Marc Péridis


1-1 MENTORING SESSIONS develop energetic and multidimensional capabilities, 
help embark on a new professional path as a facilitator or simply help
us find clarity on a specific topic, or trigger shamanic transformation,



1- SPIRITUAL INTERIOR DESIGN : Students who wish to develop a professional career in Spiritual Interior Design will often sign up for ongoing 1-1 mentoring on a regular basis.

2- PROSPERITY AND PURPOSE: People wishing to awaken a connection to their higher purpose and unlock access to authentic prosperity will often sign-up for a course of 5-6 mentoring sessions.

3- ENERGETIC DEVELOPMENT: Students and practitioners keen to find clarity on a specific issue or develop energetic capabilities to embody more potency and stronger healing and transformation abilities will book individual or sequential sessions which consist mainly of energy work in the form of bio-field entrainment.

Sessions last between 40 minutes and 3 hours and can cost between 50
and 400.
Each case is different but generally students seek to unlock wisdom and find clarity on a certain topic, or to achieve and develop higher energetic and transformational abilities, allowing them to find purpose and/or develop a new part of their professional development.



are we a match?

A 15-minute chat determines whether or not we are a match and which type of session may suit you best.
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