We are different people in different spaces.
Our environment is an extension of our being and its alignment leads to ours, allowing us a direct pathway to our deepest, most intelligent self. As a result, we live more happily and more fully,
and we attract joy, abundance and a sense of deep connection.  

Spatial energy programming is the first and most important step to kick off the creation of a sacred space.
It can be part of a larger sacred interior design project or work as a stand-alone service. 
Either way, in most cases, people will find themselves wanting to make some physical, aesthetic changes once the energetic shift has taken place. 

The first step is a Space Activation, in which the space, and a user's connection to it is awakened. Harmony is created and the energy field is amplified, allowing for transformation to begin.
Once the effects of the activation have reached their peak, we move on to the
Space Whispering, further intensification and amplification allowing for deeper, more advanced benefits.

The first step is to have get in touch for a casual chat, in person or on Skype,
and decide if it is right for you. 





Unless it is intentionally addressed, most spaces are energetically out of balance, and Space activation is an energetic programming process to create a more intense, and more developed energy field within a space.

Depending on the requirements, this process may include some elements of the Feng Shui Bagua mapping, allowing to bring focus and intention to specific areas of a person's life.


The space activation works at an atomiclevel to affect the energetic patterns, structures and functions of a space. First, users will experience a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing.
Through this process, the space and the user will be awakened and to a new capability for transformation. 
The newly aligned space invites us to connect to our deeply intelligent, authentic self. Using perception, energy merging, transmission and intention, the process has instant effect on the user and their life, first by shedding light on issues which may need to be addressed, next by allowing a high-frequency container for these issues to appear and be transmuted.
There will also likely be a yearning to make some aesthetic changes to the or physicality of the space as a result.


We begin with a casual chat, first on Skype or in person, for you to gain a full understanding of the process. Once we decide to proceed, your session can be held in person or on Skype depending on the location and the cost will vary depending on the size of the space and its complexity. 
The alignment will begin with an in-depth chat about your life, past, present and future, as well as focusing on any current situation which may need to be addressed. This allows to establish a context and apply a specific intention.

Together, we will connect, and create a field of transformational energy, after which we will be ready to clearly identify blocks in the space to be released. Using sound instruments, incense, dowsing and focused meditation, the practice will align and balance the energetic patterns of the space, bringing about focused results. 
The aim is to allow space for your life's deepest intelligence to surface. Joy, abundance and deep connection will be unlocked.
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Once the activation has been done, we will follow up to assess the space and any impact it may have had on your life. A Space Whispering can then follow to take the practise to the next level.
Developed by Arizona-based Shaman Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Space Whispering is a process of attunement by which the energetic frequency established through the space activation is increased. By connecting to the owner/occupier of the space, the process is one of perception, merging and intention. the energetic patterns of a space will be strengthened and aligned, further transformational shifts will be enabled.  As a result, any action to improve the space will be supported and amplified and the impact of potential blocks to the space will be reduced. This practise is only suitable for people who have already had a space activation or who are already very advanced in their path of spiritual growth. 



The process, entirely done by Skype or by phone by Ray himself, starts with the current form of your building and with the Earth energetic patterns below the structure. Through a meditative, energetic process, the vibrational level of a space will be increased and balanced. Afterwards, an intensified Whispered Crystals is sent to you to accelerate and harmonize the functioning of the vibrational patterns in your newly Whispered Space. We then follow-up with a second session to confirm the placement and discuss living/working in your Whispered Space.
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