Interior design is fun.
Especially when you get to do whatever you want, and even more when you are doing it with other people’s money and, ideally, with no deadline.

It is less fun, however, when you are in the middle of your project and a pipe blows up, eating into the budget for that new corner sofa you were looking at. Or you discover, too late, that a load-bearing column just can’t be moved, shattering your dreams of that American kitchen.
Or perhaps those shelves you so excitedly to installed in the walk-in closet collapsed under the weight of the handbags, or the first time it rains after all your works are done, mother nature seems to be crying through your living room ceiling with the appearance of water damage.

That is another kind of fun.

Being a householder of any kind is not just about survival, or status, its about being the caretaker of a space.
Whether a rental, an owned flat, a new build or a flat share, it’s important to remember that  none of us actually owns anything. Our homes are simply on loan to us for a period of time and it is our job to maintain them to the best standard.

I love the following quote from Alain de Botton’s the architecture of happiness :

"We owe it to the fields that our houses will not be the inferiors of the virgin land they have replaced. We owe it to the worms and the trees that the buildings we cover them with will stand as promises of the highest and most intelligent kinds of happiness. "

So part of this contract we have with our homes, with the earth and the universe is to maintain wellness and undertake the expansion of our selves. Our greatest work for the collective is to dive within ourselves, find our areas of exploration and growth and move closer to expansion and ascension.

In the same way that, thousands of years ago, initiates would spend years in temple chambers to explore their deepest darkest shadows, our homes have also attracted us to shows things about ourselves we need to transmute, and so is the path to the intention we set at the beginning of the course, whether it be to find a relationship, achieve prosperity, or find clarity with your career path.

So while it is most fun to go through color charts, Elle deco back issues, and shop for cool accessories, the juicy work is in enjoying the stuff we don’t normally want to see or deal with. Such as the above mentioned exploded pipe, collapsed shelves, load-bearing column, and more.

So while it may not be fun to handle any of these things, we need to consider it shadow work, as all these are trying to speak to us about something we are trying to conceal or avoid and it may be worth starting to enjoy it.

One participant in the journey group recently got in touch because she needed some help with a water damage issue in her home. Now she obviously knows me well enough to know I wouldn't be climbing any ladders to patch anything up or fix any leaks… she was rather interested in the spiritual and energetic dimension of the problem.

As it turns out, the appearance of the water damage triggered her reflecting on much broader issues, relating to wealth and abundance.As the water damage appeared, she began to ask herself if she had perhaps been neglecting the home in some ways. This pointed to a pile of unpaid bills which sat in a desk drawer, again relating to this idea of neglect or not taking proper care of the space. There was even an issue relating to a standing order for a payment which didn’t go through because the funds were unavailable in that account, yet were available in another account where it felt safe to keep it. It is a common issue which I have often seen, also in myself. We sometimes hold on to money out of fear it is going to be taken away from us. 
Often, this stems from events of our ancestral backgrounds, or even previous incarnations (if you believe in that) where real trauma around loss have been endured.
So today, it often happens that we hold on to money as if we are hiding it underneath under a mattress or in a freezer, fearful some communist soldier will come and take it and shoot us for it. But today, this manifests in other ways, either hiding money in other bank accounts where it is safe, or even, as I embarrassingly did a while back, keep loads of invoices due for payment by my clients unsent, until the day I realised I had about £225,000 sitting in my outbox which clients were waiting to pay! My (silly) logic was that if I didn’t ever receive it, it could never be lost or taken away from me. Silly, yes. It was part of a path of growth.
Again, these are issues which are common to many of us. Getting to the bottom of them allows us to tap into real abundance and prosperity.

So let this article inspire you to see these "boring" tasks as an opportunity for growth.


When looking into the home of the above participant, we found that the water damage was located in the East area of the home. As this is the area for Understanding and clarity, according to the principles of templemaking, it is no surprise that it has been able to shed this amount of light on a lurking issue.

Our homework for this article will be to look into what these issues in your home may be trying to tell you.

There are 2 ways to do this:

1-      Walk around your home looking closely and thoroughly at every part of the space. Make note of all the tiny little nagging issues you may have been ignoring. Perhaps the water damage in the basement which is really not bothering anyone, or those broken light fittings in the kitchen (fine, you don’t mind dim lighting in there anyways...).

2-      When you have made note of each of these, determine which areas of your home these are found in. Look at where they are on your bagua map but also use your compass to see where they are in relation to the universal law.

3-      Next, sit and reflect about the associations that may exist between the two. For instance, a leaking tap in a kitchen in your wealth and blessings area may relate to an issue with not being able to hold money. Or a light needing to be replaced in the south corner of your home, where the fire element dominates, may represent a lack of empowerment in a certain area. Refer back to the articles on orientation (article 5 and article 6) and reflect on how these seemingly small issues may be relating to some parts of your life you would like to address.

In my case, I have to admit that writing this article has reminded me that I do have a broken doorknob in my yoga and meditation room, in the north side of my home. While this isn’t a huge problem as I never close the door and can easily do without that door entirely, addressing it would allow me to make sure I am addressing any issues relating to materialisation, manifesting, etc, which is what the north area (earth element) is about.

The second way to do it is as below.

1-      Make note of a nagging issue which is present in your life. For example, perhaps there is a job in the pipeline which you are impatiently waiting to have materialise but it keeps getting delayed, or a rocky relationship that you would like to find peace with, or you may be entering a new phase in your life, new job or new business, and feel you need some strength and support. Identify this or these issues and write them down.

2-      Look at the Bagua map of your home and have a look at where those issues may be existing in your home. Either career and life path, relationships, or fame and recognition, or perhaps use your compass to locate the cardinal area it relates to (referring to article 5 again here).

3-      Have a look in that area and reflect to see if there is anything calling your attention which may be representing the unease you are feeling, or the support you need. Ie: the broken doorknob in the northern area could be relating to this mortgage I am waiting for the approval of, still to materialise.

This is quite a simple exercise but most people are dumbfounded when they find how accurate and spot-on it can be.

And remember, fixing a broken doorknob may not get your mortgage approved, but reflecting on why we kept it broken, or simply sending intention and attention to that area of the home is a good way to resolve some of your issues through our home.

Never has patching up water damage been so fulfilling!