Famous Architect Le Corbusier was known for studying teh golden mean at length and integrating it in his plans and drawings.

In the article about plants I did mention that they hold the sacred geometry of the earth within them. This is true and simply having plants and especially flowers around will remind your being of its natural, geometrically aligned environment, and allow you to expand and find peace.

Many artists are now integrating sacred geometry or the golden mean in art pieces. These are definitely worth scoping out as they will help elevate the frequency f your home but also serve as meditation focus points. A few famous examples of these are works like Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci. 

The Golden mean spiral is quite abundantly present in the Pentagram shape.
Synchronistically, the pentagram shape is also one of the most commonly found in our personal sacred geometry arrangements as well as those of nature.
This is why the pentagram and pentagon are amongst the most used shapes in the world.
For example: the 5-point star on the American flag, or 5-star ratings which we consider to be the highest achievement. Perhaps these could be mirroring the fact we have 5 fingers in our hands and 5 toes in our feet.
5 is the number of divine perfection and the pentagon is its shape.
This is also why the US is run from the Pentagon in Washington.
The shape was used to create a building that would help the government dominate the world.
And it worked…
So how can we do to use this shape in a more ethical and less manipulative way?

Grab a compass and find out…


The temple builders of ancient civilizations used stones which contained magnetite and or clear quartz to create geometric alignments that would amplify and magnify the energy of hotspots and temples.
This would explain why places like Stonehenge or Avesbury were flung into place.
Using stones to create alignments can be an impactful and fun way to increase the frequency of your home for it to resonate closer to that of source.

Doing it is simple.
Get yourself 5 clear quartz crystals, clear quartz contains a lot of magnetite which affects how the brain reacts to energy.
Look around your home and try to find 5 places where you can place these crystals which will create a pentagram/like alignment.
Drawing it on a floorplan can be helpful.
And don’t be too precious about it.
It is fine to stretch and skew the pentagon as needed. It is better to do that and ensure you are covering as much of the flat as possible than to leave some of it out.

Below is an example of how I placed the crystals in my own space.
Notice how the pentagon is not exact, as I mentioned, this is intentional for the crystal field to cover as much of the space as possible.

When placing the crystals, do it ceremoniously.
Grab your compass and figure out your North-East orientation. This is where we will begin as it is the most highly spiritual one. Go to this area and prepare to place the first crystal.

Find your center by starting with a short meditation.
Intend to find the most peaceful and most connected place within yourself which is available to you in that moment, attempting to clear the thinking mind.
Burn some incense if you can.

Hold the first crystal upwards and gaze at it, noticing the energy field that is emanating from it.
Imagine that a cloud of white light is radiating out of that crystal. Focusing on that energy, charge it further by holding your left hand on your heart and imagining that a stream of energy is going from your heart, through your left hand, through your upper body, out of the right hand and charging the crystal. Stand consciously in that position until you feel it is complete.
When complete, say thank you to the crystal, recite your favourite mantra if you wish, and place the first crystal in your north-East corner.

Repeat this same action for the four other crystals and place them in the appropriate corners you have selected to form the pentagram.

At the end, once all the 5 crystals have been placed, stand in the center of your home and state the following with conviction:
“By my highest intent, I hereby decree this home a temple of light, for the highest good of the local soul, and the highest good of all.
Ohm ah hum.
Ohm ah hum,
Ohm ah hum.
And so it is done."

Hold your hands in prayer and look for a stream of gratitude and warm energy to stream through your being.
Your have increased the frequency of your home using stones.