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The story of the temple of Solomon depicts its protagonist as a fabulously wise king and prophet, famous builder of the very first temple of Israel. He later became known as the "king who sinned" as he began to demonstrate "bad habits" inherited from his father, King David, such as idolatry, marrying foreign women and straying from God. The temple soon began to fall out of balance and after his death it was disastrously ransacked by the armies of Assyria and Egypt, leading to the historical split of the land of Israel. According to ancient records, as long as the temple was maintained, the world was full of blessings for its inhabitants. But ever since it fell into disuse and misuse "there had been no day without a curse".

Much later, King Uzziah managed to temporarily restore balance under his rule, until he illegally entered the temple in 750 BC causing a destructive earthquake which devastated the entire region...   

The stories of Solomon and Uzziah are not isolated ones. It was common in ancient civilisations to believe that major catastrophes (IE: drought, floods, or plagues) were a sign the temple had fallen out of order, and that its King was out of alignment with the cosmic forces.

I would like to invite you, dear participant,  to see your journey with your home, as the one of a ruler and his temple.
Whilst you are probably not a king or queen, and floods and plagues are not as prevalent as they were... the fundamental lesson still stands: for our homes to be in harmony we need to be in harmony first. 
Modern Feng Shui practitioners agree. 
While this 4000 year old "art of influencing our lives through space" tends to be quite systemic and prescriptive, the newer generations of practitioners believe that it is, first and foremost, a journey of personal growth.  

Furthermore, whilst most of us believe we have chosen our home of free will, that is only half the story. It has, in fact, chosen us as well.

In article 2 we will learn more about our physical and energetic composition and that of our home and how they influence each other. 
Our homes being composed of water and energy (as we are) they carry issues, stories, emotions just as we do. As they mirror us, their reflection becomes an invitation to personal growth and when our internal dialog is demonstrated in a physical environment around us, we have nowhere to hide. 

Yes, of course, we can move home, but the issues will follow. (Remember, they are energy.) 
Think of those bad 80's horror movies when a family moved into a haunted house, and they decide to move out, the ghosts would usually follow them...  

The family would most benefit from looking internally at why this is happening to them and not to someone else. Facing these demons and shedding light to the darkness paves the way to a fuller life, living closer to our true self. By turning our home into a balanced and harmonious temple of light, we become one as well. 

From this place, we find connection to inner peace, self love and a path of purpose, enabling joy, abundance and a sense of deep connection.
Sound good? Let's go.





As I began to develop this body of work (Sacred Transformative Spaces) it dawned on me I should first and foremost start by creating one for myself: my home. The day after this realisation, it appeared.

A marketing email from a Spanish real estate agency advertising a small "attico" (Spanish for penthouse) 2 blocks from the beach in SItges, a town 30 min away from Barcelona.  

I hopped on a train that very afternoon for a visit it, and I was no less than 100m away from it that I heard a "yes" be spoken within me.
I had not even seen it yet, not even the facade, but I stopped in my steps as I saw the sun shine between some old "Gaudi-esque" houses, kissing the long flower-clad branches of a majestic 4-story tall tree as I bathed in the peace and quiet of a pedestrianised road. 
I had fallen blindly in love. 

 I stopped in my steps as I saw the sun shine between some old "Gaudi-esque" houses, kissing the long flower-clad branches of a majestic 4-story tall tree as I bathed in the peace and quiet of a pedestrian road. I had fallen blindly in love. 

I stopped in my steps as I saw the sun shine between some old "Gaudi-esque" houses, kissing the long flower-clad branches of a majestic 4-story tall tree as I bathed in the peace and quiet of a pedestrian road. I had fallen blindly in love. 

 My green and leafy wealth and blessings corner of the flat after the sacred work and Feng Shui was done.

My green and leafy wealth and blessings corner of the flat after the sacred work and Feng Shui was done.

