Designed for those who want to make the design of sacred space part of their professional path, it is a continuous training course combining ancient principles with contemporary theory and philosophy.

The number of sessions of this training is determined by the student depending on his/her objectives.
Each session includes an energy merging ceremony.
The duration of each session is 75 minutes.

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The Alchemy of Space is an a continued training with an open structure.
It is a sharing of knowledge and skill set acquired and developed over many years.

The above pricing is for one session which will last between 72 and 90 minutes each.
In this open, continuous training model, the student decides what topics they would like to focus on and when he/she is done training, and ready to apply the knowledge to building his/her own practice. 


It is recommended but not obligatory to have completed The Sacred Art of Transformative Spaces Online Course before doing this training. 

Completing the Level 1 training beforehand will allow the student to build a solid foundation for the learning, to study this topic at their own pace, and to review a large portion of the theoretical portion of this work at a cost much lower than the 1-1 continued training.  

The level 2 training is for students wishing to weave this knowledge into their practice: interior designers wishing to bring a "spiritual" dimension to their work, or facilitators of other spiritual practises wishing to weave interior design into their work. 

The course content: 
The student can pick and choose from any of the topics of the course, listed below. As there is no certification, the student can choose to follow as many or as little as they please and determines themself when the training is done. 

  1. Theoretic principles of energy functioning and transformation

  2. The numinous effect and the process of self-actualisation

  3. Understanding and unlocking our connection to the earth being

  4. Activating our energetic structures 

  5. Introduction to dousing 

  6. Building a personal practise for energetic development and self-actualisation

  7. unlocking our own transformative power

  8. Advanced spatial energy work

  9. The Feng Shui Bagua Map and the space’s relationship to the earth’s elements

  10. Temple orientations and layout planning, further considerations of the earth’s elements  

  11. Advanced colour selection for a sacred space 

  12. Materials selection for a sacred space

  13. Introduction to sacred geometry, shapes, patterns and semiotics 

  14. Furniture selection 

  15. Symbols - quantum determination of appropriate use of symbols

  16. Crystal attunement and the power of energetic development

  17. Energetic development using crystals

  18. Geopathic stress 

  19. Integration of principles of sound healing  

  20. Introduction to psychotherapy of space 

  21. Psychotherapy of business or commercial spaces 

  22. Psychotherapy of personal spaces 

  23. Advanced sacred geometry

  24. Applied sacred numbering principles

  25. Etheric gateways, vortexes and portals 

  26. The Quantum integration of time dimension

  27. Spirit release and the myth of ghost-busting

The first step to engaging on this training is to have a call to explore the student's current context, intention as well as establish an initial connection. 
Contact me here to set an appointment for the first chat.