Picture this:
The year is 9703 BC and a giant comet which has broken into 7 separate parts has collided with the earth in 7 places. For a duration of approximately 6 months, it's Armageddon for the planet's inhabitants. One could barely differentiate day from night, let alone make out a person standing right before them as the sky and air were continuously filled with thick dirt, dust and mud. During this period the earth's sea level increased by 50m, mercilessly wiping away entire civilizations. 

A select chosen few received messages telling them where to go, guiding them to survival. After the carnage was over, these survivors were visited by giant divine creatures, measuring 4-6 meters in height, who bore this message:

"To restore the balance of the earth, you must rebuild the mansions of the gods." 

This event marked the beginning of the mystery schools of templemaking, and a whole new chapter in the creation of sacred spaces. 

Contrary to what you may think, the above is not the plot of a science fiction movie, nor a fantasy made up by nerdy Star Wars fans seeking kicks. This is the story of our ancestors and many details has been verified. 

It is said that the collapse of the earth's civilisations was triggered by its inhabitants falling out of balance with source. Becoming complacent and greedy, they lost their connection with divinity. The temples were the best way to restore balance as they reminded people of this lost connection. Simply by visiting and lingering, performing ceremonies and rituals, we would regain our lost connection to God. 

As seen in article 2, the temples were built at the foot of energy hot spots which were amplified by the constructed building, creating numinous effects for initiates. 
So how would we benefit from this today?

Learning from these ancient civilizations, it's safe to say that spatial energy is without a doubt, the most important principle of temple-building. 

Most of us will tend to refer to a process called "space clearing", whereby spirits and entities which are thought to be obstructing or affecting the energy field are removed. I remember first witnessing this at the early age of 4 when we had just moved into a new house and my parents had summoned the parish priest to come and give his blessings. 

I remember him sitting down for a long chat, my mom and dad speaking of every day issues, some great and some not so great, after which he walked around the house swinging a silver incense burner chanting in Arabic, Greek and English.

These rituals are common in many cultures. Generally when moving into a new house, when something bad happens, or there is some type of new beginning, we call upon an expert to "clear the bad spirits" and bring luck and well-being to a home or family. But what if it could be more than simply accessory? What if it could be a tool for growth? 

When I began to develop Sacred Transformative Spaces,  it was clear that spatial energy would be a main part of the process.

As we saw in article 2, the work with Ray is all about developing energetic capabilities, structures and functions, by merging energetically with beings which are more highly developed (functioning in other dimensions,closer to source.)

This ceremonial process called Space Whispering awakens the person to their path of development. It attunes the soul to a new frequency and the process of spiritual growth is enabled and supported and the person begins to access deep creativity, resourcefulness and a connection to source. From this place of alignment, our inner work leads to changes in our outside world, such as accessing abundance, relationships, or simply feeling more joyful and blissful on a day-to-day basis.

Through energetic intensification we are working at more developed energetic frequencies allowing us to reach a new level of growth.

Unlike the traditional clearings, Space Activation or Whispering doesn't intend to remove any spirits, entities or stop anything bad from happening. In fact it intends nothing at all, except to align the space to the highest vibrational frequency available, and by doing so, calling forth all that is aligned with this vibration to appear. This doesn't meant that nothing bad will happen to us anymore. It only means that if it does, we will now have the improved clarity, creativity and support system to deal with it in the best way possible. We begin to see any issues as steps to our development rather than a hurdle. When we begin to see the world in this way, things around us begin to change. This also means that if there was a spirit, entity or dark force, it will now shift, as it now has access to new capabilities in order to transform and no longer impact us.

We began to test the impact of spatial energy work and found that spaces and everything in them began to be affected at a molecular and atomic level, intensifying the energy field of a space, and attuning it to source in the same way as a hot spot like those where temples were created. 
In many cases, a whirling vortex of white light energy was created allowing for a field of energy akin to that of a strong power spot, to be created. 

As with the temples and portals we spoke about before, b y merging energetically with these spaces, we begin to remember our own divinity.


Case study
19 greek street 


For the 4 and half years I have run my gallery 19 greek street, the place had been a real rollercoaster.
Moments of great success, filled with great projects,exhibitions and great connections with a strong team, met moments of real failure, serious money problems, bailiff visits and even a bankruptcy scare back in 2014. 

For a couple of years, the business had found stability in a new business model which proved to work quite well. The space was being hired out for private events, mainly fashion, in between which I would curate exhibitions around social issues. 

However, the beginning of the exploration of Sacred Transformative Spaces back in March 2016 coincided with the curious realisation that this business model was beginning to fail. I had hired an external agency to handle the management of the private events, and things, it seemed, began to plummet. In march, it has been 4 months that we hadn't been near hitting our break-even point and it was the first time in our rocky history that I hadn't been able to pay the rent. A real all-time low, it seemed the end was near.

I looked internally to try to understand what was going on and found it could be one of three things:

1- the gallery was on its way out to make way for me to create something new, probably the Sacred Space work.
2-the gallery was becoming an opportunity for me to apply the sacred space philosophy and potentially be one of its first case studies.
3-the historical money issues I had been dealing with since childhood, were peaking their head, looking to be resolved. 

