If you have seen the short and quirky intro video on my website's main page, briefly describing the process of Sacred Transformative Spaces, you have had (at the very least) a quick introduction to my use of dowsing, ie: prancing across the screen holding a pair of funny-looking golden antennae as part of the “Energy reading”.

People who know little or nothing about dowsing will often meet it with enough scepticism to make their arms cross and their lips pout to the side, as they peak at their watch with that “are you done?” look on their face.
But it is my experience that once they see a quick demonstration these same people will often grab the rods right out of your hands, franticly keen to give it a go themselves.

I must admit I didn’t know anything about dowsing until I began training as a shaman myself.
I had known about people using tools to look for money, metals, water and stones in landscapes, ie: in deserts and beaches. But I certainly wasn’t aware of its energetic component, or the fact that Police investigators often turned to expert dowsers for help when they needed to find a criminal, a victim or a lost object.

It makes sense.

Logical concepts of time and space mean very little when we consider that we are all energy and that everything around us is energy as well. The energetic process of dowsing can therefore take place when you disconnect from the logical thinking mind, connect to your own personal energetic abilities (ie connecting to source) and connect to the energy of whatever item it is you are looking for.
Our bodies are deeply intelligent beings in which exist a very deep wisdom, eager to be exploited. The deeply intelligent forces of your being can therefore connect to other beings, items and locations and will then respond to questions or situations by manifesting spontaneous and natural micro-movements in your body. While you would not be able to perceive these, they will cause the rods to move.

So how can dowsing be used in the process of turning our spaces into temples?

As a primordial principle of this work, our homes must have a harmonious and balanced energy flow for us to be in alignment. When that alignment is blocked, we go out of balance and are unable to connect to the energy of source. Instead, we become attuned to an energy  which may be disrupted, blocked or out of balance. Remember that being in alignment is the key to us attracting everything we dream of, joy, abundance and a sense of purpose.

Dowsing rods will show us where the energy is out of balance in our space, allowing us to bring our awareness to areas which need it most. In my experience doing this work, no space is completely clear unless some seriously advanced energy work has already taken place. Dowsing can also be handy in indicating the presence of geopathic stress caused by disrupted land energy, manmade EMFs or other sources.

While today’s focus will mainly be on dowsing as a way of creating a harmonious energy, attuned to the frequency of source, you can also learn to dowse as a way of asking the universe answers to some questions, and even find out about the presence of spirits in your home. If you would like to do that, we can do it together during your 1-1 session as it requires more focused attention.

For now, lets begin by dowsing to improve the energetic frequency of your home and, by default, your being.





Dowsing is quite simple if you keep in mind the following key recommendations:

  • keep your mind as clear of chatter as possible,
  • be ready to trust the answers you get,
  • and practise regularly to ensure it becomes seamless for you.

You can buy rods at most crystal / new age shops, or even online at Amazon. Just try to avoid buying children’s rods. Anything metal or bronze works perfectly. Otherwise you can find resources online which will teach you how to use metal hangers instead.

Connect to the sound of a gong, a sounding bowl or other mindful instruments and also spend a few minutes connecting to your breath and a crystal nearby if possible.
This will simply aim to get you out of your head. Otherwise, you may just simply sit cross-legged, intending to be one with the energy of source.

Grab the dowsing rods and simply stand with the rods facing down and take a minute to connect to the rods. Once you feel connected with your mind cleared, tap the rods to each other as if to reset them and get started.


Bring your rods up so they are parallel to the ground and at the level of your heart. Make sure they are straight and that your fingers are a few millimetres below the top of the handles.

Bringing your awareness to the energy of your space and trying to keep your thinking mind quiet, begin walking around slowly and notice the movement of the rods as you do.
If the rods cross as an X that means you have found an energetic block in that area. If they open, it means you have encountered a clear energy field, an aura of a person or a powerful crystal will make the rods open.

When you notice the rods crossing as an X, these areas need to be addressed.
The best way to unlock these is to simply bring an energy of unconditional love and connection to source to this area.
Simply stand in the “affected” area, close your eyes, and truly connect to its energy. Try to see where your mind wanders to, what is that area or that specific “block” trying to say to you? If it is a block over your desk, could it be you have been working too hard lately? Is there a project which has been stressing you out?
After a breakup, we tend to find blocks next to or over the bed, where arguments may have happened. We also tend to find blocks in the kitchen and near the front door as these are two places where people tend to rush to get ready for the day.
The rushing energy, as it gathers, will begin to create a force which will affect our lives. (Remember, as our homes represent our beings, any block in them is a block in us. But the good news is, that means we also have the tools we need to address them.)

Connect to how that block, or what it represents, feels in your body, in your energetic field and bring yourself to a place of connection to source by standing in that very intention. This can be done in many ways.
You can simply bring your awareness to your breath and notice it deepen or strengthen, connecting to whatever your experience of source energy is in your body, or you can also make a sound that reminds you of what source would sound like.
If all this seems a bit too abstract to you, you can chant a simple quick mantra like “Ohm A Um” which is a Tibetan Buddhist blessing followed by sounding a Namaste. Do this with conviction and intention.
As you bring energy to this area, the dowsing rods will begin to uncross, and if you have done the work right they will stay uncrossed as you walk by that area again.

If you can’t get it straight away, don’t feel discouraged. Keep up the practise, and be easy on yourself, remembering the practise we are learning is not the most common one and has the potential of shifting some pretty big things.
If you really are feeling blocked here, you may want to revisit the article on daily practises as that is a great way to increase your personal frequency and potency to gain extra powers.

And if you are still feeling blocked and need help, we can spend time on it together when we do your 1-1.

And as usual, ENJOY!