The impact of nature in our space


In article 27 we spoke about our connection to nature being at the root of our wellbeing.
The fact that our DNA is organised in the same way as the DNA of nature is one of the principal pillars of this work. What is standing between us and our expansion and enlightenment is the fact that we are beings of nature which are stuck in an unnatural world. Nature holds a deep intelligence which resonates with the cosmic forces of creation, with source. In the world we have built today, our connection to this force is intercepted and our organism is constantly "fighting" against our current environment which it doesn't biologically recognise.

Notice how when you escape to nature after a busy stressful week at work, your being instantly expands.
You drive out of the city and your lungs open, you feel your defences drop and you automatically begin to relax.
This is simply an indication that your being is returning to its natural habitat, its natural state.

The more time our beings spend in these types of environments, which resonate with our core, the more we align to our higher self.
From this place of alignment we find growth and development, and everything around us begins to change.

While most aspects of this work attempt to bring the energy of the cosmic forces into our homes, using plants and flowers is a fantastic way of doing it.

Everything in nature is organised to principles of sacred geometry. That includes us, and also all plants and flowers.
Therefore connecting to plans and flowers in our home will help us find that alignment and deep resonance.

For this article I interviewed a good friend of mine David Manning who is a very talented energy worker who was previously a gardener and garden designer. He was the perfect person to speak to us about nature and plants and how this connection creates resonance for us which can be powerful and beneficial.

As David is also a powerful energy worker, we have included a short but powerful meditation at the end of the video.


Watch the below 40 min video and begin by following David's tips on using plants in our home.
We have even included a bonus powerful energy meditation guided by David which I hope you will enjoy.

An easy way to get started is simply to walk around your home and observe the plants you already have.
Sit in meditation and focus on the energy field expanding out of the being of the plant.
From this place, intend to be one energetically with the plants, from this place of connection notice your being expand and your energy patterns begin to shift back to their natural state.