I knew that either way it would be fine, but the key to exploring this, in any casem would be to begin the sacred work.

So shaman Ray did a space whispering on the gallery, a process by which we stood together in intention and connection as I walked around the space attuning it to a new vibration. For the first 36 hours after the process, I felt quite off-balance. I felt shaky, disoriented, unable to sit still or think clearly. When meditating I could feel a real storm happening inside. I began to doubt if it was a good idea to do this at all..  Yet after the storm subsided, it all became clear. Some major re-programming had taken place and then all of a sudden, a new access to capabilities and resources was created. I began to have flashes of ideas which could turn the gallery around. I would wake up in the morning excited about it all, and would sit for hours enthusiastically drafting plans which I bounced around with close friends for their opinion. I then involved someone I had worked with in the past who I knew would be perfect to help, and when she got on board, she also began to feel the effects of the space. She reported feeling felt energised, inspired, motivated and also deeply connected to the space. 

Within 2 months, not only was the gallery back on track but it was doing better than it ever had and, over the next months, this success was sustained and solidified. More importantly, there was a new level of awareness and clarity around it, a higher level of perspective allowed us to see that whatever happened, good or bad, we were on the right track and it would all be for the best. 

This exemplifies the fact that this is indeed very active work. Rather than just waving a magic wand, and waiting for things to happen, it's about activation through intention, witnessing what arises, and then taking action from a place of heartfulness, deep connection and intuition. 

Case study 2:
"Josie's" shop

When we started to develop this work, a close friend of mine came to mind, I will call her Josie for the sake of anonymity. Josie had been running a shop for 2 years and it had been a struggle from the start. She had serious issues with her investors, and while the concept of her shop was well received by clients, she struggled to sell. Many odd obstacles would often appear, such as scaffolding being installed, hiding her façade, large supply deliveries being lost etc. I offered her a free Space Whispering as a potential solution, but also as an experiment for us. I joked that if it could help her situation, it could literally do miracles...

After the process took place, I connected to my inner voice and got a strong sense that the shop would not survive. I felt very strongly that this venture was not the right path for her and it was keeping her from what would really allow her to expand. I had flashes of her as a free agent, a communications professional that would work freely for many clients rather than be stuck weathering storms behind the desk of a struggling shop.

Not unexpectedly, Josie got in touch with me a week after the process, telling me that even less people were visiting her shop than usual and that the few who were buying nothing at all. So I brought over some more crystals and attempted to intensify the field. She called again,  called, furious, saying it had gotten even worse. Not only had she made no sales, but no one was coming in at all, which was odd and problematic considering it was Easter week, normally her busiest time!

I knew exactly what was going on, yet I didn't quite know how to communicate it to a very worried Josie.

I didn't hear from her for a while, I expected she was still furious.

Two months later, she was in touch asking if I would meet her for a glass of wine. Following our last interactions, I wasn't sure how I would be greeted but was surprised to find her smiling, looking peaceful and quite composed. 

We sat down and she leaned forward and said "I invited you here to say thank you."
I felt a warm glow around my being, one of recognition, a smile appeared and I said "I know." 

Since we had last spoken, Josie had closed down the shop. She was miserable, and had considered it a huge failure as she had invested so much in it. Yet within a week of closing, a man she didn't know got in touch with her. He said he was an old friend of her father's who had leant him money to start his business a long time ago and it was now, finally, beginning to do very well. 
As her father had dies 7 years before, he had no way of returning the favor to him, so he was reaching out to try to find another way to pay him back the debt. A long conversation led him to offer her a job doing communications and business development for his brands. The conditions would be excellent and he vowed he would do what he could to ensure she was taken care of. 

As she received this offer, something in Josie awakened and expanded. She realised what a burden the shop had become and what a blessing it was for it to have "failed". 

This blew my mind as it was completely aligned to the vision I had received after the whispering.

This example demonstrates a base principle of this work, or any personal growth work: to not intend anything specific, but rather be open to what comes and trusting that we will have the clarity to see why it is, indeed, the right thing. 

Josie could rightfully have been very disappointed that her wish for the shop to flourish didn't come true as a result of the whispering. But instead, she was gifted with the clarity to see that the space was opened for the right things to arrive. 




So where does that leave you. Well, if you take away anything at all from this entire programme it should be this: 
Spatial energy programming is the single most important step you can take in the building of your temple. 

Everything else, the aesthetics, the placements, etc. is necessary for grounding, anchoring, amplifying the energy and remembering our connection, the same way that the actual temple buildings would remind initiates of their connection while it was actually the hotspots doing the work. Of course these design decisions will amplify the hot spot, vortex energy, but the "juice" needs to be there for it to work.  

You may have already had a type of clearing or other programming of your space, however I would definitely recommend doing another as you are now reaching a new level of interest and intention with this work.

Like anything in this work, it is likely to be more potent if done with an expert, in which case, make sure to choose someone who you really resonate with, it has to feel right and deeply connected.

