About the creativity centers:
The sacred site of Oxkintok in the Yucatan may be a half-abandoned, savagely unkempt terrain which, at first
glance, resembles more a playground for lizards the size of piñatas...

But for thousands of years it has been a site of great wisdom where initiates went to find an access to their deepest intelligence. 

The Mayan name "Ox" "kin" "tok" literally means "three" "suns" "burn". 
Since the sun is the ultimate creative powerhouse, without which none of us would exist, the temple's name refers to its ability to awaken creativity in initiates, and therefore enable transformation.
And as the temples are a structural representation of our beings, the 3 burning suns reference the 3 chakras which represent creativity in our energetic bodies. 


These are the following: 

  • The third eye - for the ideas coming from the mind
  • The throat chakra- for the ability to speak and express your ideas,
  • The root chakra- for sex, the act of reproduction.

I found the idea of aligning and awakening our personal 3 centers of creativity through space quite empowering and felt it would only make sense for it to be translated into the home.
Hence this trilogy of articles on the 3 centers of creativity of our homes: the kitchen, the home office and the bedroom.  

So what makes a bedroom such a creative space?
First and foremost, sex. 
Sex is the ultimate creative act, as it creates all human and animal life around us.

And while our society tends to associate it with procreation, hidden pleasure and shame, tapping into our sexual power is actually one of the best ways of unlocking our own development and growth, mainly because so much of our self-love (or lack-of) is stored in that area. Shedding light on it is the key to our growth. 

It was said that many mayan temples of transformation were also teaching sacred sexuality, more commonly referred to today as tantra. 

The bedroom is also a place where we let go of our thoughts while sleeping and let our subconscious come alive in dreams.  If we listen to our dreams we get access to messages we wouldn't normally get, some containing very deep wisdom.

Our bedroom is the place in the world where we spend the most time and most of that time we are asleep meaning our defences are down and we are open to receiving information. 

The word "information" actually comes from the words "in"-"formation", bringing something into form, which relates to manifesting something, rather than the regular use of the word information which is generally more passive.  

The bedroom is also mainly about sleeping well. Sounds strangely simple doesn't it? Well, a large number of people have sleep depravation issues which greatly affects their lives, and we need to overcome these in order to access the transformation we seek.

Getting a  good night's sleep means we are alert and energised, able to appropriately answer what comes our way. 

Last, and definitely not least, the bedroom is a relationship area.
Therefore, when a relationship is missing from our life, it's very likely that to be felt in bed.
Loneliness is felt in bed, arguments happen in bed.. it's the place where we have good sex, and where we have bad sex. It is where we share deep connections and also where we feel very alone, even in someone's company.  

I very rarely make sweeping, general, comments about my work, but this time I will.

Every single time I have done energy work on someone's home, there has been a block in the bedroom when doing the initial reading. That is because It is a very intense place, and when so much energetic intensity gathers in one place It can create a block in the flow of energy chi. 

As well as all the relationship stuff, there is pure and simple life stuff.
How many of us wake up panicking about what needs to be done today?
Or perhaps panicking about decisions we have made, or need to make?
Maybe we are riddled with regret about something? 

It's important to note that the act of waking up is actually not a small one. It is actually a mini-birth happening every day as we move from one state of consciousness to another.

What tends to happen is that our egoic mind (led by fear and scarcity) will wake up before our rational mind does, and when that happens regularly enough it begins to form patterns.
Using good feng shui in our bedroom is a great way to move that energy and bring about transformation to those patterns which can impact our whole day.


The first way to start enabling transformation through our home is to establish our broader objectives and decide which ones your bedroom can help you with. 

You may be in a stormy relationship and you need to find peace in it, you may be single and looking for a relationship. You may want to wake up with more of a spring in your step more excited about the day. 

Objectives relating to money and purpose are best to be met with other areas of the home, like wealth and blessings or career life path, but generally if you are not sleeping well you will not have the vitality you need to approach the day in a way that you will maximise your impact in those areas, and Feng Shui and chi energy have a huge role to play.

Decoration and color

Colours and decorative items should always be chosen depending on your objectives and also personal preference. As a guiding principle however, a bedroom is Ying, moon/feminine, therefore the focus should be on creating a relaxing and nourishing atmosphere.
Light earth tones, creams and beiges are great here.
Peaceful and grounding colours are great if you are having a hard time with your relationship and are looking for peace. If you are looking for more passion and fire, perhaps bring in some more potent colours, like orang-ey/pink or more red. 

Choosing artworks according to what you want to achieve means you may use images of landscapes of places you and your partner have travelled to and enjoyed if you are hoping to fix some issues. Perhaps some images of the two of you smiling, holding each other, or slightly more erotic images of the two if you! 

Otherwise choose artworks which have characteristics you are looking for in your current relationship or in a future one. If you are looking to bring peace to your relationship, maybe a peaceful landscape like a quiet lake. if you are looking for more adventure, maybe an image of one of the great wonders of the world. 

If your relationship is having a hard time, have you got a place to sit and talk and open your hearts to each other? If you are single and seeking a relationship, is your room inviting for someone else to join, more than in a simply transitory way?  I am sure some of you may have read some of those Feng Shui suggestions such as "keep an empty drawer for the future partner to use",  "add a couple of extra pillows on the bed", or "add an extra side table for them". 

If you have decided to have your bedroom as your relationship area, do try to have some objects in pairs, such as candles, flowers, or small sculptures, and keep these next to each other rather than on opposing sides of the room. 

