It may sound more like a 90's disco dance by pop star Debbie Gibson, but Electro-stress is actually a form of geopathic stress, a type of trauma affecting the earth's energy field, impacting its health and that of its beings. 
While the technological advancements of the past 100 years have lead to electronic devises which have greatly enhanced our lives (never, ever again, a dull moment in a queue...) it is also possibly the most self-harming double-edged sword we have ever created.

With Thomas Edison's invention of the electric transformer also came a giant leap in the spread of man-made electro-magnetic fields (EMF), fields of energy created by electrically-charged objects. These have two components, one magnetic, the other electric. The electric field is produced by stationary charges and the magnetic field by moving charges (currents), and both are invisible. 

So what, you may ask, is the difference between these fields and the earth's electro-magnetic fields (mentioned in previous articles) which are beneficial to us?

First of all, the earth's electro-magnetic fields are static, unlike the man-made ones which are active. The energy fields of alternating currents (AC) fluctuate, going back and forth between a positive polarity and a negative polarity 60 times per second. It is that fluctuation which creates the EMFs and its polarity which is damaging. 

Second, the human race has evolved with the earth's EMF's, and since these were produced by the sun and the earth's magnetic poles, they are aligned with the harmonic nature of the source being, the creator of all.

Simply put, living in the world's current state of "electro-smog" is like switching to a diet of factory-processed hot-dogs after spending your entire life on a diet of fresh, raw organic produce from a farmer's market. A serious physical and energetic clash takes place. The ability of our cells to regenerate is reduced and our immune system is affected.

In fact, our human bodies also encompass their own electro-magnetic fields. Human electricity in the brain and nervous system creates human magnetic fields. There are billions of nerve impulses in the body and these are constantly creating complex human magnetic fields. The human heart is a source of electro-magnetism that, even at a few meters away, is detectable by modern scientific instruments.

While these seek harmony with the earth's fields, they will clash with the manmade ones and the effects can be quite damaging.   

Whilst you may already be aware that that living near an electrical station or under passing lines can cause damages to your health, it has also been shown that the EMFs which exist inside our homes are also harmful, their threat worsened by the fact that they are unseen, and barely felt. Our bodies become accustomed to the constant frequencies travelling around us, and they become easy to ignore. 

Yet most of us will feel it's side-effects in one form or another, such as:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Anxiety
  • Feeling agitated and overly stressed
  • Lack of concentration
  • illness such as diabetes, ME, MS, cancer

Biologists have also confirmed that even infrequent exposure to EMFs can cause our white blood lymphocytes to die off at an alarming rate.

Furthermore, EMFs closer to our heads, such as mobile phones, are particularly bad, affecting our pineal glands, disrupting our secretion of melatonin, leading to depression. 

These also cause the following:

  • Loss of memory,
  • Headaches,
  • Premature ageing 
  • Brain tumours 
  • Eye problems 
  • General fatigue

Worst of all, they interfere with our own magnetic fields, and when these are affected, nothing else can work and all the development we have been doing until now will be compromised.  

The worst offenders.

Anything that plugs in to the mains will contribute to these harmful EMF's, yet there are some "worst offenders" which are worth making note of: 

  • Transformers (not the 80's cartoon... well maybe the 80's cartoon too...)
  • Microwave ovens (Never. Ever. Ever.)
  • Wifi (sorry...)
  • Bluetooth
  • Cordless phones (worse than mobile phones)
  • Desktop computers
  • Underfloor heating
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Low level led lights (shamefully)
  • Mobile phones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Any electrical item with a motor which we use on our body such as an electrical razor, toothbrush, massage tool. 
  • Anything at all in the bedroom. 

Living in an electrical world.
Before this gets too depressing, let's get to the solutions.
You could move into a mud-hut in a self-sustaining community thousands of kilometres away from civilisation... You could also buy one of the handy devices which claim to balance out these EMFs.
Neither of these will get to the actual root of the problem, allowing for the type of growth and development we seek with this programme.

As I mentioned earlier, most of the problems related to the EMFs come from the fact that they contrast so strongly with our own energy fields. It is that duality as well as the belief these are bad for us which cause the real damages and it is this separation that makes us sick. 
For instance if you say "catch a cold" that insinuates you are separate from it. If you are one with the cold you cant "catch" it. 

Besides, if we did neutralise the EMFs or get rid of them all together, it wouldn't be long before you were exposed to them again, in the street or at work, this time with much less resistance to them.  

Spatial energy work is the answer.
So like anything else, the way to handle these EMFs is to simply merge with their energy. 
We first grow our awareness of them, then include them in our fields, and finally build up our energetic frequency (and consequently, that of our home) to a new potency.
Whilst these will still continue to exist around us, they will no longer affect us in the same ways.

In doing this, we create a powerful unity, shifting away from the damages of duality. 


1- Assessment of EMFs and meditation  

First. Have another look at the list of possible effects of these EMFs above. 

  • Falling ill 
  • Serious illnesses such as ME, MS, diabetes or cancer 
  • Disrupted sleep patterns
  • Anxiety 
  • Feeling agitated and overly stressed
  • Low concentration
  • Depression
  • Loss of memory,
  • Headaches,
  • Premature ageing 
  • Brain tumours 
  • Eye problems 
  • General fatigue  

Which of these do you feel you may have been affected by, either presently or in the recent past? 