I also suggest beginning to learn how to do it yourself.
While studies have shown that masters and teachers who have reached a certain level of development will have a stronger impact on energy structures, other studies such as Dr Emoto's we saw in Article 2, clearly indicate that we all have the power to shift energy with our intention, even if with less intensity.

Therefore choosing whether to do it yourself or get an expert to do so can depend on your budget, on what feels right at the moment and what you might feel you are ready for. 

In addition to the experiments of Dr Emoto, other tests have been done by the scientists at Princeton university who started the Global consciousness project. They created a machine called the REG, a computer which randomly generates 1's and 0's. 70 of these machines were places all over the world for approximately 15 years and the output was checked at a few random points in history, usually when a major world catastrophe had occurred (for instance, the Nepal Earthquake or 9/11). The reports showed that the numbers generated right after these were in a completely different sequence and structure to the usual quasi 1/1 ratio.
nd the closer the machine was to the exact site of the event, ie New York or Washington in the case of 9/11, the more it was impacted.
his became solid proof that our collective intention and consciousness could be measured.
ven more interestingly for us, scientists then used these REG machines in ancient temples such as Luxor or Aswan in Egypt, measuring the level of frequency at its natural state and also after a group had been instructed to walk through it in silent intentional meditation, and they found that the level of consciousness fluctuated sometimes by as much as 600%!
his is indicative of the fact that walking around a space with intention will indeed affect its energetic composition.

There are many ways to begin to do spatial energy work on your own.
I have seen Feng Shui practitioners propose 2 different ways derailed below:

Method 1:

Grab a compass, a large feather, some incense, a candle, a pant, and a bowl of water.
Standing on the floor of your space which is closest to the ground, reset the compass and determine your cardinal points.

  1. Place the feather, incense or both in the north side of your space.
  2. Place the candle to the east side of the space
  3. Place the crystal or plant on the south part of the space
  4. Place the bowl of water to the west side of the space.

 On the north side, place incense or a large feather

On the north side, place incense or a large feather

 To the west side place a bowl of water  

To the west side place a bowl of water  

 To the east side place a candle

To the east side place a candle

 To the south side place a crystal or a plant.

To the south side place a crystal or a plant.

Keep all the elements there for a week, before removing them and the energy should feel more balanced and harmonious.
Don't worry about keeping the incense or candle lit the whole time. Light them as it feels right for you.

Method 2:
Grab a big long feather. You can usually find them in any new age shop or you can pick one up off the street which would have fallen off a bird. 
Standing at the entrance of your home, connect to your intention and begin to walk around the house slowly running the feather along the walls. The feather should flow quite smoothly across but if you feel it blocking, stop for a moment and intend to bring the energy of source to that area that seems affected or blocked.

Method 3 (non feng shui):
I mainly recommend another method which comes from my own practise and not from any Feng Shui guide.

Grab any of the following that you might have available or feel drawn to buy:
A crystal, quartz if possible, some sage or some incense and any sound instrument you might have such as a Tibetan singing bowl, a gong, a meditation music track on youtube or anything else.

Begin by sitting in intention, close your eyes and make yourself comfortable.

If you have a crystal, hold it within a meter of your body and focus on it for a few minutes. If not, just focus on your breath and try to clear your mind as much as possible. Begin to connect to where your feet or other parts of the body are touching the ground or the chair beneath you.
Begin to imagine that with every out breath your legs grow into the ground. At some point they grow so long that they are now connected to the nucleus of the earth. Imagine the earth's wisdom is being drawn up towards you through your roots.
If you have another favourite meditation method you connect with quite well, use it now.

At this stage you can begin to play your sound instrument as it helps to clear the mind of unnecessary clutter. Light the sage or incense if you wish, or use none at all.
Stand up, remaining with the connection you have established. Walk to the entrance of your space, and maintaining this connection to breath, walk slowly around the room. The slower you walk the better it is.
Bring your awareness to as many parts of your home as you can.
Looking up, down, left, right, imagining that any conditioning or memories that are held there can begin to dissolve.

Walk around your entire space slowly and in real presence and awareness, noticing any emotions that may come up. Be sensitive to energies and emotions that may arise in certain areas. When you find something slightly out of harmony, stand there for a moment and intend to bring in the most connected source energy available to this place.

You can use your sound instruments, sage or incense throughout the entire walk, or only in the less harmonious areas. When you have are done, return to the front of your home again and say thank you for having the ability to make such powerful changes in your space.

Remember that the more you develop energetically, the more potent your space clearing capabilities will become. So make sure to meditate regularly, chant, follow masters, or anything else that feels right to develop yourself.

Marc incense .jpg

I recommend that you do this every week to maintain the balance of your space, but also as a meditative exercise for yourself. With time, you may find that you will need less and less accessories, and only your intention will be enough to get the job done. Use your intuition and listen deeply! You may find you are developed enough already that you only need your intention to do the work!

Our friend Shaman Ray is so advanced and developed in his practise that the whisperings happen simply by thinking of the home, before he even starts any practise at all!

But even if your intention got so developed, you might find yourself still using sound, incense or other accessories, simply because you enjoy it!

Either way, have fun with it!