Part 3 of 3:


This third and final part of the relationship trilogy explores how to set up the relationship area of our home, and also how to expand beyond it when we it feels right.

So far we have seen the two different ways we can overlay the Feng Shui Bagua map on our home, either using the front door as reference or using the cardinal orientation. Again, it is mostly recommended to use the front door alignment unless you are living in a wide open field or in the countryside with no neighbours. But of course it all only depends on what feels right for you.

To keep it simple, stand with your back to the door and go to the far right area of your home.
If your home has many levels, we would generally choose the floor closest to the ground, but it can be any of the floors or all of them.

The ideal alignment is to position your bedroom in your relationship area. If that is not possible, or goes against the architecture of the building, you can either work with what you have, using the relationship area which is there (ie: lounge, kitchen etc..) or you can intentionally reprogram the relationship area to be your bedroom. You can also treat your bedroom as a second relationship area, as well as the original one designated by the Bagua map.

Whatever it is, you need to feel comfortable with it, grounding your intention in it, truly feeling its resonance.


The colours favoured for your relationship area are pink, orange and peachy colours. Red can also be great. Get your compass out and figure out which orientation your relationship area or bedroom is in, and if it’s one of the southern ones, South, South-East, South-West, you should be using more of these colours, (pink, red, peach, orange) to anchor the fire energy (element of the south).
Colours can be added by painting walls, ceilings, or simply adding accessories, accents, sheets, bedding, blankets, cushions etc.


You will want to keep things in pairs of two in this area.
For instance, two side tables, two table lamps, two alarm clocks, two similar artworks etc.
Really try to decorate keeping this in mind.
Two candles is a great idea to ignite passion, two crystals is great to amplify and anchor energy, one or two heart-shaped quartz crystals being perfect.
If you are in a relationship already and you feel you would like more closeness, for instance, make sure your pairs of things are closer together. Often we will keep pairs of items opposite sides of the room to create symmetry. Keep them as close together as possible.

I also highly recommend using flowers here.
There is loads of controversy about putting flowers or plants in a bedroom area. Whilst many are opposed to it, I strongly feel it works. While many feel that they take away oxygen needed while you sleep, I firmly believe, and many experts support, that they return even more oxygen in exchange.

Another interesting fact about flowers is that they hold a very strong vibrational frequency, which probably explains why we all feel very drawn to them. Flowers hold sacred geometry codes which are perfectly aligned to the Golden mean, the perfect alignment in the creation of the universe. The Golden mean is the shape of our structure and DNA as well, which means we resonate with them very strongly.
Choose cut flowers rather than potted flowers, which should go outside.
Cut flowers work hard to transmute the energy of a home which is why they die quicker in some homes than others. If the energy is cleaner and more harmonious they have less work to do and they can last longer. If the energy is out of balance, they must work harder, therefore they get exhausted and wilt.

I suggest placing flowers in your relationship area or bedroom and making note of how long they last. Ask the florist how long this particular breed is meant to last and check out how they measure up in your home.
This could be a scary exercise as it can reveal the “dirty truth” about our energy field which we would rather not see.
It's kinda like getting your credit score...
In the end, it is always better to know so you can bring awareness to it and begin to make changes, rather than going about as if nothing is wrong.

If you do find that the flowers last less time than they should, ie: less than a week or 5 days, your space may simply need a bit more clearing and re-aligning. Choose one of the processes we described earlier and do it more regularly, maybe twice a week for a while and see how it evolves.
Also, perhaps enhance your daily practise to develop your personal frequency.
The more you develop your frequency, the more your home’s frequency will automatically develop, as it is an extension of you, and also the more potent your space clearing work will be.

In article 35, we saw how to set up a relationship altar. An altar will be a great addition to your relationship area, otherwise place it in the north part of your home as I indicated in the video.

Remember that focusing on your relationship area is not only for people who are single looking for relationships. It is also for people who are in relationships and would like to strengthen them or improve something about them. It can also be about improving relationships with our children or other family member (if the one with our partner is already perfect).

If you are in a relationship and are having communication issues, perhaps create a nice comfortable space to sit and chat together in this area.

Use art which depicts union, harmony, happy times.Also make sure that any art used depicts what you would like to achieve. For instance if you would like more adventure, perhaps images of places you would like to travel together, more passion, perhaps a picture of a volcano, for a healthier relationship, perhaps an image of the sun, or something very green.
Use your intuition and use what feels right for you.

