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 Taking a cue from Ancient Gods on how to turn your home into a sun-kissed temple.

Taking a cue from Ancient Gods on how to turn your home into a sun-kissed temple.

While most people generally have a sense of their home's orientation, usually north or south, and normally relate this to how much light they get, the truth is we could actually be getting a lot more out of our home's orientation.

Therefore further exploration enables access to much more useful information.

As this is something that is used in both the ancient temples (based on universal law) and in Feng Shui (in very different ways) it was best to separate the topic into two articles. Yet, if you are like me, you will likely find yourself drawing inspiration from both.

Whilst the two are very handy, useful and fun to follow, I tend to favor the system of ancient civilisations, grounded in universal law, rather than Feng Shui's age-old system which is more prescriptive.  


Once upon a time...

Orientation was a key factor in the construction of temples in ancient civilizations, mainly because of the relationship between the earth and the sun. They understood that light was everything: a carrier of wisdom, life and growth. Therefore, our relationship with the sun is the best way to affect the energy of our homes and our path to enlightenment.  Since there are 8 cardinal orientations, the 4 main ones (north,south, east, west) and the 4 secondary (north-east, north-west, south-east, south-west) there are 8 ways our beings and our homes can be affected by this relationship.

It's important to note that the explanations below work for temples based in the northern hemisphere. For those of you in Brasil or other parts of the southern hemisphere, you would need to reverse it.


The 8 ways to paradise

Also, keep in mind that there isn't any specific orientation which is better than the others as it all depends on what the aims are, what the specific situation is and what benefits one is looking for.

With this in mind, let's explore our options.

Facing North

As a northern entrance faces the cold and hardness of the north pole, the bitter winds make our senses more aware of the physicality of the planet, therefore north is associated with the element of earth, which is associated with materialisation, manifestation.

A north-facing home will tend to have an energy flow which enables action, results, things becoming concrete, for instance relationships might arise, as well as money, job opportunities, etc.

Since magnetism enters the earth through the poles, a north/south orientation also references geomagnetism, which is quite good for land and spatial energy.

Facing South

As this orientation faces the equator, the hottest part of the earth, the element evoked is fire, symbolically associated with strength and power.

This is a perfect orientation for people who are seeking to get over a difficult time, to find their center and own their inner power.


Facing East

As the sun rises in the east, this orientation represents an awakening from darkness, the light of the reborn sun.

Since light carries wisdom, the more it shines on us the more it illuminates everything and enables better understanding.

This would be a great orientation for a school classroom, a room in which people are studying or learning something, or perhaps even a meditation room for someone who is looking for clarity.

Frequency of light is highest at sunrise, making this a very potent orientation, and it also benefits from the purified morning air. Therefore air is the element it represents.


Facing West

As this is the orientation of the setting sun, it represents the descent into the underworld / the world of spirit. Introspection and "traveling within" are key.   

This orientation is known as the one which receives the messages from the world of God, therefore the element is water, associated with communication.

A west facing home is perfect for meditation, a place where we want to dive in deeply and reflect.

South East

This orientation receives the first rays of the light of the winter solstice which is the time of the year when the light overcomes the dark.

As it represents the "rebirth of the light", it's about fertility, birthing, creativity, teaching of sacred sexuality. This is a great orientation for people who are trying to have a baby, but also for people who are working on creative projects and are looking for inspiration.

South West

This orientation is based on the time of the year when the light that first emerged out of the winter has fertilised crops to their full potential.

It's the highest achievement of the light of the sun, therefore, it symbolises celebration, gratitude and honoring the bountiful fruit of the earth. This also represents the time of the year when the sun begins to withdraw, as it's the end of summer. It therefore honors the spirit people for the safe passage through winter for protection as they emerge through to the other side to spring.

This is also the time when the veil between the two worlds are the thinnest. It invokes the dive within, the return to the womb, the process of self-contemplation as one goes deep into the mystery of life.


