Money is Energy.
It is infinite, abundant and waiting to make its way to each and everyone of us.
Everything, obstacle or block, which stands in the way of us allowing authentic prosperity into our lives is also composed of energetic frequencies.

Gaining new energetic capabilities, as well as embarking on an alchemical energy process with a specific and intentional focus on this juicy topic, can unlock our access to our divine birthright of prosperity.

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Alchemical transformation sessions focused on prosperity are intense and high-power energy sessions with a specific focus on issues around money. 

As we are all energy, each and every one of us is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence.
When the right abilities are developed and unlocked, we all have the capability to impact and transform our lives, and this especially applies to money and issues around prosperity. 

Our energetic beings are composed of patterns, structures and functions which will shift, develop and transform when they come into connection with those of the dimension of the Divine Realm of Knowledge.
In this divine realm, information is held which is invaluable to unlocking our personal divinity and allowing ourselves to access the abundance we deserve. 

This journey becomes an alchemical process which involves the dismantling of old patterns which are no longer needed, allow us to access a new level of intelligence creativity which will allow us to live better lives and deeply impact the world around us and top attract new things into our lives. 

Our first session together serves as the beginning of this exploration and the unlocking of this path.
We begin by establishing a connection, intending for our higher selves to also hold a parallel conversation as our session takes place.
Following this, it’s your time to talk, sharing thoughts and emotions to establish the current context and set an intention. This is your time and I want to hear anything and everything you feel is pertinent to be heard.
Thirdly an energetic merging process including energy, light, sound, sacred geometry, dousing and vortex work will allow a process of deep and lasting transformation to begin.

The duration of these sessions is 72 minutes