Marc Péridis




The human being is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence. It therefore has the ability to awaken and activate energetic structures and substructures which allow us to channel divine energy into the physical world.
This allows us to develop our own abilities to enable healing and transformation to take place.



Vortices play an active role in our growth, and development of our abilities for transformation.They are defined as energetic structures that function as interfaces between our physical world and the Divine realm which contains energy consciousness which can help develop and transform the human energetic system.
Powerful healing is experienced when these two worlds are bridged.



Shamanism is based on the idea that there is a realm where everything originates energetically before taking the form we experience “day-to-day”. This is the realm of the essence of our existence, the Source of all, the infinite expanded space of Oneness from which everything originates as light. Understanding this realm is significant as It contains consciousness that has transformative power for the human energetic system.


What happens when we connect and develop?
When connected to this place, we expand beyond our limited understanding of the "material world" into an infinite realm of deep intelligence and creativity. Our being awakens the ability to respond to life in more creative and intelligent ways. 

As we thrive, we impact our environment; as we impact our environment, we thrive. 

Moments of complete stillness become the most potent and powerful ones. The emptiness of "nothing" becomes an unexpected gateway to a coded knowledge which is recognised by our beings, supporting us in stepping into the fullest and highest expression of our "self". 

From this place, an unravelling of old patterns and programs takes place: we may find ourselves living in deep gratitude, peace, or accessing bliss and equanimity in moments that would otherwise be chaotic and unsettling. We grow, expand, and our lives transform. Via this expansion, we participate in the massive consciousness shift of mankind. 

Connecting to this space requires us to remember, develop and utilise our multidimensional abilities. As a shaman, teacher and energy professional, my work with clients and students is to support, witness and enable this development through various expressions and forms. 





From the ripe age of 4, I knew I wanted to create spaces.
35 years later, after various explorations, research and study programmes with talented teachers in various fields, the calling came to create spaces of various types (physical, energetic or ethereal) which could help people reach higher levels of consciousness. 
This section shares my path until now, and all the wild experiences, twists and turns that brought me to develop and teach this body of work. 

- Reiki Level 2 with Stephen Morallee 
- Theta healing - Basic DNA (View Profile) 
- Completed all 20 levels of Kenneth Ray Stubbs' "The Energy Training: The Rainbow Body empowerment"  
- Completed all levels of Christian Kyriacou's "House Whispering Academy". 
- 11 years as an interior designer, running my own London-based studio, overseeing the completion of over 500 projects around the world, from Houston to Shanghai, Houston to Dubai, for clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Marc Jacobs, L'Oreal and more.