North East

This orientation faces the rising light of the midsummer sun, when the solar disk is at the zenith in the northern hemisphere.

As it represents the fullest exultation of the ascending light, it is associated with ancestral wisdom, with receiving the universal knowledge of the ancient ones.

Studies of ancient temples have shown the most potent and famous ones have a North-East/South-West orientation (with the front facing the North-East). This is the case for the Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, Valley of the Queens, Chartres Cathedral and many more and it makes sense as thesewere traditionally used as mystery schools, places for learning the wisdom from other dimensions. So if you are serious about your spiritual path and are constantly seeking growth, a north-east facing orientation would be best for you.


Proof please...

A couple of interesting examples have demonstrated that this indeed does work.

In the case of my afore-mentioned home, I checked the orientation after starting this work and found that it's north-east facing, like most temples and old mystery schools, which is interesting considering that I began to access the ancient wisdom that I am now using in this work just as I moved into it. Coincidence? Maybe not...

I also have a close friend who has been spending the last few years pulling himself out of a difficult and shaky money situation. Moving into his new home, everything had finally stabilised for him, he manifested the conditions to buy the place from his landlord and even received an unexpected raise to support him. On closer analysis, we see that this home is north-facing, the orientation of manifestation and materializationthe one that enables things to happen.  

In another interesting case, a client of mine who had been trying for years to have a baby with his partner without success fell pregnant within only 8 weeks of moving into their new home. The home had a large entrance facing south-east, the orientation for fertility and creativity.

When I was recently temple-hopping in the Yucatan, I visited a cave which served for fertility rituals for thousands of years and still does today. Descendants of the Maya continue to hold ceremonies to keep its energy alive and woman who have fertility issues will spend 10 weeks in this cave after which they will generally find themselves able to fall pregnant. The cave is indeed south-east facing and interestingly, has some strangely phallic-shaped natural rock formations inside it..

Get started.

So how can you make the most of this information?

First and foremost, if you are shopping for a new place, it's a good idea to reflect on what type of changes you would like to see happen in your life and decide which orientation might work best to support these. Again, intuition is key! So if you find a house that resonates but that doesn't have the right orientation, don't throw it away! This may be the universe's way of telling you that what you really want is different from what you think you want. Listen to these cues.

Sometimes orientation is not a choice...
If your space has already been selected, we can examine ways to use your current orientation in your favor.

Get your compass out, figure out which way you are facing and have a look at the info above to see what you could be getting out of this orientation. Simply by being aware of this orientation, we begin to gain access to all the benefits we could be receiving from it.

So if you note that your home is north facing, sit facing that energy flow and meditate on how some areas of your life can benefit from manifestation and materialisation (for instance). Write it down to amplify this intent, and do your best to sit in gratitude for the sun and the earth and all the elements which are constantly conspiring in your favor.

Finally, if you feel that the benefits from another (or a few other) orientation(s) would be best suited for you than the ones from your current orientation, you can create corners which represent those benefits in those areas of the space.

For example: If your house is facing north-west, but you would actually prefer the benefits of north-east and south-west, well you could simply create corners in those parts of my home which reflect what you are keen to benefit from.

For instance creating a study/library/meditation room in the north-east corner (ancient wisdom) as a place for you to grow and develop, and create a nice dining room or living room in the south-west area to celebrate and have moments of gratitude with friends.

Future articles will show detailed examples of how to use shapes, colours and objects to create certain moods and emotions. But the most important thing is to use your intuition. if you are creating a "celebration and gratitude" area in the south/west part of the space, use colours, shapes and objects which you associate with those emotions. Perhaps bright and happy colours, taller, mature plants mid-century furniture which comes from another era (that we can be grateful for being passed on to us). Use your intuition to create the right associations.

