This 3 session course, helps you achieve a strong practise of dousing which you can rely on, and will transform your relationship to your intuition, and your connection to the divine essence of your existence.

This course is composed of 3 sessions.
The duration of these sessions is 95 minutes.

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Dousing is a practise which can help improve our access to our divine nature using the wisdom of our body.
It is a practise which is innate to each of us and can be achieved successfully by enough who dedicates themselves to it.
This 3 session course, helps you achieve a strong practise of dousing which you can rely on, and will transform your relationship to your intuition, and your connection to the divine nature of your existence.

More about dousing:
Our intuition is the gateway to our soul, and our soul is our gateway to our divine essence.
Tuning into our intuition is of paramount importance, it gives us access to presence, sharpened awareness, and an access to our divine self.
Dousing is a fantastic tool to develop our intuition.
Dousing is used in various sectors often to find water, metal, energy, and as a tool for mediums.
In the shamanic world, it becomes an access to further dimensions, to the divine.
Our bodies hold a tremendous amount of wisdom. When confronted with a question, it will often hold the answer and express it via micromovements which are so faint they are not noticeable from our usual state of awareness. Dousing, through the use of a pendulum or rods, reads these movements and manifests them into a form we can see and understand.

Session structure:
This course is composed of 3 sessions of 90 minutes each.
Session 1:
this session introduces you to the fundamentals of dousing either with a pendulum, dousing rods, or both tools. A student can choose to just focus on one or develop both.
In this session we will learn the theory as well as the most important baseline skills to build up our practise. Part of session one will also be about developing the intuitive structures required to truly excel at this practise.

After a few days of self-practise, session two will deepen your practise of dousing by teaching you advanced tricks and skills.
Here you will begin to practise a dousing session on your own and come to your own conclusions.

Session 3:
In this session, students will learn more skills and review how specific skills can be used in specific situations.
We will also explore what are the best ways to use dousing in your own personal or professional context.
We will also use our acquired dousing skills to develop the framework for a regular practise which will expand and sustain the development of this skill.


Crystal whispering and attunement
Crystals are highly developed beings on our planet and connecting to them allows us to develop further energetic capabilities.
A crystal’s energetic patterns and structure can also be developed through ceremony, and this development helps to anchor a more developed vibrational frequency which
During a crystal whispering and attunement session, a significant shift will happen in the molecular and atomic structure of the crystal, allowing a deeper access to our highest consciousness as a result.

During this session, an attunement process also takes place, during which a deeper connection between you and the crystal is enabled, this is done by recognising and perceiving the structures of both the crystal and yourself, and allowing for the required capabilities to be developed.
This will allow your connection to your crystal to become a new practise which can be used for continued and sustained energetic growth.