Next, walk around your home making a list of everything that is electric. 
You are most likely to have a few items that figure on the list of worst offenders above. 
Take some time to just notice how much "electricity" there is around you and where it is. 
Once you have drawn this list and have assessed which physical effects these may have on you, sit in meditation for approximately 9 minutes, being at one with the emotions that may have come up as a result of this exercise. 

2- Strengthening your personal field

Either following this first meditation or independently of it, try the following: 

Sit comfortably in any position of your choice, eyes open or closed. 
Begin by noticing your breath. Don't try to change it, simply notice it. 
Maintain full awareness on your breath for about 4-5 breaths. 
Then begin to bring your awareness to the part of your body touching your seat or the floor. Feel the support of the earth, the ground, on your being. 
From this place, begin to bring your awareness to your energy field, a ball of white light about 1.5 to 2m around your being. 
With every inhale, visualise more energy of the earth being entering your body, your being. 
With every exhale, visualise the ball of white light getting larger and more potent.
When you feel the ball of white light has reached its maturity, begin to visualise the electronic energy field of your home.
Notice it meeting and coming into contact with your strengthened field.
Sit with your awareness on the potency of your light being for a few more minutes, up to 9 minutes in total.


Other suggestions:

Take a moment to go through your list of electronics once again and ask yourself "Do you really feel you need all of these?" Your answer may be yes... but perhaps there are some things you don't use that much, or you could honestly do without? 
Those that you feel you could do without, take a quick snap and list them on either Ebay, Spock, or Wallapop or any other location-based neighbourhood selling tool you may have in your country or region. 
Failing that, give it away, but only to someone who really needs it! 

The bedroom. 
Once you have reduced your number of electronics to your comfortable minimum, have a look in your bedroom. 
Try to remove as many electronics as you can, perhaps keeping only a very low-voltage side-table lamp and maybe even replacing that with candle. (No more bedtime Tinder I'm afraid...) 
Use a battery-operated alarm-clock instead of keeping your phone by the bed. 
If you have any cables near the bed, move them as far away as possible as these will affect your energy. 
Metal beds will conduct the electricity, as well as spring mattresses, so try to choose a wooden bed and foam mattress instead. 
If you have a heated blanket, turn it off before you lie on it. 
Keep crystals on either side of the bed as well as a bowl of Himalayan rose salt which you change every few days, this will neutralise some of the remaining EMF. 

As mentioned in article 4, clear quartz pyramids are great for transmuting surrounding energies into something that will be useful for our being. These are perfect. 


In the office
Try to keep crystals near the electronics that you use the most often, for instance one on either side of your computer. 
Try to use a laptop instead of a desktop as it wont contain a motor. 
If you are spending a long time on the computer, try to pop out a couple of times a day simply to connect to nature, creating an antidote to this field. 
Find any place you can connect to nature, a park, a beach, even only a patch of green with some trees and practise the following shamanic ritual: 

Stand with your feet firmly grounded in the earth, barefoot if you can. 
Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. 
With every inhale drop your awareness deeper into the earth, feeling as if your legs are growing deeper and deeper into the ground.
With every inhale feel some pathways being created between the earth's navel and your being. 
Bring your right hand to your heart and place your left hand open, flat, parallel to the earth. 
Feel the molecular and geometric structure of the earth coming up towards your being. 
Continue here for 5 more minutes. 
When you get home, stand with your eyes closed, feet grounded in the floor. Bring your left hand to your heart and this time open your right hand flat, vertical and facing the room before you. 
Visualise the molecular structure of the energy of nature which you drew in earlier coming out of your being via your hand and filling your home.
Visualise the energetic patterns of your home being altered to become more similar to those of nature.  

Other quick tips: 

  • As most of us tend to keep our phone our beings most of the day, it is also a good idea to keep a crystal close as well. I like to keep a small heart-shaped rose quartz in a pocket, ideally a breast-pocket so it is closer to my heart. 
  • After using my electric toothbrush (a guilty pleasure it seems...) or my electric razor, I tend to spend a few minutes lying with my chakra crystals which I also recommended in article 4.    
  • Take good care. Boost your immune system by taking good care of yourself by eating well, sleeping enough, meditating, doing yoga or another form of mindful exercise.
  • Make sure you drink a lot of filtered water because the EMFs will tend to affect us more when we are dehydrated.
  • I tend to keep filtered water carafes with small glasses all around the house to make it easy to hydrate.
  • Use mobile phones with headsets or on speaker phones (no Bluetooth speakers)
  • Try to keep all electronics about 60cm away from you.
  • Replace your filament bulbs and low voltage LEDs with halogen downlights and halogen screw bulbs. 
  • If you live in a flat and you have neighbours below, beware that the floor you are walking on is someone else's ceiling which means there are likely to be lights and transformers there as well which are affecting you.
  • Whilst we have agreed that we don't need to remove all electronics, as we will be exposed to these in the outside world anyways, it is a good idea to reduce them, as we want our home to be our sanctuary from the every day world. Our bedroom, being the ultimate sanctuary of all. 
  • Most of all, merge, merge, merge with that electricity. 

When you feel like the effects of electro-stress may be getting to you, either at home or outside, take a moment to sit down and really bring your awareness to the physicality of those effects. You can also sit at home and meditate keeping your attention on your energy field as mentioned above.

Most of all, continue with your weekly spatial energy work, each time including the energy of the electronics of your home. 

And most of all, take time to enjoy your new space, now working at a smoother frequency.