Marc Peridis

MENTORING (Individual or group)

How do we reach our highest potential as humans?
For thousands of years, a rich, global network of Mystery Schools was in place to support the world’s most influential civilisations in shift the course of mankind. 

They gathered teachers, shamans, and initiates with the intent to share knowledge about man’s connection to the cosmos, allowing them to cultivate and develop their highest abilities. 

They awakened deeper levels of intelligence enabling them to live richer, fuller lives, while also significantly impacting those of others.

My mentoring format carries this tradition into our contemporary context using 3 options of formats.

  1. Individual mentoring sessions

  2. Individual mentoring courses

  3. Group mentoring programmes


Individual one-off sessions help achieve the following:
- Unlock a new level of self-realisation,
- Unlocking abundance and prosperity in relation to our life's purpose
- Dismantling longstanding patterns and issues



Individual or group mentoring courses are programs designed to help develop energetic abilities akin to those of a shaman. These aim to support us in achieving a higher level of consciousness or embark on a new professional path.

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