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As we (and everything around us) are energy, every human being is an aggregate of a common field which is connected to everything in existence. By developing our energetic capabilities, we gain the ability to transform, to step into a more expanded version of ourselves and deeply impact the world around us. 



We are infinite: and the understanding of our infinite nature begins by understanding that our physical body we can see and feel is only the densest part of an energetic field which is much larger and more powerful with capabilities which extend well beyond those we perceive. 

It is this "energetic beingness" which connects us to everything is existence. As everything is a manifestation of vibration, each human being is an aggregate of an energy field which is connected to everything in existence. By connecting to our energetic beingness, we can therefore connect to the energetic beingness of anything around us and it is through this connection that we can begin to shift and transform, heal anything in our lives. 

Merging and our energetic composition. 
As energy beings, we are made up of patterns, structures and functions making-up an energetic body which is constantly shifting and shaping. The more we develop this energetic body, the more we awaken parts of ourselves which may have previously been dormant allowing us to begin living to our full potential.  
The most efficient way for our energetic body to develop is for it to be exposed to and  connect with energetic frequencies which are more developed than it. As the two frequencies meet, they will begin to attune and align to the most developed of the two. The concept can be easily visualised by imagining a set of metronomes on a piano. At the beginning they all tick at their own beat. After a bit of time together, they will all align to the same beat. In terms of our energetic bodies, while they are both connected they both have access to the same abilities. Repeated connection, or exposure to this more advanced frequency, will allow us to create a permanent shift in which we have a new level of abilities available to us on the long term.  


There are many ways to find connection to highly developed energetic frequencies which. 
By connecting to the Earth
The Earth being is composed of a consciousness as well as a physical being, similarly to us being composed of a soul and a physical body. 
These two parts connect via a network of energy lines which circulate across the surface of the Earth, these are called telluric currents or ley lines. At some points where these lines cross, we find what is called an energetic power spot, a point on Earth where the energy frequencies are stronger, and more attuned to that of Source. 
By connecting to a mentor or teacher: 
By connecting to people who have developed advanced energetic capabilities themselves, we create a connection to frequencies much more developed than ours and can begin to develop. If these people, mentors or teachers are connecting to us as well, it is even more powerful and has a much greater impact. 
People with these developed fields will usually include Buddhist Rinpoche's lamas, people who have done a lot of advanced work and have dedicated much of their life to developing this path. This concept is the basis of most of my 1-1 sessions  
By exploring ourselves: 
The most developed frequencies, those from which we originate and those we connect to when connected to our divinity, are the frequencies of unconditional love: this is the make-up of our Universe. 
By looking deep into ourselves, exploring our deepest darkest shadows and holding a frequency of unconditional love, we transmute the frequencies which are standing in the way of our highest and most complete expansion. 
We begin to unlock our ultimate potential, living from a place of purpose and passion, we become crystal beings and every moment becomes an act of communion with our highest selves. 

As we develop in this way, the entire collective begins to shift as well, and we begin to fulfil our purpose in assisting to shift the course of humanity.









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