The past 6 articles have talked about Relationships and money and, in both cases, I have shown you how to create an altar specific to both topics, but also how to use the cardinal orientation of your home for exploration in both realms. 

It is possible that it may begin to start feeling cluttered or confusing.. You may be wondering: "What if I want to do both? Do the placements conflict? Do I need to make choices?" 

The answer to that is twofold and may contain some interesting information on how to move forward: 

First: Everything changes, nothing is static. Our homes are living beings just like we are. They are growing and developing in a way that what felt right last week may not feel right next month. It is important to spend time meditating in the space to feel what it needs and how these needs are changing.  
You may also be resolving one thing, with the help of a certain placement, and find it's time to move on to the next placement. 
For instance: if in relationships you were seeking to meet more people with whom you can connect on a deeper spiritual level, so you focused on the North-East, perhaps you started to reap results of this and needed to move on to intend to discern.. In which case it's time to move on to a placement in the south. 
It is wonderful to mark and notice our progress in this way and ride the wave of personal evolution.  

Second: if you look closely, you will probably find that relationship and money issues often go hand in hand, therefore the placements can be combined.  
The two topics are very charged for people as they touch the deepest of our core and also trigger lots of juicy hidden shame. It is therefore very common to find that issues which exist in one topic also exist in the other. 
If you find this is the case for you, you can therefore combine the placements and decide you will focus on both areas of your life with the same action.  
For instance, if i feel like I am not able to express myself in relationships and am not able to voice my needs and show who I am, I may also find myself feeling like a slave in the workplace, at my job. Unhealthy relationships with money often also mirror unhealthy relationships with partners. 
Whether it is money or relationships. it all comes down to self-worth. So a great way to do it is to hit two birds with one stone by addressing both with the same placement. It is also a great way to uncover something about yourself which you were not able to see! 

I highly recommend doing the explorations above, making changes to keep your space alive and combining both the relationship and money aspects in the same placements with a common united intention and see what unfolds. 

The below video is a follow up of my experience on the topic.