Bedroom positioning

The ideal positioning is to have your room in the area on your bagua map which is the relationship area. 
If that is not the case, not to worry, the bedroom will naturally become your relationship area with time. 
Logistically, it is a good idea to have the room at the back, in a quieter area so you can rest more easily and contain your energy field. Very often when there are distracting noises outside, we are sharing our energy with the outside world and we often have trouble containing it.   

Also, be ready to break away from the idea that the room which was built as the master bedroom should be your main room. Sometimes a smaller guest room, or another area may feel better.  

Go with what feels right for you regardless of what others may think or say. If there is a smaller room that has more light, allowing you to wake up with a spring in your step, go for that! 

Bed positioning
There are different views about how a bed should be positioned in a bedroom. 
It should not have its back on a wall which has a window as the person's energy will not be supported. 
It should always be facing the door, so we feel empowered and safe. But it shouldn't have the door directly before it as the chi wont gather properly there and will escape.
According to Vastu Shastra, the Hindu practice which preceded Feng Shui, the bed should be facing north as that is where the earth's magnetic energy originates (from the northern magnetic pole) before it turns into our chi. That would help to attract prosperity.
If, like me, your bed can not face the north because of a practicality, try to see if you can keep it where it is but sleep diagonally with your head facing north and see how you feel. 
In my case, the bed faces north-west, which means if I sleep diagonally I can have my head pointing north. 

We can also use the orientation principles we learned in the temple-making article. As we receive lots of information while we are asleep, it is ultimately best to sleep with our head facing a direction that can provide the energy flow we most need. IE: south for empowerment, east for understanding, etc. 


Generally if people have trouble sleeping, it is very possible that some of the basic rules of Feng Shui are not being met. 

See below for a comprehensive summary: 

-Try to limit the Mirrors in the room- They amplify and magnify the energy turning a space into a yang space.  
-No mirror wardrobes or commodes of any kind. 
-No mirrors facing the bed
-Nothing under the bed. Whatever you put under your bed is emanating an energy you are soaking up while you sleep! 
-No electronics even switched off - we talked about this in the article on electro-stress. 
-No falling asleep with te TV on, better yet, no TV at all!  
-No work- try not to mix business with pleasure by bringing work in the bedroom
-No trash- try to keep a trash can in a separate nearby room.  
-Nothing reminding you of things which need to be done which are stressful
-Try to avoid having any beams in the ceiling as these create blocks. 
-Avoid using a metal bed or a spring mattress as it will conduct electricity 

If some of the above dont's are non-negotiable for you, try the below: 

-Crystals on either side of the bed to transmute the energy and create a sacred space
-Keep a bowl of sea salt next to the bed to filter the toxins in the field
-Try to use a wooden bed and a foam mattress
-Try to fall asleep in meditation and wake up in meditation.

Meditating in bed.
This last tip is remarkably simple and impactful.
Those last few minutes before closing your eyes tune in and drop inwards and try finding the purity of gratitude for whatever day you have had. Then take a couple of minutes to think about the day you are facing tomorrow and find gratitude in that. Visualise yourself waking up in a peaceful, yet energised state, ready to take on the day. 

When you wake up, as soon as you open your eyes, bring your attention to a visualisation of the sun rising (wherever you are) even if the sky is grey. 

During those first few minutes, try to bring your awareness away from your thoughts and towards your energy field. Visualise the white light of your aura expanding as the sun rises. As the white light expands, you know you are ready to take on your day. 

And of course, as usual, spatial energy programming will conquer all!
So keep up your regular practice. 


My bedroom


Just a few points on decisions I made when designing my bedroom. Some of them very un-fengshui... 

Click image to enlarge and see caption.

The Space I chose as my bedroom is in the relationship house so I was blessed with a good placement. I also chose the room which had most light as I need light in the morning to get energised and start the day. The room is in the west corner which represents travelling within, perfect for night time! But the terrace doors open up to the south-west, which is great to let in an energy of gratitude and celebration. 

I chose an orangey pink color as i wanted to be playful, fun yet soothing and romantic. 
In a very un-fengshui way I put an artwork of a single man (resembling me) above my bed.

For me this represents my wholeness, and being fine on my own whether I have a relationship or not.Still welcoming someone in if it felt right!

Opposite my bed, I have an artwork depicting two half-circles forming a full moon, which for me represents the coming together of two people for a noble purpose. It is the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning.

I have a few objects that I keep in twos:
Two framed drawings which an ex-boyfriend gave me,
2 small porcelain plates.. etc.

I am also keeping near my bed a rosary and a bowl of chakra crystals that I was told intuitively would go to my next partner whilst on a journey in Brazil last year.

I have a couple of plants to neutralise the Formaldehyde emissions in the air. 
I keep no electronics in the room at all.
My nearest electronic is my phone I keep in the kitchen to use as an alarm to wake up. Yet I still keep  a bowl of Himalayan Rose salt by the bed for extra purification. 
I have only one mirror, it is quite small, circular, and divided in two parts. It (ironically) mirrors the philosophy of the 2-part moon painting I also have. But its construction allows it to offer 2 perspectives on everything it reflects. A great symbolism for relationships, as they tend to reflect two perspectives. 

As usual, you have to fill your room with ideas you will fall in love with over and over again, so that whenever you pass by it during the day you will be resisting the urge to throw yourself into the bed. 

Make it a sanctuary for your highest self. 

And as usual... ENJOY!