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As today is the official start of Diwali, the Hindu festival mainly celebrating Lakshmi, the goddess of Abundance and Prosperity, I thought it would be a perfect time to share a crash course on how to easily achieve prosperity through your home.  

 The baseline principle is this: money is energy. Therefore, to attract it is to create a balanced energy flow through our space, where everything is in harmony. This resonant energy field will become an attractive force, turning your home into a container capable of holding energy, rather than letting it escape. Here is an example you may be able to relate with. Did you ever notice how when something good happens and you happen to fall into a situation of unexpected abundance, more good luck manifests soon after? It's the whole "when it rains it pours" scenario. You may be glowing or feeling light, and when you are in that state, more money seems to be attracted to you. That is because you are radiating an attractive energy of abundance and its resonance is attracting more of the same.

So to help you create a constant flow of energy, we can turn your home into a physical space which isradiating an energy of abundance, ready to attract more of the same.

IMG_20161109_094719 (2).jpg

There are many ways to attract sustainable abundance through our space, and it may be easier than you think. Feng shui as well as other practices may boast various ideas and systems, but in fact the only real rule is that there are no rules. We can use the principles as a guiding force, but it really all comes down to personal connection and heart-felt, deeply intuitive ideas.


IDENTIFYING Your Wealth area

According to the traditional Feng Shui Bagua map system, each physical space is broken down into 9 areas, each representing a different part of our life. To identify the area representing "wealth and blessings" in your space, simply stand with your back to the front door of your home, facing inwards, and walk to the farthest corner on the left hand side before you, ideally on the floor closest to the ground (see image above). Standing in this area, take a moment to close your eyes and connect to your breath, trying to disconnect from the chatter of your mind. How you feel? Do you feel any blocks showing up? Perhaps your breath getting shorter, or heart pounding faster? Do you feel weak in the knees? Or on the contrary, do you feel expansive and open, and quite balanced? More often than not, the feelings that emerge in that area usually mirror our financial situation. It could, however, feel like this is not at all your wealth area. In this case, use your inner guidance to determine the area that feels more like it is. Once you have found that space, stand in it, and assess again how you feel. For the moment, do nothing more than just connecting to the sensations without judgement. Just being one with them and breathing into them. 


Look at Colors and materials

The colors that are the most appropriate for the wealth and blessings part of a home are blues and greens. Green obviously is the colour of money, also representing something that grows, like trees and plants.
Blue is also a great colour because its a masculin Yang colour, and manifesting money is very much related to the male energy. (ie: notice how many of the world's top bankers are men.)
But if you arent planning on repainting any time soon, you can simply integrate the colour through smaller accessories, throws, cushions, artworks, etc.
A good material to use in the wealth area is wood. Therefore wooden chairs and tables as pictured above, are a good idea.
The area should ideally be kept well lit as that is also part of producing yang energy, active and dynamic and making things happen. When designing the room on the image above, I used non-toxic eco paint by Konig colours. Its a great idea in this area, (or any area}  to reduce the amounts of toxins we may be exposed to. 



It's also a good idea to place, in this same area, items and objects you can connect with, which represent the values you would like to manifest in this area of your life. 
For example, to be reminded of the sense of infinite abundance of the earth and the universe, I keep a glass bowl with pink flowers which fall freely from a large tree close to my home. These flowers have a sweet raspberry smell, and they always remind me of how freely abundant the best things in life are. Regardless of what may be happening in my financial situation, this is how I want to be feeling: connected to abundance and a sense that everything is effortlessly provided.
So first reflect, take some time to determine which values resonate with you. Then, get creative! What is available around you which represents these values? Placing this item in the wealth area allows to anchor that feeling in physical space.
The above image also shows golden plates, a good color choice for accessories in this area, as well as a small, though very potent quartz crystal. 



You might also want to consider the placement of banknote(s) from a country you may have visited in which you may have felt abundant. In my case, when travelling to Mongolia on business I found myself constantly surprised about how inexpensive everything was and felt quite financially strong walking around with piles of 10,000-20,000 Tughriks notes worth only 4-8€!) in my pocket.
You may have some notes left over from a past trip to India or Thailand, or your local bureau de change should be able to order some which feel right for you. FYI: The Vietnamese Dong is currently the world's weakest currency. 1€ buys you approximately 24,000!
There is another reason for keeping foreign currency around: it is a reminder we are not in need. If we were, we would have to change the currency and use it.
If the idea of decorative foreign currency is unappealing to you, simply place a decorative 'piggy bank' in this area as a symbol of abundance instead. 


Let's be clear : Putting flowers in a corner or painting a wall with non-toxic paint will not be enough to change your financial Karma, especially if this is an area that has borne a bit of trauma in your life. The real work lies within you. Your home environment is a tool you can use to restore the balance within. By focusing on this wealth area in your home, you can approach your financial situation with a renewed sense of awareness and presence, bringing energy and flow to a part of your life which may require attention.
Its this awareness that will make the difference as our intention supercedes anything in the physical form. 

Take a seat in a comfortable position, ideally in the above-determined wealth area, and make sure you are alone and won’t be interrupted for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and begin to drop your awareness inwards. Feel the part of your body which is touching the floor, either your feet, your ankles, your bum, feel the connection to the earth. Connect with the effortless flow of your breath. Notice how you inhale and exhale without any effort at all. How your body and the earth being, are able to provide you with exactly what you need without you having to do anything. Try not to alter your breath, only notice it. On every inhale, imagine you are drawing the energy of the earth into your being, into your lungs, your heart. On the exhale imagine this energy radiating out of your being, filling the room around you. Repeat this a few times, at least 8.

Then, keeping this connection to your breath, begin to divide your attention between your breath and the room around you. What feelings begin to emerge? Simply notice them. Try not to think about fixing them or running from them, just notice them.
Then begin to reflect on what you would like to change about your financial situation, what would you like more of, less of. In whichever words you would like to use, ask for these things to appear in your life. You can simply say “I would like to connect to an effortlessly abundant flow of money” or “I would like to find peace of mind with regards to my money” or whatever else comes up for you.
Once the request has been spoke, release it. It doesn’t need to be held. Trust it will be taken care of.
Once this is done, open your eyes and bring your awareness back to the room. Come back to the principles described in this tip and notice what emerges creatively. It may not come right away and that is fine. Leave it for now, trusting that the right ideas will manifest over the next few days.

Over the following days, keep your eyes open and spend time noticing things around you more. Notice how certain things make you feel, what you resonate with, what kind of things you would like to bring into your space. When you increase your awareness to your surroundings with the right amount of presence, the right things will appear on your path. Perhaps you will notice a plant shop you never see on your walk home from work which is selling plants which feel leafy and abundant at a good price. Perhaps you’ll remember an old gold or blue coloured bowl a friend had given you as a present that you didn’t know where to use? Let the answers come from a place of stillness. And if you do find yourself searching for answers on pinterest or Instagram, make sure to connect to your intuition and feel into how deeply the ideas you see resonate for you.

And remember: ENJOY.  


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