If the relationship area is in the bedroom, make sure you have no clutter under the bed. If you do need to put some things under the bed, use clean bedding or towels, folded clean clothes perhaps.
Try to avoid electronics in the bedroom as much as possible, and if you can’t, keep a clear quartz crystal to neutralise the energy field.

The concept of relationships in the home can easily expand outside of the relationship area as well.

Start by looking into one of the corners we looked at in Article 34, the one that represents the area you need to personally focus on in relationships and seeing how you can potentially enhance or bringa awareness to this area somehow.
Next you can also look at the rest of the home to think about how “relationship ready” it is.
For instance, is there room for both of you to lie on the couch and watch a movie?
Maybe having two blankets there could work?

In the kitchen, making sure you have pairs of everything. If you have a special favourite mug for you, maybe get one for him/her too.
If you have a meditation room for instance, do you have two cushions for both of you to meditate together? In your workspace, would you have space for him to perch with his laptop if he has things to do in the morning rather than need to rush off?
Jf you are in a relationship, but aren’t having enough deep chats, have you got an intimate and romantic place to sit and eat together?
Perhaps you are in a relationship and reading this is making you realise that you don’t make enough space for your partner in your home?

Bathroom and kitchen

If your relationship area happens to be placed in your kitchen or bathroom, there are a few things you may want to be conscious of.
-make sure not to keep any toxic products or chemicals. Keep only organic products here.
-make sure the water always works, no leaking taps, broken plumbing, nothing partially stuck or clogged
-try to keep the toilet seat down and the bathroom door closed if you can
-keep spherical shaped quartz crystals to diffuse the energy to other areas.
-keep a pair of candles (ideally red) and rose quartz crystals (ideally heart-shaped) there.

If the relationship area is in the living or dining room, that works great! Just use the same principles we mentioned above.
If it happens to be in the home office area, do apply some of the principles, but I suggest using your intention to shift it to another area. Perhaps the one you may have defined in article 34.

Remember to be intentional, but to be quite free with your intention.
As usual, the best way to intend is simply feel what it is we yearn for, what we desire, inquire about whether we feel we deserve it (if not, intending to get ourselves to a place where we do…) and releasing the intention so we don’t create too much of an attachment to it.


Using my home as an example, a previous article on the bedroom has demonstrated my bedroom arrangement. I now wanted to demonstrate the changes I recently made in line with this article.

My bedroom is located in the relationship part of my home, in the west/south-west orientation.


I painted using pink/orangy colours as well as used some light pink bedding and added a pink chair.

I have an artwork on the wall which represents two parts of the moon coming together as well as a mirror made of two parts coming together, showing things from two perspectives

I have added a second night table and a second table lamp.
I also have a pair of Buddha bead necklaces and crystal pendants on the side of the bedhead.

I have added a vase of flowers with an even number of flowers including a pair of roses.
I also have a pair of golden plates on my marble unit

I added a second glass to my water carafe. 

I have a pair of djembe drums for chanting and meditation.

IMG_20170405_163024 (2).jpg

I found an extra pair of small porcelain plates  which I have hung up on the wall, with a pair of small candles on the shelf beneath. 

On the right image, I have always had this pair of drawing artworks, but have decided to bring them closer together as they used to be on opposite sides of the window.I also have a statue representing a couple of people connecting amorously which I bought in Brasil.
It is placed outside the window on the terrace, but as I can see it in my bed it does still very much count as being in the relationship area.

To extend the practise outside of the bedroom, I have decided to alternate between having a pair of cushions and a pair of blankets on the sofa.

Whilst I used to have an individual tea maker, I have now purchased a larger one with two cups.

My selected focus area from article 34 is North-East, as I often find myself meeting people who seem great at first, but then I find we lack a spiritual connection. In this area I placed a pair of lovely flowers in a red vase with a pair of pyramid-shaped quartz crystals. As this is my entrance, it creates such a nice place to walk into.

What I love most about this work is how we expand our intention and awareness to our physical space, and these placements and aesthetic elements become reminders of the intention we have set so it can easily stay active in our field of awareness.

A great way to stay connected.

And as usual Enjoy the process!

I am confident you will reap the results you desire, or more! But if for some reason you didn’t the best is always to enjoy the ride.