As I arrived I found the rooms to be larger than advertised and the price 100 less (there had been some mistakes in the ad). I also found that the terrace was south-west facing meaning the entire flat was flooded with bright sunlight at least 10 hours a day. 

YES YES YES! It was perfect.

I was told the next day it had all been approved, I signed the contract two days later, received the keys, and the following day I was in London loading a truck which arrived two days later. This was the fasted move I had ever experienced, it was clearly meant to be...

I quickly proceeded to the first steps of turning the space into a sacred temple of light: Spatial energy work which we will learn more about in a future article. I then followed with Feng Shui principles as well as intuitive aesthetics, much of which we will see in this programme, and voila! The temple was created!

While I thought this marked the end of the work, little did I know it was actually only the beginning.
As I meditated in the space I began to become aware of some odd sensations in the field, I wasn't feeling good at all.

It all reached fever pitch when I returned from a week in London one day and felt very odd on my way home. The closer I got to the flat, the more the feeling intensified.I thought maybe I was just tired, or London had worn me out... But the energies continued to linger, amplifying even as I rested over the next few days.

I sat in the space in focused meditation and inquiry and asked what was going on and noticed feelings of loneliness and sadness beginning to appear. They were so strong and so intense it felt like someone was in the room speaking to me, weeping. 
I suddenly became nostalgic about everything, London, Barcelona, my friends, I felt so alone and so far away from everything, I could have been in a remote village in the Himalayas with no WIFI! 

I couldn't understand what was going on. I wanted to leave, run... I wanted to be anywhere else. 
"Take me back to a big bustling city!!" I begged... 
I even ran for my paper lease, desperate to see if there was a break-clause I had ignored. 
"How does one even write break-clause in spanish?" I thought.

The more I meditated in the space the more I realised I was in the right place and that the problem was not the flat or its location, it was me
Years of unresolved issues had intensified and amplified and I now seemed to be in a place where I was ready to deal with them. 

Flashing back to childhood:  
As a child of a Greek/Armenian/British/Russian father and an Egyptian/Lebanese mother family raised in Canada, it was hard for me to feel like I fit in, like I was one of the gang. Adding insult to injury, I was overweight, with greasy hair, bad teeth, thick glasses and acne so bad, the head of the Canadian plastic surgery association even claimed it was the worst he had ever seen.

This rejection marked me quite deeply and from the moment I turned 19, I did everything I could to reverse it including making sure to always live right in the center of things. I had to be where everyone was and where everything happened, for if I wasn't, I would be forgotten, would have no friends, as no one would make the effort for me, I believed.  

So in London, I lived in Seven Dials and Bloomsbury, in Paris I lived near Galeries Lafayette... 
Now for the first time, I was living somewhere out of the center, further out.

The physical building also had a play in the resonance of these issues I needed to resolve.
There was one flat right beneath mine, the largest in the building, the only one which was the size of an entire floor, which every time I walked by I would feel a strange energy, as if this space was having an impact on the entire building and on myself. 

So one day I met a friend who had been born and raised in Sitges and invited him over for brunch., 
he proudly exclaimed "I knew the people who once lived below you!" he said.  "It was a very kind couple, very happy. But the wife died too soon, the husband never got over it. He was constantly feeling alone and sad. And then he moved out." 

That was it!
I was right to feel that there was an intense energy of loneliness in that flat and that it was calling at me somehow, awakening something I needed to look at.  I felt I had struck a goldmine. I now knew exactly where I needed to focus my intention and attention. 
These emotions which still existed stored in the walls of the building were mirroring something in me which needed to be seen and dealt-with.

So I began to meditate, regularly, letting these feelings of loneliess and sadness arise and sitting with them as they did. 
And with time, they slowly began to dissolve. I didnt need to rationalise them, though that started to happen naturally. 
I just merged with them and welcomed them with presence and love and shed light on them. And soon they began to dissolve and I once again started to feel harmony and peace in the space. 

he relationship between our soul, our space and the universe is a unique one which we most benefit from exploring when kicking off this type of work.