Orientation and your business intention
Another key use of the orientation in your design process is to work closely with its related element as the guiding force the design concept of the space.
For instance, if your home is facing East, which is related to the AIR element, it would be a good idea to base the design concept on principles which relate to things which are light, clear and bright.
Using bright colours, flowing shapes, materials which aren’t too heavy, etc..
By now, it would be a good idea to have created a moodboard of the design of your project.
This can be done with a pinterest board or by using a design software such as adobe illustrator, or power point for those who prefer to do presentations.
A mood board is important because it will act as a bridge between that which resonates with your soul at a deeply intelligent level, and what you want to put out in the world in the shape of objectives, benefits or impact for people who will come into contact with your space.
Whilst it is important for this moodboard to be a bridge between both, it is most important for it to represent something which resonates deeply for you. As mentioned in Module one, the temple will truly shine when its owner is in resonance with it. 
We must then trust that it will resonate for the people who are meant to be drawn to it, and that they will be impacted accordingly, objectives will be achieves.  

Moodboard making 101
I always suggest to my clients to start by making a moodboard which has no images of furniture or interiors at all.
Focus on the emotions and the mood first, create a dream that you want others to experience.
Once you have that in a place where it resonates and feels aligned,  let yourself be naturally and intuitively guided to select images which will reflect those emotions. 
Use flowers, abstract images, art, landscapes, elements of nature, even shoes and clothes or food if these feel right for you!
The important thing is for you to nail what the emotional body of the design concept is.
Once you feel good about that non-design first moodboard, evolve to the second moodboard which can now include furniture and design.

An Example:
You will read in a future module about my experience designing a design cafe in London. 
I felt called, without quite understanding why, to base the design on an experience I had in Mongolia a couple of months before. 
I had experienced a sense of adventure, exhilaration and excitement from being connected to such a poetry of nature. 
I designed the moodboard, then the cafe itself, using the colours, materials, and shapes which reminded me of this landscape. 
As i put the intention out, the right pieces simply appeared, as if by magic! 
The result was astonishing, mainly because i found people lingering longingly in the cafe, speaking about their hopes and dreams, what they wish they could achieve, what they hoped to have courage for, and how optimistic they were for things to come. 
It became clear that the sense of adventure I was trying to convey had made its way into people's subconscious and energy field through the design. 

To be clear about what it is you want people to feel, you have to have the certainty of it within yourself. 
What is most important to you? What really means something to you? What were you brought on Earth to bring forth for people? 
Being connected to what means most to you is key to wake up and live every day purposely and feeling satisfied that you are in the right place doing the right things and following your mission. 
And keep it simple. It can be as deep as saying you want to create a sort of temple where people can experience deeper wisdom, or a happy space where people feel they get connected to the simple pleasures of life, the little things. 
Connect to that purpose, and let your imagination and inspiration go wild when creating your mood boards. 
And then, intend to follow through with it, constantly measuring each and every decision you make to this moodboard, making sure it is aligned. 

And as always, ENJOY!


 My South-West facing bedroom becomes a temple for gratitude, celebration and bliss by using celebratory colours and some vintage pieces saying thanks to previous generations. It also offers a comfortable place to hibernate and, offering safe passage to the spring.

My South-West facing bedroom becomes a temple for gratitude, celebration and bliss by using celebratory colours and some vintage pieces saying thanks to previous generations. It also offers a comfortable place to hibernate and, offering safe passage to the spring.

Intention check-point

This is a good time to check in with our intention.
When we start to use something such as orientation to get certain results, remember that our intention should never be manipulative.
We can not request something that is not in alignment with what the universe has in store for us. Becoming conscious of this is key, and we can begin to adapt our "requests" accordingly.

For instance: if you want to use a northern orientation to manifest money, rather than using an intention such as "I want to get this job, or this pay rise" we can ask "I would like to shed some light on the area of my life relating to money and wealth" or "Please help me find peace with my current financial situation, and be grateful for what I already have" or better yet "If something is blocking me from manifesting the money I need, can you please support me with the tools to shed light on the situation?"

From this place of clarity, or gratitude and understanding, true growth and manifestation will be exponential.