For thousands of years, the Mystery Schools of ancient civilisations gathered teachers, shamans, and initiates with the intent to pass down knowledge about man’s connection to the cosmos, allowing them to cultivate and develop their highest abilities.

This allowed them to unlock/awaken deeper levels of intelligence which enabling them to live richer, fuller lives, while also significantly impacting those of others. Traditionally, gatherings would happen at sacred sites, at location points of vortexes and their energy would intentionally be amplified and focused to benefit those involved.

The Sacred Vortex Mystery school is a platform of courses, live classes, group and 1-1 mentoring programmes which bring this concept to our current context. I developed these based on my work with clients as a shaman, following years of formal training, missions and ceremonies led at sacred sites around the world.

During this period, I developed a thorough knowledge of vortexes, the role they play in our development and figured out ways to bring this knowledge to students/ participants in a workshop / session context.

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