So, my dear Queen/King of sacred transformation, Article 1 is your invitation to draw up your connection with your temple and bear witness to your path in this field.

Here's how:
Grab a notepad, a pen, a timer, a compass, a crystal stone if you have one (I recommend a clear quartz crystal). Don't worry if you don't have a stone for now, we will talk later about how they work and why they are important.
Find some time in your schedule when you wont be interrupted and head out of the house to a place where you can find peace and quiet and where you feel comfortable. Perhaps a nearby cafe, a park, the beach, a friend's place when they aren't home, perhaps a tree you like to sit under to receive wisdom from. 

Once you arrive, reset your compass before sitting down and try to sit facing the east- towards the light of understanding.  

Sit down and get comfortable.
Take a couple of minutes to connect to yourself. Connect to your breath, your body try to clear your thinking mind as much as you can. 
Once you feel connected, grab your notepad and begin.

Start by making a list of the homes you have lived in starting with the current one and working backwards.  
Choose as many or as little as you like, It could be all of them, or it could be just the last few if you have been moving a lot. 
I recommend choosing 4 or 5 if you can. 

Underneath the list of homes, write down the following information for each of them:



- The address, the neighborhood. 
- When you lived there. 
- How did you find it, how did you come about moving in. 
- Why did you leave? 

2- Characteristics 

Make a list of the main characteristics of that home. 
Was it, dark, without many windows? 
Brightly lit? 
Top floor, no lift? Low floor, noisy? 
Was it central? Far from everything? Close to your work, far from your work? 
Did you live alone? With many people? What were the colors of the walls? 
Was the furniture yours or was it previously furnished? 
Do you remember which direction it faced? North,south,east,west? 

You can use these first questions as a guide or as your first and you can add more questions that come to mind.
Write as much as you can think of or remember. 


Then take a minute to close your eyes and meditate to transport yourself back to the place and time of each of the homes, one at a time. 
How did you feel? 
What did you like most about it? What did you like least? 
Did any significant events happen in any of the homes?
Death of a loved one? A break-up? Marriage? Overcoming a long-standing addiction? 

4- YOU 

Then write characteristics of who you were at those same periods in your life. 
Were you having a hard time financially, struggling with love? Happy in love? How did you feel generally? What are the main issues that you remember ruling your life at that time? 


What did you know about the people who lived in your home previously to you? 
Do you remember anything relevent to what you may have experienced? 

Whilst you want to be detailed and accurate, I recommend not lingering too much and risk overwhelming yourself with information. 
Use the timer and try to keep it between 7-10 minutes / home.

When you are done filling out the information, close the note pad and leave the information to rest for now. 

Return to the information a few hours later or the next day and read it again. 
What parallels do you see between your homes and who you were at different points in your life? How was the journey been?
Has there been a steady evolution along the way? 

How does it feel to see this information written down? Emotional? Good bad? Do you feel blessed? Take a minute to really connect to these feelings these emotions, doing nothing more than just sitting and being with them.

After a few minutes of this. take a few minutes to sit and try to find feelings of gratitude. Simply sit, with your eyes closed, connecting to your breath whilst your head, your heart and your energy field are filled with all these memories of all these spaces and people and events. Find a "Thank you".

It is important that your gratitude expand beyond mere words manifesting as a feeling, a sensation, an energy. How does it feel to be grateful? I usually notice a strong flow of warm energy flooding up through my body, a sense of light enveloping me and feel a smile forming naturally on my face. 

This exercise is laying a foundation for your work on this journey. You now have gathered some information on your journey with homes, as well as your personal journey which will be great to refer back to later and track your journey. 

ven more, you have begun to witness your experience with your homes from a place of awareness and are beginning to shift the energy with gratitude.


At the end of the seminar one on 11/01/17 I asked all participants to craft an intention for this practise over the next few months. 
This would be a good time to check into this intention now, potentially altering it or adding to it if needed. 

And so, your journey has now begun. 
Welcome to the building of your temple.