Part 1 of 3:

Let’s talk about money.

Yes.. cold, hard, cash.

After last week’s relationship talk, it felt most appropriate to leap into the next topic which expertly peaks powerful emotional responses.
The next 3-article mini-series will therefore be all about money and manifesting abundance through space.

So why do so many of us have issues with money?
According to some theorists, the “trouble” would have begun when organised agriculture first emerged, long before money was even invented, As we began to understand the “value” of land we slowly became greedy, driven by ideas of divisiveness and ego. For the first time, the idea of survival was linked to the that of propriety and ownership.

Nonetheless, when money was created around the 1500’s it was originally meant to bring equality to the world with banks aiming to offer everyone a way to access wealth, rather than reserving it for the elite.

Despite this, centuries of technological advancements have managed to turn us into a (mostly) consumerist society where ego seems to draw the purse strings.
Most of us in the west were raised in a confusing paradox, partially committed to competing with others to ensure we have the biggest, best, and shiniest of everything, whilst also seeing money as something dirty and evil, which should, ideally, never be spoken about.

Most significantly, our conditioning has lead us to believe we must work for money and that unless we enslave ourselves, agreeing to be chained to jobs we hate, we will never survive and certainly never lead a lifestyle which others will envy. From a young age we are told to “suck it up”, to work hard, and to enjoy school as these are the best years of our lives before being forced to enter the demonic inferno that is the workplace. We are told that “money doesn’t grow on trees” and that the world, which is much bigger than us, certainly doesn’t revolve around us.  

I believe all of this is false.
I do, in fact, believe money does grow on trees and that each of us is bigger than, and the center of the world around us (pink unicorns not included...).  

By now you may be asking yourself: “What does he expect? That we all just sit around and wait for money to come to us?”

Well… yes actually.

Money, like everything else, is the realisation of vibration.
Money is energy.
It therefore carries vibratory patterns in the same way we, and everything around us, do.
Our mission is therefore to align ourselves to the vibrational patterns of our original, authentic and aligned self, those of source. In doing so, we call for everything we deeply desire to flow towards us, including prosperity and abundance.
In simpler terms: If you are able to stand, empty-handed, with absolutely nothing, and hold the same energy and emotional patterns than you would if you had everything, you will (indeed) "have everything".

Whilst we are lead to believe we must struggle to survive, in every second of each moment we are gifted the proof of the very opposite (should we choose to see it). That everything we need is simply waiting to reach us, effortlessly and abundantly, if we are open to receive it.

For instance, the breath.
A perfect example of this is the breath. It is obviously our most vital asset (as it is the first thing we would die without). Yet, we inhale and exhale so effortlessly. No action is needed and, with nothing done, we remain alive.

The sun.
While the sun is the force which allows all life to exist on earth, none of us have ever been required to ask it to do anything. It works for us, all of us, regardless of who we are and what we have accomplished (or not). And even when we can’t see it (if a day is rainy or cloudy) we still know it is there, behind the scenes, doing its job.

The support we receive from the universe outshines any bank account, or set of possessions one could imagine. And the more we unite to dissolve the belief that money equals suffering, the more we can all relax into a life of effortless play, where each of us provides for the collective in our own personal way, in a way which is inspired and aligned, rather than working tirelessly from a place of neediness, scarcity or fear.

I have seen so many people, including myself, fighting for years in failed attempts to reap financial success whilst barely "make ends meet", only to find themselves flooded with real abundance once they have found peace and harmony through the release of whatever story they may have been entertaining around it.

So, how does one begin?
The quick answer is with "no-thing".
Start by looking at your diary and cancel everything that isn’t absolutely necessary.
Do less, and make time to find stillness from which inspired action can arise. 

When we connect to sources of deeper wisdom, we begin to see that that we already have everything we need and we begin to touch abundance in its only true and authentic form.

