Part 2 of 3:

A couple of months ago, I was starting to feel called to revisit my relationship with money.
Nothing bad had happened, I was making more than enough to live comfortably and happily. But was considered as it didn't seem like my main source of income was performing as well as it could.
My main source of income is my gallery in London, 19 greek street, which is hired out for inspiring events, mostly in the fashion world.
I felt that there were a lot of free days and the gallery wasn't being used to its fullest potential.
Around this time I started to explore the principles of altar-making and decided to give it a go creating an abundance altar for myself.
The results were actually quite dumbfounding.
I created the altar on the Sunday and by Wednesday my colleague who manages the gallery was telling me how the calendar was getting fuller than ever and some of the money was already being paid in early by clients who were booking.
Now I wont claim this process to be a magic wand.
It's a process of awakening our awareness and bringing intention to an area of our life which needs attention.
I cant neglect the fact that my colleague has been doing an amazing job.
But whether he does a good job or not, whether money is coming in or not... if something is affecting my field or my bottom line, than most (if not all) the responsibility for it lies within me as well.
By unlocking certain things within us, certain things unlock around us.
Creating this altar lead me to realise that I hadn't hosted an exhibition of my own in a while, and I felt strongly that I needed to let an exhibition come through for the gallery to be aligned to its real purpose. And in the gallery being aligned to its purpose, it would begin to attract the support it needed.
And perhaps activating this allowed for other things to be activated around it. This action found itself to coordinated and synchronise to the gallery manager feeling more comfortable in his work and manifesting many interesting opportunities.

So creating an altar is not a passive process.
It is a process of activation, awakening and focusing intention on a specific area of our life.
It creates a portal to the deepest intelligence which runs he universe, to source.
When a line is created to this, all which is in divine order can manifest.

Below is a video I created a while ago which explains how to create an altar for abundance.
if you have only just created your relationship altar, I suggest you wait at least a month to create your abundance altar, and then perhaps alternate between both for a while.
Altars should be alive and changing.

I am also including below an elemental activation meditation which felt appropriate to share now.
It came through me recently and felt like a very potent way to unlock our sense of wholeness.
Elemental activation is based on the premise that the entirety of the earth exists in each and every one of us.
This 65 minute meditation will activate and awaken your personal connection to each of these elements which exist within you, as well as within the wider field.

And will hopefully leave you feeling activated, alive, and whole, accessing the power to harness the answer to everything, within the reach of your mastery.


(Elemental activation meditation recording below)