For a more tactical process however, we can (of course) use our homes, navigating our way through them in the same way we did for relationships in Article 34, using its cardinal orientations.

North east: Spirituality.

The strongest energy of ancient wisdom and spiritual growth comes from the North-East, making this the most spiritual area of your home, which is why most temples were usually created facing this direction.

Scientifically, this is explained by the fact that north-east orientation faces the two strongest energetic forces:
The sun, which rises in the east, and the earth’s magnetic energy lines which originate in the northern magnetic pole. This area should be considered a gift from the universe, the area that invites us to connect to ourselves and to the divine, therefore meditating facing the north east is most potent for spiritual growth. 

In terms of abundance, this is the area we should look at if we want to tackle our spiritual relationship to money. When we have understood that what is keeping us from abundance is our habitual patterns and limiting beliefs which may have been handed to us through ancestry, cultural conditioning or past life experiences. Or when we feel we are ready to dissolve our patterns towards money and scarcity, this is the area to look into.

Begin by looking for clutter or anything which may be damaged or out of place in this area. Meditate here if possible, keep it extra clean and decorate it using spiritual symbolism described in previous articles.
And of course, a pyramid shaped clear quartz crystal is perfect for this area.

East: Health.
As the area where the sun rises, it is all about absolute nurture, care and connection to the universal life-giving force. As we have seen before, the sun is a source of vitamin D which turns into Calcium in our bodies and is essential to our well-being.

When we find our relationship with money is unhealthy this is the area to consider.
For instance: when we know our wages are above average yet we always find ourselves broke well before the next pay check, this is a sign of an unhealthy relationship with money. 

When it seems like things are in order from the outside, yet we are actually paying-off one credit card with another one and have so many bank accounts and overdrafts that we are unaware our debt actually adds up to that of a small country... that kind of unhealthy.
Unhealthy financials can also manifest through hoarding money, “hiding” it in one account, for instance, while letting another one go into overdraft.
Also, when money problems are causing us anxiety and illness, heart palpitations in the morning or sleepless nights, bring your awareness to this area.

Look for clutter, damage or anything out of place.
As the element of this orientation is air, you can balance out the energy using a wind chime, incense, or a feather.

South east: Passion.

As the south of your home faces the equator, the south-east, tilts towards the sunrise. Combined with an alignment to Venus, it becomes the area where the most passion lives in your home (according to the wisdom of Vastu).

How do you feel about your job or other source of financial gain? Is it something you are passionate about? Or are you disengaged, treating it simply as a functional, mechanical "means to an end"? If you are one of those who says you "work to live" and not the other way around, yet sometimes wish your income could come from something you enjoy, rather than feeling compromised for a big part of the day? This may be the area to consider.

Have a look for any clutter, damage or any other obstructions in this area. A crystal is great here as well as candles, or using red or orange colours on walls, furnishings or accessories.
Artworks depicting fire, ie: volcanoes, or sun, are great here.

South: discernment.
The south direction is dominated by the element of fire, but also by its alignment to Mars. 
This area refers to discernment and discrimination, as well as the ability to draw our boundaries. 
This is the area for evaluation, perception, the ability to recognise if an opportunity is right for us or not, as well as the ability to make the right decisions.

If you are often feeling doubtful about the decisions you have made or have trouble deciding on whether an investment will be viable or not, this may be the right area to look into.
As the south area is all about personal empowerment, fire element, we also find ourselves connecting to our deepest intuition.
This is a great area for people who are self-employed and have a hard time saying no to work, yet always have too much on and regret taking that much work.

Connecting to our inner power can allow us to increase our sense of self-worth, supporting us in increasing our rates, and only taking the projects which make our hearts sing.

This is also a great area if you feel you are confused about where your money is going or coming from. Very often when we make investments, we have very little view of where the money is actually going or which activities we are actually funding. It's a good idea to look for clarity around this. 

Meditating facing south is great for any of these types of situations.
Otherwise a pyramid shaped clear quartz crystal, a candle or a red or orange decorative element is great here.


South-west: Stability

This orientation is based on the time of the year when the light that first emerged out of the winter has fertilised crops to their full potential.

It's the highest achievement of the light of the sun, therefore, it symbolises celebration, gratitude and honoring the bountiful fruit of the earth. This also represents the time of the year when the sun begins to withdraw, as it's the end of summer. It therefore honors the spirit people for the safe passage through winter for protection as they emerge through to the other side to spring.

This is also the time when the veil between the two worlds are the thinnest. It invokes the dive within, the return to the womb, the process of self-contemplation as one goes deep into the mystery of life.

If your relationship with money is like a roller-coaster, unstable. You are sometimes making lots of money, other times losing much more and ending up in debt, you can use this area to help navigate the treacherous waters of uncertainty.

Start by looking for clutter, damage, mess or anything else which is out of place.
As the element of this area is earth, it is a great area for crystals or plants. Keep a bowl of uncooked rice, a bowl of stones or any other earth-related object to anchor and ground the energy. This is also a great area to meditate on gratitude. Perhaps keep a notebook in this area where you write down, daily, 10 things you are grateful for. 

West: communication.

The orientation of the setting sun, representing the descent into the underworld / the world of spirit, introspection and "traveling within". It is known as the one which receives the messages from the world of God, therefore the element is water, associated with communication.

This is an area to consider if you feel you are “selling out” in your job  in order to gain money. If you feel like you are unable to express yourself in what you do, you may feel restricted and contracted.
If you feel you are kept small and would like to make money from the things that you love and that you were really sent here to do. This is the perfect area for someone who is launching a small business or consultancy after a long time in a corporate job.

As the element of this area is water, placing a bowl of water, a vase of water with fresh flowers or any water feature is great here.Using black and blue colours on walls or accessories is great here.
And of course look for clutter and add a crystal if it feels right.

North-west: Stability and clarity.

Whilst all the northern orientations are about stability and grounding, north-west ties in notion of "diving inwards" and identity which we spoke about above (west).

If you are feeling completely confused about your financial situation or your purpose or perhaps lost and unable to decide which direction you should choose next, bring some awareness to this area.

This is an excellent orientation to try to find a sense of alignment and purpose.
Meditate facing north-west, clear all clutter, keep clean and use a clear quartz crystal if it feels right.


The northern orientation is quite significant for money and abundance.

As a northern entrance faces the cold and hardness of the north pole, the bitter winds make our senses more aware of the physicality of the planet, therefore north is associated with the element of earth, and with grounding.As the north is also the area for materialisation and manifestation, this orientation refers to realization and richness.

This is a great orientation if you are “working” hard yet always feel like money is always just beyond your reach. If people are always offering you projects, yet they always seem to linger or be postponed, or perhaps clients agree to move forward but fail to sign contracts to pay, this may be your area.

If this is the case for you, try to sleep with your head pointing north, meditate facing north, or use a strong earth element to ground that energy in the space. A plant, a crystal or an earth-coloured artwork are great here. 

(and watch the dineros roll in…)

Begin by sitting in meditation with any of the techniques we have seen so far. Connect to a crystal, the sound of an instrument and sit comfortably bringing your awareness to your breath.  
When you sit and reflect on your current relationship with money.
What comes up for you? What's missing? What is your biggest challenge, obstacle? 

Staying connected to your findings, take the tour of your home as suggested above and evaluate where it feels right for you to act.  

As usual when setting an intention, remember to not ask for any specific outcome. For instance the red Ferrari, but rather ask to find clarity and an ability to be in gratitude with anything at all, including your current situation.
Gratitude is key hear.
When working with prosperity, it is a good idea to spend as much time meditating on gratitude as possible, either by doing the “thank you everything” exercise we proposed in an earlier article, or simply keeping a book with daily gratitude statements as per above.

And most of all ENJOY!